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Ight Against a background of invasion and imprisonment wars and conuest Merlin emerges into manhood and accepts his dramatic role in the New Beginning the coming of King Arthur. One of the best Authurian saga I've ever readIt felt as if I were there watching the events unfold before my eyes

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The Crystal CaveFifth century Britain is a country of chaos and division after the Roman withdrawal This is the world of young Merlin the illegitimate child of a South Wales princess who will. The Crystal Cave is a lush detailed historical fantasy about Merlin the magician from his boyhood through when he was a young man before Arthur comes on the scene It's well written and richly imagined but the pace is rather slow or deliberate if I'm being niceSo I've been having some issues with this book which is kind of embarrassing since I'm a moderator of the Mary Stewart GR group I got about halfway through this book a few months back and then stalled out It's been sitting under my bed since then while I've gotten busy with other books I'm not uite ready to call this uits and label it a DNF but it's on hold at least for now I don't think I'm inclined to read the other books in this series Mea culpaNovember 2017 buddy read with the Mary Stewart groupOriginal post I read this so long ago and remember it so little that I would feel really guilty about giving it a star rating But Mary Stewart was a very talented author and I like almost everything she wrote One of these days months years I'll try reading this one again

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The Crystal Cave Free download » 105 ✓ ❮Reading❯ ➳ The Crystal Cave ➬ Author Mary Stewart – Fifth century Britain is a country of chaos and division after the Roman withdrawal This is the world of young Merlin the illegitimate child of a South Wales princess who will not reveal to her Not reveal The Crystal PDFEPUBto her son his father's true identity Yet Merlin is an extraordinary child aware at the earliest age that he possesses a great natural gift the S. I love Mary Stewart's work She always mixes the right amount of supernatural and realism and here is no exception Throw out your previous ideas of Merlin Arthur and Magic Here's something a little Organic In her Arthurian Saga Stewart mixes historical figures with figures of myth in a way that is pleasing to the historian's eye I don't mean in a true historically accurate sense but in a way that allows you to fall into the world Details of what was left behind from Roman Rule in England cement this further and issues that actually existed at the supposed time are woven in rather then ignored For those un familiar with the time period Arthurian legend is supposed to have taken place in the early dark ages from the fall of the Roman Empire around 500 to almost 700 is an appropriate range This setting is not one that is conducive to a lot of what we think of as Arthurian Ideals Those weren't even introduced until the Victorian age of Romanticism Instead we are in a land where there are shambles of government Generals without direction old roman baths and homes from several generations ago being reused or used as a base for newer buildings and many superstitions and beliefs that are slowly starting to meet and undergo a mutation into Christianity It is a time of Transition Our Merlin or Myrddyn if you're into the Welsh part is just as human as those around him here He is a bastard son from a roman general who had an affair with a young woman who then let everyone believe her son was devil spawn rather then admit she'd slept around hm OH and did I mention that the general was Arthur's Uncle And it gets convoluted on a human level But Magic where's the MAGIC Oh young grasshopper that's where Stewart handles this best You see rather then the all mighty mystical Merlin from Sword in the Stone We have a young Boy who learns Tricks and illusions from an aging teacher with a little bit of pagan magical practice as well In fact the first thing he learns is fire starting Overall this is a human approach and I prefer itAnother point to note This isn't Arthur's story This my friends is Merlin's The first book this one follows him from a young boy through his coming of age Identity issues and all Coincidentally This first book ends at the Conception of Arthur