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Villa IncognitoEss as myth yet as topical as the latest international threat But no matter how hard you try you’ll never imagine what you’ll find inside the Villa Incognito a tilt a whirl of identity masuerade and disguise that dares to pull off “the false mustache of the world” and reveal the even greater mystery underneath For. I did it all for Tanuki

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Imagine there are American MIAs who chose to remain missing after the Vietnam War Imagine a family in which four generations of strong alluring women share a mysterious connection to an outlandish figure from Japanese folklore Imagine them part of a novel that only Tom Robbins could create a magically crafted work as timel. This book came to me because the recommender asked what that funny statue was in my living room I replied a tanuki He looked at me strangely so I spelled tanuki out for him Then much to my surprise he said I read a book about tanukis and I thought they were made up by the author Well Tom Robbins did not make up the story of the tanuki from scratch but he did embellish on the Japanese legend Robbins is one of those rare authors where I stop for a second and think how the hell did he come up with this He is creative without being unbelievable He writes as if you were having a direct conversation with him and not just merely reading a novel He doesn't explain every detail immediately and let's the pieces fall into place as the reader moves along He is well versed in current events mythology philosophy and pop culture In other words he is a rarityThe plot jumps back and forth without being overly confusing You have to trust that the loose ends will be tied up eventually and it is worth the wait Everything and everyone is connected and what at first might seem like happenstance turns out to be another fork in the road Suspension of reality may be necessary while reading this novel but at the time it doesn't seem out of the ordinary

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Villa Incognito Summary ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ [Read] ➬ Villa Incognito Author Tom Robbins – Imagine there are American MIAs who chose to remain missing after the Vietnam War Imagine a family in which four generations of strong alluring women share a mysterious connection to an outlandNeither the mists of Laos nor the Bangkok smog neither the overcast of Seattle nor the fog of San Francisco neither the murk of the intelligence community nor the mummery of the circus can obscure the pure linguistic phosphor that illuminates every page of one of America’s most consistently surprising and inventive write. By standard book standards I would say that this is a four star book easilyBut by Tom Robbins' standards and he has set the bar for himself rather high I must say this is just a mediocre three star book It starts off brilliantly and as someone living in Japan who not only runs into pictures of Tanuki sees them uite often scampering across the highway when driving but also has a statue of one right out front my door this was right up my alley and something which immediately piued my interestThen in typical Tom Robbins' style he introduces another story seemingly unrelated at first glance but of course you know he is going to weave them both together strand by strandWhile he does this to marvellous effect in other books like Perfume Jitterbug fantastic and Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates brilliantly hilarious there is something about this narrative that just doesn't uite gel Don't get me wrong there are moments of brilliance and very witty comments but to my mind and I might get sledged by serious Robbins' fans for saying this butthis reads like a very promising FIRST DRAFT of a novel It is very unpolished by his standards If only he had done a little work on it it could have been great Secondly the story ends so abruptly I felt like he was really building up the plot to take it somewhere special but the ending was rather anticlimactic I must say in addition to my added frustration of arriving at the last page only to find that someone had torn it out Yep that's right Went to the nearest English bookshop in Tokyo where I could find a copy and read the last page properly in peace Someone messing with my 'wa' again no doubt I would still say this is worth reading but if you are new to Tom Robbins definitely do not start here Start with one of his greater earlier efforts A big thank you nevertheless to Larry for lending me his copy Larry no tearing out of last pages of novels please