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Review Ó Dynamite Road ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ü ➵ [Read] ➱ Dynamite Road By Andrew Klavan ➿ – Jim Bishop is a hard man as cold as the wind off the water and tough to the point of brutality Scott Weiss is Bishop's boss a world weary ex cop who runs a private detectivOng He's willing to beat any man into the ground and draw any woman into his bed in order to get the answers he's after A pilot himself he takes to the air to check out the illegal flights of a thug names Chris Wannamaker Then he coolly seduces Wannamaker's lonely wife in order to find out Back in the city as Weiss struggles to rein Bishop in he begins a connected investigation of his own A death in a mansion in Presidio Heights a seemingly random murder South of Market an apparent suicide off the Golden Gate Bridge all seem to bear the mark of Weiss' old nemesis an expert gun for hire who goes by the name of the Shadowman. This was a really good thriller The only downside for me was the foul language which detracted from my enjoyment of the book Otherwise I’d have given it five stars Besides the great plot the characters feel very real and the writing is great

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Jim Bishop is a hard man as cold as the wind off the water and tough to the point of brutality Scott Weiss is Bishop's boss a world weary ex cop who runs a private detective agency out of a concrete tower in the heart of San Francisco In this powerfully original series debut by award winning and bestselling author Andrew Klavan Weiss sends Bishop to investigate corruption at a Northern California airport and so sets events in motion that will lead both men on a desperate hunt for a master assassinBishop's assignment is to investigate the airport and report back to Weiss But Bishop prefers to make up the rules as he goes al. This is a solid character driven detective novel A lot of the story revolves around Jim Bishop a man's man who women can;t help but falling for He is not a sympathetic character by any means but his no bullshit attitude really drive his part of the plot Weiss a sad man but a good guy is much interesting and nuanced Finally our narrator is a naive but good detective working as an intern of sorts int heir detective agencyAndrew Klavan writes well and that's really what carries the story I was very interested in all 3 plot lines which end up tying in together at eventuallyFans of detective driven stories crime novels involving undercover agents and readers that apprieace a well conceived and meticulously carried out plan no mater how incredulous by the bad guy will enjoy this one

Summary Dynamite Road

Dynamite RoadIt's a trail of blood and each step of it seems to bring Weiss closer to Julie Wyant a mysterious beauty who captures the imagination of every man she meetsSoon Bishop has found his way into the center of a massive criminal conspiracy a plan set to climax with an act of audacious violence and a murder that would be impossible for any killer but one And with his operative's wife in danger Weiss begins a race against time to outsmart the murderer who stalks his nightmares and to rescue the woman who haunts his dream If you like your tough guys really tough your femme fatale and your action explosive welcome to Dynamite Road. This didn't 'move' me I may pick up the second book in this series in the future Some really good reviews here so maybe give it a try