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characters à E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Charles Bukowski Ormat Hardcover and others pages and has a text language like English. This is the first thing I read of Bukowski's and his terse style seemed to me like a breath of fresh air It's as if he copied Hemingway's style and then mimicked it to the point of caricature And yet somehow I'm still saying that's a good thing I believe he took the potentiality of Hemingway's style and magnified it's unpleasantness in a manner similar to how Seth McFarlane exaggerated Matt Groening Okay maybe that analogy was pushing it but I love the way no thought or idea is too reprehensible to be included in Bukowski's conception of literature By the way besides the numerous pop culture references the thing that really got me psyched to start reading Bukowski was the excellent documentaries on him that are available on Netflix The length of his stories is interesting as well These are like vignettes and so it’s best to consider the whole work together and the interrelations between vignettes

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Free download Hot Water Music ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ ❮Ebook❯ ➭ Hot Water Music ➮ Author Charles Bukowski – Best Kindle, Hot Water Music By Charles Bukowski This is very good and the main topic to read with book details isbn 9780876855973 format Hardcover and Best Kindle Hot Water Music By Charles Bukowski This is very good and. I had been reading Chekhov’s major plays—now doesn't that sound elegant and literary—and thought I needed something inelegant and unliterary to follow it up and found something on audiobooks I hadn’t read before from Charles Bukowski a collection of stories and it is obvious at a glance that the two writers are very different—what do we know about Buk Wine women horseracing boxing brutality usually funny often obscene stripped down prose that is decidedly unpretentious—but I have to say just having read Uncle Vanya with its panoply of unhappy people some of whom are drunken philandering men I begin to see Anton and Charles as distant brothers at a century’s distance Both are realists associated with a bleakcomic existentialist approach True Buk is profane at times crass sometimes offensive but in this book the main point is to explore honestly the world of the down and out Bukowski talks simply and profoundly about the underbelly of the working class without raising judgement Chekhov also sided with the working class Both describe a world without judging anything in it unless those things are boring or pompous I have enjoyed Factotum Pulp Ham on Rye and Post Office longer works but I like the art in some of the Henry Chinaski stories here It is true that the collective sense of these stories is booze writing and sex there's a kind of sameness but one of his characters responds to this criticismYou seem to write about sex a lotYeah what do you expect me to write about The stock market Who wants to read about that The absurd stories such as “You Kissed Lilly” and “I Love You Albert” are silly fun but admirably shaped Some of the clever—and yes ultimately literary—ones to check out are “The Upward Bird” “Beer at the Corner Bar” “The Death of the Father II” and “Head Job” which is actually from the perspective of a woman Okay Chekhov did a better job depicting women than Bukowski I’ll give you that but I’ll say Chekhov’s strongest characters also tend to be men

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Hot Water MusicThe main Hot Water PDFEPUB or topic to read with book details isbn f. Typical Bukowski ue short stories that make you feel funny disgusting cynical sad shocking laugh frown and most importantly boring and lame The guy says he writes about life and well I couldn't disagree