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Disney That Never Was The Stories and Art of Five Decades of Unproduced Animation Read & Download Û E-book or Kindle E-pub

Read Disney That Never Was The Stories and Art of Five Decades of Unproduced Animation

Disney That Never Was The Stories and Art of Five Decades of Unproduced Animation Read & Download Û E-book, or Kindle E-pub ½ ❰Reading❯ ➸ Disney That Never Was The Stories and Art of Five Decades of Unproduced Animation Author Charles SolEalth of magnificent animation art Disney That PDFEPUBfrom uncompleted films stored in the vast Disney Archives Phot. An amazing book filled with artwork from various cartoon shorts and features that never saw the light of day My only complaints are the organization of the material as artwork from any given production is scattered throughout the book The text also isn't too well focused on the subject manner but is still informative The unproduced shorts and features mentioned in this book are only the tip of the iceberg There are remains of several other projects that never saw the light of day in the Disney archives and in personal collections some which can be found elsewhere on the net or in other publications Overall a book on this subject would be a whole lot better if it were written by John Canemaker or JB Kaufman but for what it's worth I recommend looking into it

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From Steamboat Willie to Never Was Epub #225 The Lion King the Walt Disney Studio's contribution to animation has be. I bought this book at a sidewalk sale many years ago and leafed through the pages but I've always been curious about what stories it actually has to tell This book is a history of Walt Disney Animation with an emphasis on abandoned feature length and short film projects including Chanticleer Hiawatha a Hans Christian Andersen biography including hilarious art for The Emperor's New Clothes a beautiful take on The Emperor's Nightingale and a very early version of The Little Mermaid several attempts at Don uixote and numerous alternate segments for Fantasia or its intended successive films in the Concert Feature series including ballets featuring bugs or babies an epic telling of The Ride of the Valkyries and the grim The Swan of Tuonela as well as a great deal of wartime training patriotic and propaganda filmsUnfortunately the real appeal of this book IS the pictures as the text is actually pretty dry and a little boring The idea is interesting a basic history of Walt Disney and his history how he revolutionized and expanded the artform of animation but focusing on a lot of the story ideas and concepts that were developed to a certain point but then abandoned for whatever reason which in some cases feels like a real shame but the method is a little dull My main problems with this book were organization and expected content The illustrations didn't match up with the text There would be a description of a film that was at one time being developed but the corresponding illustrations would appear several pages before or after Sometimes the described artwork wouldn't appear at all I understand and appreciate that the author did a great deal of research but he would often describe intriguing concept artwork only to never actually show some of it in the pages You would expect the book to display the drawings the author evidently unearthed during the research and writing process But reading this book did inspire me to look into and watch some really old animated shorts online so it did help further my animation education I appreciated the author's honest picture of Walt himself and it's interesting to read about how Walt sort of lost interest in animation just when the film canon would indicate that he was at the top of his game he felt limited by repetition and the pressure to please the public and his attention turned toward theme parks and television It makes sense since Disney was the ultimate innovator but it's a perspective that isn't often expressed The text is also a little dated and it's interesting how many of these story ideas actually have by now come to the screen in some form or another whether by Disney or another studio ie Destino Chanticleer in Don Bluth's Rock A Doodle and some elements of the discarded Fantasia and Silly Symphony segmentsThis wasn't a terrible book but it wasn't as amazing as it could and should have been It was kind of hard to get through the text though some of the full page illustrations and concept artwork were really beautiful It's too bad that some of these films were never made I'm sure they would have been awesome

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Disney That Never Was The Stories and Art of Five Decades of Unproduced AnimationEn unparalleled This unprecendented look at the creative processes behind the scenes at the Disney studio offers a w. after longing to read this fabled and long out of print volume I finally thought to interlibrary loan it Good choice I'm just a bit disappointed on how pedestrian it is the text is nice but rather bland Disney 101 with interspersed new material Annoyingly when the text does cover unproduced films relating pictures are often pages before or after and reappear at random I have a feeling just a few folders of material was given the OK and just threaded out as very interesting padding while I shouldn't really complain seeing how this could have never been published there is a ton material that could have been covered how about Oz which was in and out of animation for 30 years and the book seems to ignore the early versions of features that eventually did get made like the live action alices including the Lewis Carroll bio pic from the 40s or the dozen versions of Black Cauldron or Arthurian films that bubbled over those painfully long productions those that do get featured of some they give a good juicy history of and others are passed over uickly like the Mary Blair projects in all it was nice but like a mixed basket when you know the good stuff is still shelved away at the ARL