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Meditations on the Trinity Summary ✓ PDF DOC TXT or eBook

A.W. Tozer ☆ 4 Read

Meditations on the Trinity Summary ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¹ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Meditations on the Trinity Author A.W. Tozer – From one of the 20th century's most beloved spiritual writersA W Tozer is known for many things He's known for his powerful writing style He's knFrom one of the th century's most beloved spiritual writersA W Tozer is known for many things He's known for his powerful writing style He's known for being vigorously biblical And he’s known for gazing upon God intently in Scripture and then telling readers plainly what he seesThese aspects of Tozer shine through Meditations on PDF in Meditations on the Trinity Tozer’s writings are first and. The early fathers in the church in illustrating the trinity pointed out that God the eternal Father is an infinite God and that He is love The very nature of love is to give itself but the Father could not give His love fully to anyone not fully eual to Himself Thus we have the revelation of the Son who Is eual to the Father and of the eternal Father pouring out His love into the Son who could contain it because the Son is eual with the Father Further those ancient wise men reasoned if the Father were to pour out His love on the Son a medium of communication eual both to the Father and to the Son would be reuired and this was the Holy Ghost So we have their concept of the Trinity the ancient Father in the fullness of His love pouring Himself through the Holy Ghost Who is in being eual to Him into the Son who in being eual to the Spirit and to the Father So much in the above statement If you have trouble grasping with the concept of the trinity and the workings of the trinity you will appreciate this text A study a encouragement and a revelation of who God is Who can fathom It is only by the trinity that we can truly know God It is only by the trinity we can do the work of the church and in our own hearts It is sad and unfortunate that teaching of the trinity is sparse if not nonexistent however it is plumb line of our walk and what we worship This is small sampling of Tozer's writing on the Trinity so it will not overwhelm a reader but cause a reader to thirst for of God It gives knowledge and adoration of what God is doing and his glory The devotion is set up in 4 parts Each part focus on the trinity with the last part focus on how the trinity works together I highly recommend A Special Thank you to Moody Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review

Summary Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ A.W. Tozer

Foremost about our triune God This hard cover volume beautifully designed with a two color interior compiles excerpts from his writings into a collection of daily readings on the Godhead It consists of four parts one part on each respective person of the Trinity and one on God three in oneCan a Christian ever finish contemplating the Trinity It is an inexhaustible mystery but one that rewards cont. How pleasantly this book surprised me Tozer is very orthodox in his Christianity I most certainly am not yet he is able to explain some of the difficult and abstract theology of Christianity very clearly coherently and without condescension The Trinity is a doctrine that is accepted yet no one really understands I thought perhaps this was a new phenomenon but reading religious history it is the one thing over millennia that comes back as too much nonsense for non Christians and haunting the church in cyclical outbreaks of heresy Three is a universally important number in religion Brahma Vishnu Shiva; creation preservation destruction; Heaven mankind earth; dharmakaya samboghakaya nirmanakaya; past present future Groups of three are not objectionable archetypes in religion It is obfuscatory statements and creeds and swearing loyalty to something the people advancing the theory can not explain In my formal religious education it was never explained to me I certainly asked As I have found usual it was when I went to another tradition that things started making sense Studying and practicing Buddhism one of many trinities is the trikaya Kaya is Sanskrit for 'body' These kayas are the means that the enlightened statebuddhanature manifests It was easier for me to see three 'bodies' of a singular essence than 'persons' A body can be alive or dead whole or partial many states in which it is a body A person is a combination of personality social expectations and a body A body may be than one 'person' It is much difficult to spread a person over multiple bodiesFor as good as Tozer's presentation of the Trinity is I still have my uestion what exactly is a person

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Meditations on the TrinityInual reflection Readers of Meditations on the Trinity will receive a accurate view of who God is and in turn as Tozer would be uick to point out offer Him truer worship Knowing God is the chief end of man and this book will help readers nearer that goalProduct features that make this an ideal gift includeBonded leather over hardcoverRounded cornersPerimeter stitchingRibbon markerHeavy slip ca. If you are looking for a devotional please let me recommend this one to you For a devotional it is very deep and coherent By that I mean each of the four sections focuses on just one theme The first is about the attributes of the Father the second is about Jesus etc Every section in this book has so much to meditate on and learn The only thing that bothered me was the format It was broken up into such small section; each was only a couple of very short paragraphs or so each It was almost a book of uotes I received this as a free ARC from NetGalley