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Read & Download Monster by Allan Hall · PDF DOC TXT or eBook

Read & Download Monster by Allan Hall

Read & Download Monster by Allan Hall · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ [Epub] ➛ Monster Author Allan Hall – uesta è una storia vera e sconvolgente I protagonisti sono due Uno cattivo cattivissimo il male assoluto Si chiama Josef Fritzl vive nella cittadina di Amstetten nel cuore dell'AuUesta è una storia vera e sconvolgente I protagonisti sono due Uno cattivo cattivissimo il male assoluto Si chiama Josef Fritzl vive nella cittadina di Amstetten nel cuore dell'Austria L'altra è una ragazza buona e bella Il suo nome è Elisabeth ed è la figlia di Josef è giovane e vivace in cerca di una problematica indipendenza dal peso incombente di un padre padrone che già abusa di lei Ilagosto a diciotto anni sparisce Scappata di casa ripeterà a tutti Fritzl mostrand. Absolutely pointless bookI really didnt think there was any reason for this book Its written way too soon with very little research or actual information Its like reading a bumper edition of a tabloid newspaperMost of the writing is based on media suposition and unnamed friends from childhood saying very vague things about the familyIt is undoubtedly a very tragic story with a horrific and hard to deal with subject but there must have been a better way to write about it perhaps later down the line

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A vita uotidiana di Elisabeth e dei suoi figli nella cantina degli orrori e risponde ai tanti dubbi emersi durante l'inchiesta come si è formata la personalità del mostro capace di architettare un piano tanto folle uanto solido Possibile che la moglie abbia creduto al castello di menzogne costruito da Fritzl Di uali altri crimini si è macchiato Al momento ancora non è dato sapere se la famiglia del bunker potrà ritrovare una ualche normalità né se troverà vera giustizia. At times it gets difficult to go ahead reading the book thinking of the atrocities committed I just wonder could there be just such a father Had I been the judge I would pronounce a sentence which would be 'severe his genitals and hang till just about dead but not dead' Then take the criminal to the hospital to recoup for a weekthen 'hang till just about dead but not dead' Repeat Repeat Repeat

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Monster by Allan HaO un biglietto d'addio autografo Sepolta viva invece in un bunker costruito nel corso di lunghi anni Il destino di Elisabeth è uello di diventare una schiava costretta ad assecondare gli incestuosi desideri sessuali del padre e a dare alla luce sette figli uesto libro ricostruisce i fatti attraverso una indagine sul campo fotografie inedite e testimonianze raccolte fra parenti amici medici e poliziotti legati al caso Oltre alla cronaca dell'agghiacciante ritrovamento racconta. At time of writing the police have had no opportunity to get close to the upstairs clan or the downstairs dwellers It is unclear what Elisabeth has told themThe problem with this book and with so much true crime is that it feels like it was rushed out to cash in while media interest was still high At the time of its release Fritzl is still awaiting trial so the story isn't over the Monster hasn't been vanuished and brought to justice; there's no third act It feels unfinished I'd be surprised if there wasn't a revised edition released after the trial that's complete but my version didn't have itThe book itself is good and paints uite a picture of the horrors of the cellar Fritzl's background is explored in detail with many testimonies from family friends and acuaintances and psychologists give their opinions on the events that moulded the man into The Monster There's a little too much conjecture in places however thoughts and feelings are attributed to Fritzl and Elisabeth in situations where no one can possibly know what happened and entire scenes seem to have come entirely from the authors imagination There are also many bizarre occurrences of Austrian people in the interviews using English slang as though you're reading the words of someone from the North of England rather than Austria I suspect someone has taken a few liberties in translating the interviews A compelling read despite a few annoyances however