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Policing Shanghai 1927 1937 Philip E Lilienthal BooksPrewar Shanghai casinos brothels Green Gang racketeers narcotics syndicates gun runners underground Communist assassins Comitern secret agents Frederic Wakeman's masterful study of the most colorful and corrupt city in the world at the time provides a panoramic view of the confrontation and collaboration between the Nationalist secret police and the Shanghai underworldIn detailing the life and politics of China's largest urban center during the Guomindang era Wakeman covers an array of topics the puritanica. An excerpt from my Twitter feed about halfway through Policing Shanghai 1927 1937 The driest book it is possible to write about communist assassins disguised as stage magicians Which is unfair because this is very much an academic history concerned with recounting facts and dates and trends; the dryness may even be a rhetorical pose adopted to protect the author against accusations of prurience for embarking on a history of gangsters assassins and crooked copsWhile this book displays immense admirable and awe inspiring scholarship most of the work of connecting the data into a coherent narrative is left say it with me now as an exercise for the reader Which is strange indeed because this book is full of fascinating characters situations and telling vignettes that would have transformed it from an interesting history to riveting reading along the lines of Jonathan Spence's God's Chinese Son For exampleDu Yuesheng poor laborer's son who rose to become the opium kingpin of Shanghai—and a key player in national politics as Chiang Kai Shek's nationalist government used his operation to finance its war against the Communists Not to mention a notable financier and proprietor of patriotic clubs and organizations throughout the cityHuang Jinrong crooked cop and one time iron ruler of the Shanghai underworld later eclipsed by his student and protege Du YueshengGu Shunzhang vicious Communist assassin masuerading beneath the cover of I kid you not a famous stage magician who was picked up while trying to assassinate Chiang Kai Shek and turned as a double agent against the CommunistsWu Tiecheng mayor of Shanghai loyal to Chiang Kai Shek but increasingly pulled into the vortex of money and criminal authority that dominated Shanghai in the early 30sDai Li the Nationalists' treacherous and powerful spymasterTan Shaoliang bookish and intellectual chief of the International Concession's Shanghai Municipal Police who staffed his force with college graduates—who also established a close working relationship withLu Liankui voluble and corrupt shoot first ask uestions later head of the SMP's Criminal Investigations Department famous for his uick strike with the batonYes I swear One of the major police working relationships in pre war Shanghai was between a solitary bookish intellectual and a fiery hard living hard drinking rulebreaker TOGETHER THEY FOUGHT CRIME And it gets better because Tan Shaoliang later became a Japanese spy And then with Dai Li's intervention a triple agentI'm not saying this needed to be the blockbuster movie style history I'm envisioning in my head even now as I write this but the author could have hung the book on his characters and let the facts and figures unfold naturally from those stories Or he could have emphasized the unfolding theme his introduction promised—of continuity between systems of control in Imperial Nationalist and ultimately Communist China Instead both characters and theme reuire considerable reader investmentBut if you're willing to do some of the heavy lifting yourself Wakeman will give you the stone blocks you need to build your own vision of the heaven on top of a hell that was Shanghai before the war

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Dominated by foreign powers His efforts to reclaim the crime ridden city failed partly because of the outbreak of war with Japan in but also because the Nationalist police force was itself corrupted by the cityWakeman's exhaustively researched study is a major contribution to the study of the Nationalist regime and to modern Chinese urban history It also shows that twentieth century China has not been characterized by discontinuity because autocratic government whether Nationalist or Communist has prevailed. Chiang Kai Shek Jiang Jieshi the man the enigma This one details how he attempted to govern Shanghai in the midst of foreign encroachment organized crime and gangsters remember the beginning of Indiana Jones and how he attempted to impliment his campaigns to rally support for the GMD KMT Nationalist Government An interesting work by the late Frederic Wakeman

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FREE DOWNLOAD ↠ Policing Shanghai, 1927-1937 (Philip E.Lilienthal Books) ¼ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Policing Shanghai, 1927-1937 (Philip E.Lilienthal Books) By Frederic E. Wakeman Jr. – Prewar Shanghai casinos brothels Green Gang racketeers narcotics syndicates gun runners undergroL social Policing Shanghai eBook #221 controls implemented by the police the regional differences that surfaced among Shanghai's Chinese the influence of imperialism and Western trained officials Parts of this book read like a spy novel with secret police torture assassination and power struggles among the French International Settlement and Japanese consular police within ShanghaiChiang Kai shek wanted to prove that the Chinese could rule Shanghai and the country by themselves rather than be exploited and. I’ve seen other reviews slate this book for its dryness but I didn’t find it overly dry To be sure it’s an academic history not a popular one but I still found it plenty readable An exploration of how the Chinese government Shanghai underworld and illicit drug trade all intertwined during the Nanjing decade focusing overwhelmingly on the threat they perceived from the Communists to the exclusion of fighting back against the Japanese