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summary Love Stories 108

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Ical comedy of Dorothy Parker and Roald Dahl from the agonizing madness of jealousy in Nabokov's 'That in Aleppo Once ' to romantic illusions in Scott Fitzgerald's 'Winter Dreams' Objects of passion range from a glamorous silent movie star in Elizabeth Bowen's haunting 'Dead Mabelle' to a faithful ghost in Kawabata's 'Immortality' and a successful heart surgeon and serial husband. I just want to put a little blurb and context around this novel and the reason I have been drawn to read them I have recently completed a term at a London College doing Creative writing We read short stories present work and discuss Its challenging enjoyable and I have already learnt so much Although in my personal life I do not read enough short stories I read novellas but find short stories hard to get into both for length and character development etc Thus the reason to order this and read This selection of short stories is varied and some are wonderful I will review the ones that appealed particularly to me below but some weren't as appealing I often skipped or decided to pass these so this review is not about all the stories I also got this second hand for a really good price and it felt lovely to hold a novel again with a lovely cover jacket and a ribbon for a bookmark I also will not touch too much on the plot of the ind stories just my response as they deserve to be read and you form your own conclusions FScott Fitzgerald Winter DreamsThis is included in my review because I fully read it but it left me angered Fitzgerald at times writes horrible women Horrible representations of women Daisy in Gatsby is horrible sorry Shallow Vain and ill intentioned This short story presents such a women It felt dated and I love historical fiction but this story wasn't for me and I struggled to see the goodness of it Poor misogynistic through a male gaze writing Colette ArmandeAgain this was written with a very male gaze at a woman But it was vastly superior The translation perfectly captures the want and longing of this story I also highlighted with my pen a couple of wonderful passages He toke his sisters arm under his ownsharing the same illusion in that halcyon period when a brother and sister believe uite genuinely that they are perfectly content with being a chaste imitation of a pair of lovers TCoraghessan Boyle Swept AwayThis was in the New Yorker for which I adore its fiction stories I think this story was one of my favourite within this collection It captured fleeting love within Scotland very well DH Lawrence The Horse Dealers DaughterD H Lawrence writes with a sense of touch fully knowing what touch can do His characterisation here is simply wonderful He paints such vivid description of characters and places in only a few brushstrokes although I didn't actually like this story It falls into the above crisis of being a male historical gaze at a woman in this case an ugly woman against the narrator's wishes She was passionately kissing his knees though his wet clothing passionately and indiscriminately kissing his knees his legs as if unaware of everything Roald Dahl Mr BoticolSurprisingly I have read a lot of Dahl's adult short stories I buy them his collections lustCruelty envy etc for gifts He had a very sharp eye for humour and observations This was one of my favourite of the collection Although I feel I'm harping on This collection featured a lot of male gaze looking at women as ugly things yet still being attachedfalling in love Here I liked that MR BOTICOl was also ugly Margaret Atwood Bluebeards eggThis was perhaps my favourite in this collection Atwood is such a marvel in her writing and this was one of the only stories from a FEMALE PERSPECTIVE It was wonderful Recommended as a lovely way to get into and read a wide selection of short stories compiled about love I struggled with my own pacing throughout the collection I'm a very fast reader and felt with every story it was a new challenge to read the next not knowing if it would appeal but this was also its delight 35 Stars for the whole collection and I might go back to revist further stories and comment

summary Love Stories

Love StoriesIn Margaret Atwood's 'Bluebeard's Egg' Jhumpa Lahiri plumbs the depths of a couple sundered by tragedy while Lorrie Moore movingly portrays a husband and wife brought together by itKatherine Mansfield Tobias Wolff and William Trevor explore the intricacies of long term relationships while Maupassant Calvino and T C Boyle convey the elemental force of love in extremely different wa. Enjoyed most of the stories although a few were forgettable The standouts for me were ‘Winter Dreams’ FScott Fitzgerald ‘Armande’ Colette ‘The Horse Dealer’s Daughter’ DH Lawrence and ‘The Woman who came at Six o’Clock” Gabriel Garcia Maruez

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summary Love Stories 108 ô [BOOKS] ✯ Love Stories By Everymans Pocket Classics – Love Stories brings together a captivating assortment of short stories inspired by romantic entanglement in its many forms first love infatuation obsession unreuited love marriage adultery jealousy an Love Stories brings together a captivating assorLove Stories brings together a captivating assortment of short stories inspired by romantic entanglement in its many forms first love infatuation obsession unreuited love marriage adultery jealousy and the complicated bonds of those who have spent their lives togetherAn array of writers evoke a variety of moods from the raw erotic passion of Lawrence and Colette to the wickedlycyn. Some of these stories were really good and some were boring and forgettable though there was never a case of bad writingThis anthology contains stories from many famous authors like Nabokov Dahl and Maruez and from some I just expected so much though I loved all the ones I thought I lovedIt was a lovely version hardcover smooth pages etcI will consider buying other Everyman Pocket Classics though I just wantedexpected from this