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Feeding a Yen Savoring Local Specialties from Kansas City to Cuzco Summary ó 100

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Feeding a Yen Savoring Local Specialties from Kansas City to Cuzco Summary ó 100 ð [KINDLE] ❅ Feeding a Yen Savoring Local Specialties from Kansas City to Cuzco By Calvin Trillin – Calvin Trillin has never been a champion of the “continental cuisine” palaces heAnd polishing them off in the parking lot “Cajun boudin not only doesn’t get outside the state it usually doesn’t even get home” In New York Trillin even tries to use a glorious local specialty the bagel to lure his daughters back from California Feeding a Yen is a delightful reminder of why New York magazine called Calvin Trillin “our funniest food writer?. I am a Calvin Trillin fan particularly of his nonficiton He sometimes travels the world in search of favorite foods I think his The Tummy Trilogy American Fried; Alice Let's Eat; and Third Helpings are even better But I was much younger when I read them; they have a very warm place in my heart I confess to a fantasy of being married to Trillin Then I read About Alice his loving memoir of his wife who was beautiful intelligent and close to perfect I was forced to accept that even in my own fantasy I could never live up to her

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Voring Epub #217 charming funny culinary adventures as he samples fried marlin in Barbados and the barbecue of his boyhood in Kansas City Travel alongside as he hunts for the authentic fish taco and a Yen Savoring Local Specialties PDFEPUB or participates in a “boudin blitzkrieg” in the part of Louisiana where people are accustomed to buying these spicy sausages. While I liked his writing style and humor this is not a book I would search out to read It is like a series of columns which I was later told it is Good reading about food

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Feeding a Yen Savoring Local Specialties from Kansas City to CuzcoCalvin Trillin has never been Yen Savoring PDF #8608 a champion of the “continental cuisine” palaces he used to refer to as La Maison de la Casa House What he treasures is the superb Feeding a PDFEPUBlocal specialty And he will go anywhere to find one As it happens some of his favorite dishes can be found only in their place of origin Join Trillin on his a Yen Sa. There are a few things I’ve learned about Calvin Trillin Foremost he is a very good reporter; he works for New Yorker magazine and his descriptions here are detailed yet succinct Obviously he is also a person supremely obsessed with food as Feeding a Yen has him trotting the globe in a mad search for the local rarities he loves He sometimes reveals a congenial slightly dry sense of humor Finally—and I only got this by sensing what was conspicuously missing from Feeding a Yen–he doesn’t have a lot of trouble or conflict in his life or he doesn’t like to talk about itThere is nothing wrong with that last aspect Like I said his writing is very descriptive and his humor is light and pleasant And while I was reading the book I enjoyed it like I would say a nice walk or a good nap or a friendly dog; it was congenial but not deeply affecting So here’s where I have to admit when I read about food and gustatory reading is a minor hobby of mine I like to also experience the conflicts or conundrums around the food I like to know the human stories behind what we’re putting in our mouthsExample In Julie and Julia a young woman obsessed with Julia Child decides to take up a whacky hobby and cook all 500 recipes in Childs’ The Art of French Cooking The young woman does this to cover up the facts that her marriage hits rough spots she hates her job and she and her husband aren’t sure they want kids That conflict is interesting and it adds to the writings about Childs’ recipesAnother example in Alice Waters Chez Panisse the famous restaurant struggles through for decades accidentally finding its niche amidst constant bed hopping ego stroking and grandiose shopping that ignores that the establishment is constantly teetering near bankruptcy Alice Waters is a sometimes shy sometimes powerful enigma who gets a lot of international credit for work that many many other people help her with These paradoxes are fascinating; they kept me readingTrillin misses a daughter who lives on the opposite coast but not so much that he spends times writing about it Why did she move so far from her family How did that make him feel Is he resigned Do he and his wife feel differently about their daughter’s move We don’t knowTrillin ends up with high cholesterol How does this affect him as a food writer a person obsessed with this stuff How does he manage Does his family have a history of this that combined with Trillin’s love of food seems like a particularly cruel trick of Fate We never find outTrillin goes to Ecuador and Italy and France and New Orleans and the Caribbean among other places in search of his fixations Each of these places has interesting food which Trillin writes about lovingly but there is also a human struggle behind the food which we never explore We don’t know how poverty affects the cuisine in poorer countries We don’t know how these foreign chefs came to cook their famous faire We meet the people who prep the feasts but we only touch the surface of their storiesAgain Trillin is a very capable writer and maybe he is simply aiming for just a pleasant engaging read about his strange food yens based on his globetrotting So Feeding a Yen was a nice and brief snack but it just wasn’t a complex or completely satisfying meal Trillin is talented enough I wanted