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To Thine Own Self Be True characters ê 7

Summary To Thine Own Self Be True

To Thine Own Self Be True characters ê 7 ô ☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ To Thine Own Self Be True By Judy Clemens ✓ – Stella Crown rarely takes a break from managing her Pennsylvania dairy farm unless it's to take a spin on her Harley but in the midst of the Christmas season she treats herself to a new tThe police arrive to inform her that Mandy has been discovered dead behind the tattoo parlor while Wolf is nowhere to be foundAngry and guilt stricken that she hasn't protected her friends Stella something of a suspect herself sets out to assist the cops and rescue the missing Wolf And to ask where is their young son also missingWith the help of another tattoo artist and an old flame who's arrived at the farm Stella dives into the world of tattooing where. It’s almost Christmas in Pennsylvania which means lots of cold and snow Stella Crown is nice and warm enjoying a visit with Mandy and Wolf Ink Mandy is regaling them with tales of the tattoo trade while Wolf works on a new tattoo for Stella She’s getting an ID bracelet with Howie’s name as the focal point When the session is interrupted Stella falls asleep Nobody is around when she wakes up so she leaves planning on returning another dayWhen the police show up on her doorstep she knows that something dreadful has happened Mandy is dead left to freeze to death by whoever hit her upside the head Wolf is missing which makes him the natural suspect as far as the police are concerned Anyone who knows Wolf doesn’t believe this To assuage her guilt because she left without finding Mandy in time to keep her from freezing Stella decides to investigate She believes probably correctly that she will have much better luck getting her uestions answered within the tattoo sub culture than any cop will no matter how sympathetic The cop working the case is very flexible for a cop; it would be nice to see of her in future booksShe gets a lot of help in her uest from Nick a blast from her past He’s the guy who was painting her barn and charming her socks off two books back That little scenario went out the window when Stella found out he was a developer and that he had lied to her Nick shows up in the middle of a blizzard which means he winds up sleeping on her couch Lots of tension all around as one might imagineStella and Nick find that there is a lot she doesn’t know about Wolf and Mandy They are far political at least about body art than Stella ever dreamed As in any sub culture there are good guys and bad guys; Nick and Stella meet people all along that spectrum as they try to find Wolf and prove that he didn’t kill MandyThis is the third in the Stella Crown series Stella is growing as a character; one would almost have to grow considering all the ups and downs that Clemens gives her to cope with While the plot isn’t all that challenging the exploration of the tattoo world is fascinating and educational I thoroughly enjoyed this book Clemens takes a woman with what would seem to be a fairly ordinary life and just writes the bejesus out of the situation Reading about a blizzard in the middle of July wasn’t all bad either

Summary ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Judy Clemens

Stella Crown rarely takes a break from managing Own Self PDFEPUB #189 her Pennsylvania dairy farm unless it's to To Thine Epubtake a spin on her Harley but in the midst of the Christmas season she treats Thine Own Self PDFEPUB #189 herself to a new tattoo Halfway through the sitting at Wolf Ink her tattoo artist and his wife Mandy disappear into the back room Stella whipped dozes off and when she awakes and they've not come back she drives home Before long. Loving Stella so much and the characters are so full of life and well developed Great series for people who love a good mystery with a touch of clean Romance

Judy Clemens ☆ 7 Summary

To Thine Own Self Be TrueShe finds not only a close knit and knowledgeable community but also an underworld of back alley hacks stolen designs and violent patrons plus some looming and controversial state legislationStella stymied by suspects than answers is dragged yet again into a realm full of greed and danger when all she wants is to be left alone to run her farm and figure out the rest of her life But first she must do everything in her power to get Wolf back where he belong. I had not heard of this author but she seemed prolific so I picked her earliest book I could easily find I think this is #3 in the Stella Crown series Not a bad read although as is common these days the ending was rather ridiculous and the villain's motive contrived and the rapport of the heroine with the police unrealistic and other plot glitches Still if I happen to remember her name I may in the future try another one