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LovesickHer ticket to the afterlife means having to face the dreaded all too familiar pains of being invisible it may be too much for her to withstand. This is definitely a book I won't have to think twice about curling up with on cold rainy evenings Aside from the relatable uotes that can be located at the start of every chapter the romance is sweet and savvy; just the kind that'll automatically cheer you up when the blues comeThe first few chapters were boring but the rest of the book picked up pace and created an ending that was nothing short of magical It was cheesy and expected well except for Petula's adorable love story but I still found myself jumping around suealing in delight and giggling like a silly schoolgirl I had no problems with the characters; they were all very uniue in their own wayCharlotte is an especially sweet character I will definitely be picking up the first two books in the series for of her Yeah I skipped ahead and read the third book first Sue me Definitely recommended to those who enjoy a cute lighthearted romance with a sprinkle of the paranormal to add in a little spice and make it extra irresistible

Tonya Hurley ↠ 1 CHARACTERS

Ignment to complete but no one explained what happens if you fall in love with your class project Charlotte would die again for love But when. This was a really good book I was skeptical at first though because I bought it for 397 at Wal Mart but it turned out to be a really good book It was a little confusing at first but then it got better I loved the characters and in a strange way thought I could relate to all of them Even though I am way past a high school love relationship I felt as though I could relate to alot of what the characters were going through in my adult relationship I also loved what the story was about and how it got it's points about love and relationships across to the reader I also loved that before every chapter the author put a little insightful advice on relationships and it also connected into what that chapter was about I honestly think that was my favorite part of this book I also have to say that this is the third book to a series and I didn't know that until I looked this book up to put it on here lol So I read the third book first I am debating weather I want to read the first 2 now I think they would be good to read but then again I think they would be hard to top these ones However seeing how I did the same thing with Twilight lol I think I might give them a chance This also proves my point that authors should put the number somewhere after the title if it isn't the first one or on the side of the bind of the book or something It just confuses readers and makes them mad when they finish the book and realize that it isn't the first one and that it is even a series all together I have also started looking for this sort of thing after the Twilight confusion that I did but with this book it didn't indicate that there were any other books by this author at all most books have that in the first 2 pages And it also did not have this at the end of the book either So that was the only downfall I had with this book but it wasn't really the book or story its self that had the problem All in all this was a great book and I really enjoyed reading it I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a romantic ghost story This book is also good for anyone of all ages to read It doesn't have graphic content in it or written verbal sexual parts Great read

SUMMARY Lovesick

CHARACTERS ↠ Lovesick Õ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Lovesick By Tonya Hurley – Romance is deadBefore she can rest in peace Charlotte Usher must return to the tragic site of her death high school She still has one last assignment to complete but no one explained what happens if y Romance is deadBefore she can rest in peace Charlotte URomance is deadBefore she can rest in peace Charlotte Usher must return to the tragic site of her death high school She still has one last ass. I keep going 'awwww' with these books We get to see Charlotte and the gang again all going back to Hawthorn to help their 'assigned project' with personal matters It would seem that Charlotte will never get rid of her High School at this rate but I don't care She gets assigned Damen while her supposed boyfriend in the Other World gets assigned Scarlet This was nice because you'd always expect Charlotte and Scarlet to be together and it's nice seeing Charlotte being around Damen without being utterly and helplessly in love with him any She has grown so much she only wishes for Scarlet and Damen's happiness and she knows how much they love each other so she is always willing to help whenever they have problems which is exactly what happens in this book Is a cute love story about break ups and getting back together About accepting you as you are and starting to trust that your partner has to like you just as you are and that you shouldn't be doing assumptions about your relationship but talk things out It's got very nice messages about self respect and self love and how relationships should workDarcy was a nice surprise although I kinda saw it coming The Wendys haven't changed and I doubt they ever will The most shocking thing of all was Petula the growth that character has shown is beyond anything I could have imagined and I absolutely love it The near death experience had a toll on her but I think it was also her relationship with Virginia and realising that things need to change in her I'm impressed seriously I knew something was up with Tate but I still liked it because at least this time Petula has truly worked hard to get good things going for her I couldn't have asked for a better character development like hers I'm simply in love with these books They are the perfect combination of a simple enough story that I get to enjoy without thinking too much with just the right amount of romance without silly love triangles but with enough amount of difficult subjects here and there that can make you think about life and selfesteem They are great