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The Lurking FearAmazed and always take inspiration from the contents of the boo. Ah yes the Furking Lear This is one of those tales where upon completion you have to draw a deep breath Whoo and ask yourself Did I really read what I think I read I doubt anyone other than HP Lovecraft could have pulled off such a piece of absolute looniness although I do recall a later stories from the 40s by Frederick C Davis called The Mole Men Want Your Eyes that had a similar premise Davis' story was much gruesome however but it had to have been built upon the bones of this 1922 masterpiece A masterpiece of WHAT I can't exactly say but it's definitely a masterpiece of whatever it's supposed to representHere we have one of those cases where the phrase you need to get out could not be appropriate SPOILER Old Man Martense and his clan withdraw from the society of men over time devolving into a race of degenerate cannibalistic ape men who go underground inhabiting mole like tunnels and coming out only during thunder storms to kill the suatters living on the lands nearby END OF SPOILER It was written in 1922 but I wonder if HPL didn't have a glance ahead to today when crazy militia groups hole up in mountain compounds as they await the inevitable invasion from totalitarian government forces Perhaps they are the ones who should be reading this to get an idea of where they're headed Assuming of course such people can comprehend words of over two syllablesOr you can simply accept this as HPL wildly piling one thing on top of another and having a hoot while doing it giving us something so utterly insane he had to be laughing the entire while he wrote it This to me is what I love about HPL that his stuff is so outlandish and out of this world that it's impossible to take any of it seriously And yet so many do Pictures of HPL tend to make him look sour but in my eyes I sense a sly Mona Lisa type of smile that says he knows full well he's putting one over on you Maybe that's why I prefer those writers who follow his style who actually communicated with him They understood the dense prose and arcane adjectives were part of the act the rubber chicken if you will that signaled none of it was to be taken seriously And it's why modern writers who never knew him turn out such inferior product because they don't get it the idea that there's no way you can write this sort of stuff without having your tongue firmly in cheek if not outright howling with laughterHPL has been called many things some good some bad but for me he is one of the outstanding humorists of the early 20th century for putting across a joke and a genre of humor that people to this day still don't understand

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The Lurking PDFEPUBand a main topic to read the readers are very. This is dark foreboding 'lurking' horror at its best Lovecraft writes like no other

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FREE READ The Lurking Fear 109 Í ❮Download❯ ➹ The Lurking Fear ➾ Author H.P. Lovecraft – Best PDF, The Lurking Fear Author H.P. Lovecraft This is very good and a main topic to read, the readers are very amazed and always take inspiration from the contents of the book. Best PDF, The Lurking Fear Author HBest PDF The Lurking Fear Author HP Lovecraft This is very good. This story was written in 1922 for publication in the humor magazine Home Brew Although it is far from being one of HP’s best tales it is an early example of his ability to create an effective horrific setting and because of this it should be of interest to any true Lovecraft fanThe story is narrated by an unnamed seeker of “strange horrors” who is investigating the massacre of a community of some six dozen backwoods degenerates in an obscure region of the Catskills a massacre which occurred during a particularly violent electrical storm and seems to have been perpetrated by an unidentified clawed beast The narrator soon discovers that the most sinister legends of the region center around the abandoned Martense mansion and he decides—together with two companions—to spend the night in the big old house And thus our lengthy four part tale beginsOh speaking of those four parts the editor of Home Brew George Julian Houtain—the same man who commissioned “Herbert West Re Animator”—once again instructed Lovecraft to construct a story in discrete parts each to be published in a separate issue of the magazine and reuested that he end each installment with some kind of mini climax This story isn’t nearly as goofy and whimsical as “Herbert West” and conseuently suffers because of Houtain’s editorial demands The little climaxes tend to interfere with the tale’s serious atmosphere and menacing settingMy hunch The Lurking Fear was supposed to be humorous and exaggerated too After all its theme of hyper rapid de evolution is preposterous even for a ‘20’s pulp horror tale “Rats in the Walls” and “Innsmouth” handle the same thing much better and the final revelatory detail about the monsters’ appearance strikes me as silly rather than horrific I think Lovecraft got so caught up in imagining the mountainous New York woods that he lost track of his humorous objective But the fact that he lost track is fine with me I think these descriptive passages are one of the finer things in early Lovecraft