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 Soul sucking demons Half human killers Doomsday prophesies No this isn’t a late night movie on cable TV This is Gabriel’s life or least what’s left of it ever since he discovered his true destiny as a warrior knight in the battle against darkness Once an ordinary college kid studying lost legends in books Gabriel now finds himself. No real detail Good idea if wrote by someone else

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The Demon Hunt Dark Storm #2Wesome demon bashing powers To watch his back he has the butt kicking half Demon De Mona and several unlikely heroes who he’s picked up along the way To make matters complicated two of Gabriel’s college buddies wind up dead and he finds that the demons aren’t the only ones who want a piece of his hide The cops want him too for murde. I didn't think this series could get any better but author Kris Greene proved me wrong The Demon Hunt had plenty of action with new friendship forming in the battle between good vs evil As the previous book this book pick up where it left off The newly form group of Knights of Christ are struggle to trust one another and licking their woundsThe interaction of Gabriel De Mona Rogue Asha Morgan Jackson Lydia Finn and Jonas is great I love the dialog The plot is uniue and the flow is great I even find myself loving some of the bad guys I can not wait until the third installment comes out

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READ ¸ The Demon Hunt (Dark Storm #2) ¸ ❰Read❯ ➳ The Demon Hunt (Dark Storm #2) Author Kris Greene –  Soul sucking demons Half human killers Doomsday prophesies No this isn’t a late night movie on cable TV This is Gabriel’s life—or least what’s left of it—ever since he discovered hiFace to face with actual demons As a warrior he has no choice but to fight them And if he screws it up the world is toastA dimensional rift has The Demon Kindle opened between worlds Which means demons and death than you could shake a proverbial stick at Luckily Gabriel has just the stick for the job an ancient trident that gives him a. Gabriel Redfeather just wants to go back to being a computer bookworm geek but he knows he can never go home to that existence ever since the former Hunter student met hybrid demon De Mona Sanchez and she introduced him to the attacking demon horde The slaughter was horrific as they and their allies need a new sanctuary to regroup but he surprised his kick his butt mentor and her allies with his use of Nimrod the ancient trident and thwarted attempts by the weapon's former possessor the insane and soul trapped Bishop from taking it However there is no war Weary and Lucy the witch are kidnapped at a time a chasm has ripped open the barrier between dimensions Titus the Betrayer and Goblin Prince Orden pursue mankind's last hope with diligence and vigor At the same time NYPD deems Redfeather as a person of interest when two of his friends from Hunter are murdered and has broken loose on the streets of Manhattan