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A Christmas Brothel% of Proceeds To Be Donated to TOYS FOR TOTSIt is a dark and snowy Christmas Eve and the roads are impassable Canter. These short stories were sweet light and just enough of cheer to brighten my day and to put me in the Christmas spirit Madam Frau Klaus is the center character in all the readings in this book This review is for The Christmas uarrel by Annabelle Anders In this story the heroine Clarise appears to witness what looks like a kiss between her husband Cornelius and another woman Not able to bare his betrayal she leaves her home on a cold Christmas Eve; only to get stuck in a winter storm She seeks shelter in Madam Klaus's brothel as there are no other lodgings in the town Her husband disturbed by her abrupt disappearance decides to go after her Sparks fly when they finally meet up again and he is able to explain what had really occurredThis review is for The First Taffy Maker to the King by Deb MarloweMiss Emmaline Atkins lost and alone after being kicked out of her family home by her brother and sister in law is bound for her new employers residence She was forced to stop due to bad winter storm in a small town on Christmas Eve Unbeknown to her her old beau had just heard that she was still single and thusly sought after her Unfortunately she had just left her residence After finding out where she was headed he was hard on her trail He finds her at Madam Klaus's and makes a deal with the Madam to surprise the love of his lifeI highly recommend these short stories as they are perfect heart warmers and definitely festive ice breakers for the Christmas spirit

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Elter Gather with the stranded travelers around her Tannenbaum as they share secrets holiday tales and stories of lo. 375 starsI first learned about this book through an email newsletter from Kate Pearce It’s a compilation between many authors and all proceeds go to Toys for Tots Since I haven’t been able to figure out the publisher I think it was a self published book through I don’t know about now but when I purchased my copy it was less than a dollar Helping Toys for Tots getting a short story from one of my favorite authors and less than a dollar Sign me upI’m not going to go story by story with this one like I usually would dothere are way too many And some of them are just a few pages long In this compilation one story kind of goes into another Some characters overlap especially Frau Klaus the brothel’s proprietor I’m rating it as PG 13 only because it’s set in a brothel There is really no brothel esue activities happening in this book Some of these stories are positively pure and innocentThis is the perfect book for when you’re super busy If you have to wait in line or find a few minutes here and there to read you can read a story or two in those moments And it has a whimsical wonderful old time Christmas feelMost of these stories I enjoyed Some I just loved There was one that I felt was a cop out storybasically a full on knock off of O Henry’s The Gift of the Magi To tell you the truth it kind of ticked me off that it made the cut Even if it’s for charity it still seems hinkey to meThis book is worth grabbing for multiple reasons And seriously you can’t beat the priceThis review can also found on the book blog All In Good Time

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A Christmas Brothel Download ↠ 2 µ [PDF / Epub] ☁ A Christmas Brothel By Ava Stone – 100% of Proceeds To Be Donated to TOYS FOR TOTSIt is a dark and snowy Christmas Eve and the roads are impassable Canterbury’s inns are full but the door of the local brothel stands open and Frau Kla % of Proceeds To Be DonateBury’s inns are full but the door of the local brothel stands open and Frau Klaus welcomes all who come seeking sh. Christmas stories are always a treat and these tales are no exception each one a gift It was especially enjoyable to read about a snowstorm in the heat of August