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Summary ð eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Elisa Kleven

Stanley loves to help but sometimes he gets so excited he Welcome Home PDF or makes mistakes While running errands for his mom CRASH Stanley bounces his ball right on top of. Oh I adore this bookThe illustrations are beautiful just lovely and include a lot of humor too They are intricately detailed and have some wonderful expressiveness and uniueness I love how mama elephant reaches for the cranberry juice I love everything in the pictures elephants mouse mouse’s house Stanley’s house the shops just everything The colors and how they’re used make for a gorgeous result There is so much to look at on every page And I even felt fond of mouse My favorite illustration of mouse is the one on the way home when mouse is traveling on Stanley’s head and appreciating a tree’s leaf I could look over over at these paintings and would have poured over them incessantly when I was young and think some young children today will do that when they see this bookThe story is about Stanley it probably helps that I love elephants and love how they’re depicted here who’s a young elephant who wants to help; he’s very kind He’s also very very very clumsy Luckily he’s also very clever and creativeI appreciate how nobody gets overly mad at Stanley for his mistakes even though they’re acknowledged I appreciate the friendship story too even though it’s a new friendship Great story for modeling good enough parenting forgiveness making good doing for others and just for fun It’s a fun funny and pretty bookWow and I guess I’m in a very receptive mood because as I go to post this review I see I love this one than most other Goodreads’ members I’ll have to read their reviews when I’ve posted mine Hardly anyone else gave 5 stars to this book

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Welcome Home MouseMouse’s house smashing it to smithereens Stanley wants to make up for what he’s done but how In Elisa Kleven’s expressive detailed pictures Stanley finds his inspirat. Thanks to Robin for recommending Elisa Kleven's illustrations they are sweet colorful and detailed in this friendship story If you know a kid who feels klutzy they will sympathize with Stanley the elephant who accidentally smashes Mouse's house but finds a really good way to fix itElisa's joyful collage artwork and gentle stories celebrate friendship creativity and a love for nature and the imagination Her picture books grow out of her childhood desire to find and create magical worlds

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Free download ï Welcome Home Mouse ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ç ➺ [Reading] ➼ Welcome Home Mouse By Elisa Kleven ➯ – Stanley loves to help but sometimes he gets so excited he makes mistakes While running errands for his mom—CRASH—Stanley bounces his ballIon all around him from here and there and this and that Soon he is ready to surprise his friend with a new house and what a wonderful place it is From the Hardcover edition. William and Noah enjoyed this one especially the images of Mouse's house they pored over the beautiful detailsSeptember 2018