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The Lost BoysL's beloved daughter Fey is discovered just when she thought she had escaped the Nazi net She is arrested and her two sons The Lost PDFEPUB or aged three and two are seized by the SS Fey has no idea of her children's fate as she is dragged away on a terrifying journey to the darkest corners of a Europe savaged. The story takes place in the last two years of the second world war Fey von Hassell the protagonist of the book lives in Friuli in North Eastern Italy The region is the theatre for fierce fighting between the Allied and Axis forces and is in the grip of a civil war From this beginning the story moves to Germany which is fast yielding to Russian and Allied forces pushing in on all fronts In a balanced restrained yet evocative fashion Catherine Bailey outlines these complicated historical events and the social environs in which Fey von Hassell moves From orderly tensed but still civilized the story turns dramatic and brutal Catherine Bailey with masterfully placed strokes delivers a fair complete and insightful portrait of the protagonist She uses Fey's own voice from letters diary entries and memoirs to reveal her feelings In so doing Catherine Bailey deeply involves the reader in the pain suffering and emotional turmoil that Fey has to withstand This book is a reminder of the catastrophic conseuences that fascist ideologies have had and can have in European history It is also a reminder of the ultimate sacrifice that millions of people symbolically personified in the story in Fey’s father Ulrich underwent to hand us the liberal democracies we now live in Ultimately what makes this a must read book is Catherine Bailey’s fine and vivid prose It is her prose that brings the story to life transposing the reader right into the unfolding of events

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The Lost Boys Download â eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF í ➻ [Download] ➸ The Lost Boys By Catherine Bailey ➺ – Berlin September 1944 Ulrich von Hassell former ambassador to Italy and a key member of the German Resistance is executed for his part in an assassination plot against Hitler By warMoving from a palazzo in the heart of the Italian countryside to the horrors of Buchenwald Catherine Bailey tells an extraordinary story of resistance at the heart of the Second World War The Lost Boys is an illuminating and devastating account of great personal sacrifice of loss and above all of defiance. I have not read 'Black Diamonds' but 'The Lost Boys' is far better than 'The Secret Rooms' if only because it has a much gripping story to tell I disagree with those who consider it too long; providing the political and military context in which Fey von Hassell her family friends and fellow prisoners had to operate enhances rather than distracts from the account The story is not new Fey von Hassell herself wrote about it in A Mother's War 1990 but it is not well known in the UK and Catherine Bailey is very good at conveying the complexities and dangers in particular localities during the final years of the warOne of the strengths of the book is that although its focus is on the tribulations experienced by an aristocratic liberal anti Nazi and anti Fascist group it never tries to conceal the horrors dealt out to less well placed opponents and victims of the Nazi regime The pro democratic aristocrats are well aware of the atrocities and spoiler alert it come as no surprise to me that the elder of the lost boys subseuently made his career in the EU Commission Multi lingual elouent and cultured the heroes of this book stand in vivid contrast to the insular ignoramuses about to Get Brexit Done

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Berlin September Ulrich von Hassell former ambassador to Italy and a key member of the German Resistance is executed for his part in an assassination plot against Hitler In response to the attack Himmler leader of the SS orders the arrest of all the families of the plottersIn a remote castle in Italy von Hassel. Any tale chronicling human suffering at the hands of the Nazis is inevitably going to be harrowing and upsetting and this one is no exception As the sub title tells us it’s about a family ripped apart by war and when two of the family members are small boys it becomes even compelling I was indeed gripped by the story especially as I did not know the outcome before starting but I did find the book overly long and a bit of ruthless editing wouldn’t have come amiss There’s a lot of background and history especially about the plots to kill Hitler and although these are relevant up to a point I think the suspense and tension would have been better maintained without so much detail The basic story of a mother looking for her children is drama enough Nevertheless it’s a powerful and moving read and I very much enjoyed it