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Dog House A Love Story Read ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ [Reading] ➷ Dog House A Love Story By Carol Prisant – Dog House wasn't supposed to be a book about love It was supposed to be a hugely funny account of the dogs in Carol Prisant's life And not just theLso about the love of a mother for her son a wife for her husband a husband for some dogs and the love it takes to make a haunted house a home Your basic family furnisgings Throw in a lot of antiues a couple triumphs over adversity and a than seems fair share of heartbreaking loss and you have Dog House the warm absorbing and humorous tale of dogs and marriage love and marriage and li. This book was a good read and well written The author leads you through her lifelong experiences with dogs I found it entertaining and interesting particularly since the author was not brought up in a dog house a house that always had a dog She tells of her few experiences with dogs as a child and how she came to have her first dog as an adult The author leads you through the acuisition training and various ups and downs with the dogs She and her husband learned a lot about dog ownership and at the same time you are able to see her wonderful relationship with her husband over the years It was a warm touching story

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A Love Kindle #214 Dog House wasn't supposed to be a book about love It was supposed to be a hugely funny account of the dogs in Carol Prisant's life And not just the dogs but that first bird Dog House PDFEPUBshe found at Woolworth's the monkey that fell in love with her husband's leg the thankless tiny turtle and the goldfish her pet challenged mother flushed down the toilet Somehow. this was by far the WORST book i have ever read not only was it poorly written but the author claims to be a dog lover Any animal lover would have read this book and disagreed with the author within 6 pages; she neither respected nor loved her pets even the tag line of the book one love ten dogs is ridiculous This author gave up nearly ALL of her pets Whether she called the ASPCA to take them or found them new homes SHE GAVE UP HER PETS pets are family you don't give them up when you decide you are lonely and need than one dog and then the 2 dogs fight and so you just find a new home for the first dog you had in hopes that the new dog will get along better Ok i nearly put this book down after the author upon learning she had to put her dog down called the vet to take her dog away to be put down Can you imagine having your loved one die alone in a cold vet's office without his momowner there Within the first few pages the author says how when she was a child her mother let her take in a stray but then it wasn't working out so the dog 'ran away' the author swears her mom let the dog out and someone fed poison to the dog Is this supposed to be funny she hides her poor writing by trying to make funny jokes and using loads of capital letters to stress things But it's terrible I realize this book was written about a time period where the world was different there were strays in the 70s and 80s there weren't many breed rescue shelters there wasn't the internet to research But come on twice this woman bought dogs from London TWICE and everytime she put a pet on a plane they were never the same yet she continued to put pets on a plane or have them shipped over from another country like they were a pair of freakin' shoes and then her husband gets cancer and he dies and so she moves to an apartment with her 3 dogs and what does she do yes folks she gives away one of the dogs the smallest i think because it was hard to walk all three dogs at the same time the dog she gave away was a dog her husband loved for years but i guess there was no attachment even though she was a 'dog lover' and just like that this old dog had to pack her bags and find a new home Oh My God worst book ever if you read this thanks i just had to vent

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Dog House A Love StoryThough this straightforward telling got a House A Love Kindle #210 little blindsided by things like making marriage work and home owning and children and a profession and her dear supportive husband Millard Which is why the goldfish will just have to wait for the seuel This book is still about cold noses warm bellies four on the floor and a snuggler or two Your basic fur family It's a. I love books that are about animals so therefore I loved this book and couldn't put it down I thought her she was honest about her relationship with dogs and how the way her mother was towards them helped her with her relationship with them I understood where she was coming from when she said she tried to replace her beloved Cosi when she died with other dogs but it didn't work out that way I though this was the most dog story I could relate to when it comes to that relationship The relationship she shares with her son is completely different then the one I have with mine but he is also only 8 months old But I do understand what she means when she says molding him I am pretty sure I am molding Shaun into be the type of person I want him to be I completely get that The relationship she shared with her husband was one of kind you don't see that kind everyday and it was really love to have last a 42 years I am sure they had their ups and down but they worked through it Especially after the bird and monkey episodeThis book is a MUST READ for anybody that loves animalswwwbookbookieblogspotcom