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LBD It's a Girl Thing review Ñ 100

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LBD It's a Girl Thing review Ñ 100 ó ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☂ LBD It's a Girl Thing Author Grace Dent – Ronnie Fleur and Claude are the LBD—Les Bambinos Dangereuses These best friends are hip feisty and ready for the Astlebury Music Festival a weekend of music dancing and guy watching Except for one t RonRonnie Fleur and Claude are a Girl ePUB #9734 the LBD Les Bambinos Dangereuses These best friends are hip feisty and ready for the Astlebury Music Festival a weekend of music dancing and guy watching Except for one thing their fun hating ogre parents won't let them go To save their social lives the girls co. Fair warning I didn't actually finish this book I don't plan to either A lot of YA young adult lit involves dysfunctional parents As with a lot of chick lit some of these narrators are aware the parents are crazy and some seem to just think they're describing harmless wacky fun This book obviously pink cover girl and girly acronym in the title has some overlap with that category; it's teen chick lit And unfortunately it takes the harmless wacky fun attitude toward the parents I just couldn't read it I was hoping for a fun grrl power romp which it may be Hey the girls want to go to a rock festival and they're not allowed and then their annual school picnic described as pretty much being a day when they can all dress their skimpiest and make out as much as possible gets canceled so rather than do yet another boring kids sneak out adventure they plan their own local music festival Sounds fun and empowering right But I just couldn't make it past the first chapter or two The protagonist like most chick lit protagonists has very low self esteem and it became agonizingly clear early on that that's mainly due to her mom's emotional abuse The narration treats her mom as if she's going to be an amusing terror but that only works if the character is sympathetic and loving when good people are around Instead we get classy scenes like this one where I threw the book down for once and for all page 43 44 in my paperback copy Okay between you and me says Veronica the protagonist and narrator what terrifies me most about asking for help is being officially certified dumb Don't tell me it doesn't happen I've seen the special stickers they put on your personal files to signify borderline retarded I've skated pretty close to this with a few school reports too Not in cool lessons like English or religious studies no I tend to A grade them I'm talking about maths and science That's where I blow big time Those snidey little remarks written on my end of year report cards really keep me awake at night Ronnie is a capable girl but loses all interest when the going gets tough Grade D my science teacher bitched last yearPah that's what you're like with everything You've always been a uitter snapped my mother helpfully Gnnnngn I grunted grasping around for one really difficult thing in my life I've actually finished And failingI am such a loserIt just killed me to read such a concrete obvious example of how her mother's rage was destroying Ronnie's self esteem I mean when she gets good grades in something she doesn't understand that she's good at it or smart she just thinks that means it's cool and kind of tosses it aside; when she gets bad grades in something she's so traumatized that she thinks it means she's stupid or that she may be developmentally disabled in some way And she can't ask for help because if even admitting her grades are bad makes her own mother call her names and shut her down asking for help must mean something even worse would happen She imagines that she wouldn't get help she would just reveal to everyone that there is something wrong with her and get labeled and set aside by the whole world Because that's all she's experienced at home No wonder she uits when things are too hard she can't see any other options This is typical of the way that abuse survivors are set up to self sabotage at work in our own projects and just in life The author is at least clear that Veronica's parents are fighting and that their fighting in front of her is not okay that it terrifies her which usually means that the fighting will be resolved later on in the book When I typed that uote up I remembered that and regained some hope that the book would eventually come around Maybe author Grace Dent really got how terrible the mom was and they would have a heart to heart where the mom vows to get help and change her ways So I flipped through the rest of it Here's what happens the mom TAKES OFF Disappears to her own mother's house Doesn't tell Ronnie she's leaving Ronnie who is in the middle of planning a freaking music festival at age 14 doesn't realize her mom has gone until FOUR days later nobody apparently thinks to talk to her about it at all including her father When someone who works in the family restaurant admits her mother has gone Ronnie calls her and her mom if you can believe this goes Oh hello darling Oh so you've eventually called me Have you run out of clean knickers or something And rather than being outraged that her mom ran off didn't tell her didn't call her and is now being a passive aggressive bitch about it what does Ronnie think Touché GAH And then it's all blah blah blah music festival blah blah blah agonizing about whether her mom will ever come back blah blah and at the veeery end her mom comes back out of nowhere no warning at all and her dad is all This is the best excuse anyone has ever given you in the whole world and the excuse is that her mom went nuts and ran off because she's PREGNANT and the dad had said they were too old to have another little baby in the house And Ronnie of course agrees that this is the best excuse EVER because it means she will be a big sister and hey who wouldn't go nuts if they had a real actual person growing inside of them OH DEAR GOD I should have expected all this really because the book's dedication reads for mam who lives with the world's worst teenager And usually people who think they were the world's worst teenager are people who have no perspective on normal child development or on how abusive a family has to be to result in the world's worst teenager Hey I work at an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment center for teenagers I KNOW So in short not worth the pain of reading it to get to the great bits about how she and her friends successfully throw this festival or the one time her mom says something nice to her about how competent she is There are a lot of other books out there; read one of those

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E's crush Jimi It's up to the LBD to use their sass class and humor to make Blackwell Live a huge success complete with post concert snogging and all With LBD in charge it's not just a girl thing it's the best thing Barred by their overprotective parents from attending a rock music festival fourteen year ol. I love this book I first read it at some point in my tweens and now as a 20 yo I didn't think I'd like it as much but it's just as good as ever This is a very funny book mostly because the main character Ronnie has a hilarious internal monologue The characters are all brilliantly written They're not ridiculously detailed and in depth but they're interesting enough for a comedic 250 page book All the main three girls have their own distinct personalities and over the course of the book you grow to love them all in different ways There are a lot of side characters but not too many to keep track of and the romances that the main girls have with the side characters are written well enough to be fun to read but not so much that they overshadow the plot I also liked the fact that they went to a normal comp and that 2 of 3 of the main characters were from working class backgrounds and from different family unitsHowever one problem I have with the books is the ages of the characters The three girls are supposed to be in y9s but they act like y10s Also Ronnie's love interest Jimi is 2 years older in y11 which is a big age difference for teenagers I think it would have worked better if three main girls had been aged up to y10 and then it would have fixed the only problems I have with the bookOverall this is a hilarious book that I don't think I'll ever get tired Grace Dent is amazing

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LBD It's a Girl ThingMe up with a brilliant plan They'll put on a concert of their own featuring their school's finest talent and hottest guys But staging a music festival isn't easy especially when the LBD's sworn enemy Panama LBD It's PDF or Goodyear is the headline act Panama threatens to steal the spotlight as well as Ronni. This is an inferior copy of Louise Rennison's Georgia Nicolson series