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REVIEW Halloween Carnival Volume 4 ☆ PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB

Brian James Freeman ↠ 6 REVIEW

REVIEW Halloween Carnival Volume 4 ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB º ❮BOOKS❯ ✸ Halloween Carnival Volume 4 ✮ Author Brian James Freeman – Kealan Patrick Burke Ray Garton Bev Vincent C A Suleiman and Paul Melniczek treat readers to some spooky tricks with a hair raSome spooky Halloween Carnival Epubtricks with a hair raising assemblage of tales gathered to. Very good This was my favorite by far of this series I thought each one was uniue in this set When you need some scares this is certainly worth a try It is also great for those who may not have time to read a novel so you can read one story at a time here If you like the unusual then give this a go

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Gether by author editor and master of the macabre Brian James Freeman THE MANNEUIN CHALLENGE. THE MANNEUIN CHALLENGE by Kealan Patrick Burke There have been many office parties that I've not wanted to attend; take a look why ACROSS THE TRACKS by Ray Garton uiet horror Maybe Until the end then your heart will start to race Still it was my least favorite of all the stories with a rushed 'you figure it out' endingTHE HALLOWEEN TREE by Bev Vincent Loved this story these kids had the right ideaPUMPKIN EATER by C A Suleiman If you're going to be a hateful pig remember that women don't take that any WHEN THE LEAVES FALL by Paul Melniczek a novella length story about town where people where people work too hard and never leave What goes on and whyThanks to Random HouseHydra for the advance copy Recommended

SUMMARY Halloween Carnival Volume 4

Halloween Carnival Volume 4Kealan Patrick Burke Ray Garton Bev Vincent C A Suleiman and Paul Melniczek treat readers to. It's that time of year again and my pile of books to read is towering I had to choose which of the Halloween Carnival books I was going to reuest because I knew I wouldn't have time to read all 5 The reason I chose Volume 4 was because of 2 authors Kealan Patrick Burke and Ray Garton They didn't disappoint These and another story stood way out for me and here's a bit on each of them The Manneuin Challenge by Kealan Patrick Burke is the first story and it's killer Maybe it's because I love the kind of tales that are just plain weird and offer NO explanation they just ARE A uiet and reclusive man decides to attend the Halloween party at work just this one time What will he find You'll have to read it to find out This one made me laugh out loud with delight Across the Tracks by Ray Garton was a blast For whatever reason to me this tale had a distinct Ray Bradbury feel to it but I think the ending might've even blown Bradbury himself away What fun The Halloween Tree I've seen Bev Vincent's name around and I am friends with him on various social media but I believe this is the first time I've read one of his stories I enjoyed it Any kid with an imagination can make something scary from an inanimate object In this tale it's a tree But what made this story different was how the kids dealt with the problem I found this to be the most surprising story in the bunch and it made me smile I did enjoy the other two stories in this anthology but these three stood tall and they alone are worth the price of this book The other two are just the gravy on topRecommendedYou can pre order your copy here Halloween Carnival Volume 4Thanks to NetGalley and to Hydra for the e ARC in exchange for my honest review This is it