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A Christmas Brothel Free download ñ 104 ñ ❰BOOKS❯ ✮ A Christmas Brothel Author Ava Stone – 100% of Proceeds To Be Donated to TOYS FOR TOTS It is a dark and snowy Christmas Eve and the roads are impassable Canterbury’s inns are full but the door of the local brothel stands open and Frau Kl % of Proceeds To Be Donated to TOYS FOR TOTS It is a dark and snowy Christmas Eve and the roads are impassable Canter. Hurry and get this fab Christmas box setIt’s December 24 1814 in Canterbury Kent There’s a snowstorm and the Klaus Haus – a brothel – has opened its doors to stranded travellers Several of historical romance’s elite have banded together for a charitable cause and doing so have given us a fabulous Christmas anthology The stories are very very loosely connected and there are no difficulties when reading out of order BLAME IT ON THE MISTLETOE by Virginia Heath Lord Andrew Phillips has been charged by his friend Nathaniel to keep an eye on the latter’s younger sister Lady Miranda Arcott Drew is responsible serious but Miranda is not a little girl any; she is a young lady who has decided that Drew will acknowledge it once and for all And a little mishap is just what Miranda needed What a lovely charming delightful story Both Drew and Miranda are utterly irresistible and I had a smile on my lips the whole time watching this very engaging couple come together This is a wonderful piece of fluff wonderfully romantic and flirty with such vibrant descriptions that I still can picture Miranda and her red dress A delight And I only wish it had been longerTHE PIRATE’S YULETIDE HAVEN by Katherine BoneCassia Beaugre Ransome is waiting for her husband Ansell – a pirate – at Klaus Haus; has he been captured Katherine Bone is in fine form in this little pirate story where she tells us a little bit about Christmas traditions both German and British It is absolutely lovely and again too shortI will not review each story individually it would take too long but the variety is certainly there and each and every one of them worth reading KC Bateman has a lovely story about a Russian princess; Deb Marlowe delights us with a delectable tale of taffy and Welsh food; there’s a charming bit of Christmas magic courtesy of Kate Pearce; a creative twist on an age old story by Sandy Raven; a clever and entertaining Icelandic tale by Ava Stone and so many The stories are for the most part very short and ideal for when you need a break during the Holidays or when you crave some Christmas themed historical romance The premise is cute and clever; the secondary characters are beautifully drawn and remain unchanged throughout which is a feat in itself; the writing is uniformly excellent and the editing is professionally done So read a new story from a favourite author and discover new ones while you get in the mood for the Holidays Happy Christmas

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Lter Gather with the stranded travelers around her Tannenbaum as they share secrets holiday tales and stories of love. 1 The Christmas uarrel by Annabelle AndersRating2 stars Review My expectation plummeted I like it when the female leading character had a backbone and would stay away if she was made a fool however she immediately softened even before her husband found her and blamed herself if something happened to her husband2 The Yule Cat by Ava StoneRating 3 stars3 Miracle on Castle Street by Amanda MarielRating 4 stars4 A Christmas Bauble from La Befana by Jane CharlesRating 3 starsReview I was left hanging Not about if the woman was the Le Befana but on Elias and Gaia I hope this is a prologue to a new series or novel5 The Heartbreaker's Tale by Susan Gee HeinoRating 5 starsReview I already had a hunch that the older gentleman was telling his sad youth love story but I never suspected that he was actually recounting it to his unknown daughter and his lady love was still alive6 A Christmas Kiss by Dawn BrowerRating 1 starReview I find it dry Whenever they think or talk either I shook my head or rolled my eyes and say whatever This story is only for children not for logical adults7 The Ship Captain's Tale by Elizabeth EssexRating 15 starsReview I don't understand the connection of the captain's parable with his life and what he had learned8 Gifts of Love by Aileen FishRating 15 starsReview It was hackneyed I once read an almost the same short story Plus a few unnecessary reactions and conversations can be eliminated from the storytelling9 How to Reform a Rake by Tammy AndresenRating 5 starsReview Even if it was a cliffhanger it caught my attention and I'm excited to read the rest of the series I simply hope the stories of these 5 gentlemen are not a let down10 The Snow Maiden by KC BatemanRating 3 starsReview My only comment it seems that the author only know a few Russian female names The name Elizaveta was used 3 times and on different persons She can Google names ye know11 The First Taffy Maker to the King by Deb MarloweRating 2 stars12 Blame it on the Mistletoe by Virginia HeathRating 1 starReview I don't like it when the female protagonist was a shameless hussy especially if it had the blessing and encouragement of her brother It's like the brother is pimping his own sister13 The Christmas Runaway by Nadine MillardRating 3 stars14 A Family for Christmas by Alanna LucasRating 1 starReview I can't see the connection between Randolph's personal story and Herman's reasons to runaway Herman wasn't running away from his problems but from mistreatment Plus I find adopting Herman forced in order to fit the title15 The Pirate's Yuletide Haven by Katherine BoneRating 2 stars16 A Winter's Tale by Kate PearceRating 2 stars17 We'll have Ourselves a Merry Little Christmas by Rose GordonRating 4 stars18 He Came Upon a Midnight Clear by Sandy RavenRating 1 starReview Honestly I don't like stories wherein the best friend or a brother marries the female principal character even if the original lover was already dead Not only it was like a toy being handed down but it seems like the death of the best friend or brother was their fortune because they get to marry the woman Additionally I didn't like that Joseph hid his true identity until their wedding day and somehow in my point of view coerced Merry Anna to continue with the wedding ceremony even after the revelation Average rating 25 stars

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A Christmas BrothelBury’s inns are full but the door of the local brothel stands open and Frau Klaus welcomes all who come seeking she. As a retired high school English teacher I was intrigued by an updated approach to Geoffrey Chaucer's 24 Canterbury Tales with the royalties going to TOYS FOR TOTS A win win a good read introduction to some new authors and money going for a good cause A Christmas Brothel's setting is December 24 1814 in Canterbury Kent with blizzard conditions the inns have no vacancies but Madam Frau Klaus opens her brothel and her stable to the diverse stranded travelers and their animals All she reuires is that each traveler tells a story While each story is written by a different author the stories mesh and additional information is often woven into stories An excellent anthology of holiday cheer and humor