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The Eye of the Elephant review Ù 103

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The Eye of the Elephant review Ù 103 Æ ❰Reading❯ ➷ The Eye of the Elephant Author Delia Owens – After being expelled from Botswana for writing their controversial bestseller Cry of the Kalahari Mark and Delia Owens set off on a journey across Africa searching for a new Eden They found it in ZamAfter being expelled from Botswana for writing of the PDFEPUB #180 their controversial bestseller Cry of the Kalahari. I liked this book as I was reading it although I knew it was dated having been published in 1992 It was educational if heartbreaking and really immersed me in North Lunagwa National Park in Zambia The book begins as the Owenses are expelled from Botswana and the Kalahari their original project in Africa It is never really made clear to the reader or to Mark and Delia Owens why they were expelled but they assumed it was because they were exposing non environmental practices that were directly responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of wild animals After months and years of fighting to stay they finally decided to move on and settled in Zambia in a national park where elephants and other wild animals were being poached and slaughtered by the thousands The remainder of the book is devoted to how Mark and Delia worked to rid the park of poachers and educate the surrounding villages in conservation and prove to them that they can make money and live better lives if the animals are allowed to live Safari tourism will pay and create jobs than poaching and the eventual extinction of the animals It was a constant uphill battle given that the very people charged with stamping out poachers the game wardens the rangers the law enforcement officials and the politicians were all closing their eyes to the problem and worse profiting from poaching and the ivory tradeEventually Mark and Delia come to a parting of the ways with each other as Mark becomes and obsessed with terrorizing the poachers a tactic that Delia finds she can no longer support By this time they had worn themselves out and their health was in serious jeopardy The book ends on a bit of a hopeful note when a new democratic regime is voted in and worldwide the ivory trade is shut down and policies begin to change in favor of conservation We leave Mark and Delia mending their relationship and realizing that the Marulu Puku is their homeBefore I could review the book in researching whether Mark and Delia are still married they are not I read an article about the making of a documentary about their time in Zambia and the documentary apparently painted a much different picture than the book Even as I was reading the book I was asking myself if these two could really be THIS extraordinarily good and if Mark could really be as obsessed and yet as restrained as he was The documentary revealed a lot of not so good that was going on behind the book scenes Who knows where the truth actually lies but the article did color my opinion of the book especially in that those supporters that are named in the book no longer support the Owenses efforts and many tell an entirely different story of their time there than the book reveals The Owenses no longer live in Zambia It is unclear whether they decided to leave or if they fled in the midst of death threats and looming legal charges They live separately on a huge ranch in Idaho where in a complete departure from all she has previously known Delia recently wrote and published the smash bestselling novel Where the Crawdads SingTheir hearts were in the right place and much good seems to have come from their research and their educational programs but it seems like maybe their focus and eventual obsession may have sent them off the rails as often happens It is hard to find fault with them given the lack of support they had worldwide in such an admirable pursuit as the conservation of wildlife in Africa They were environmentalists ahead of their time futilely battling windmills in their effort to bring awareness to a world who just couldn't or didn't want to hear them

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T poachers soon had them fighting for their lives when they tried to stop the slaughter pages of photos half in color. Yes it took me exactly 4 months to finish this book but chalk that up to life not this book This was a fabulous read of powerful people doing all they can to save powerful hunted animals in a country set against them It was a wild journey following Mark and Delia from a desert to a forest all the time doing what they can to research and save elephants and lions There’s written by them with the same topic so I hope to pick up another soon

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The Eye of the ElephantMark and Delia Owens set off on a journey across Africa searching for a new Eden They found it in Zambia but elephan. This was Nonfiction on Elephant preservation in Africa The story that the authors share takes place mostly in the 1980's It was kind of fascinating watching their life unfold They were dedicated to living with and protecting African wildlife This book centered on lions then elephants It was so sad that there was so much poaching going on Such tragedy but poaching was a living for the localsStrong and old tradition are strong and often times heavy anchors that keeps people from moving into the future That is the message that I got when the authors tried to get the locals to care about conservation when it came to elephants There was a line that I said something like hungry people don't care about conservation I'm paraphrasing there but it conveyed much I enjoyed the message in this one so 4 stars