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READ À Valentine Vendetta ¹ ❄ [KINDLE] ✽ Valentine Vendetta By Sharon Kendrick ➝ – Sam Lockhart sangat tampan pantas saja banyak wanita jatuh cinta padanya Jadi saat Fram mendengar pria itu membuat sahabatnya patah hati dengan sukarela ia membantu sahabatnya balas dendamBagian perta Sam Lockhart sangat tSam Lockhart sangat tampan pantas saja banyak wanita jatuh cinta padanya Jadi saat Fram mendengar pria itu membuat sahabatnya patah hati dengan sukarela ia membantu sahabatnya balas dendamBagian pertama ren. Re Valentine Vendetta Sharon Kendrick brings us a throwback book to her Revenge is Sweet seriesThis book features an h that agrees to help her old school friend get a little comeuppance on a man who supposedly wooed seduced and then once he revoked her unicorn grooming license dumped her like a hot potato and left her heartbrokenThe h is not too keen at first but when she hears about the unicorn banishment and then about the big dumping moment she is reminded of her nasty divorce from her own lyin' and cheatin' actor spouse and agrees to be the facilitator of the school friend's Grand Plan O' VengeanceThe ill contrived plan is for the h who is an event planner to the Irish Elite to convince the English H to let her plan his upcoming huge charity auction for sick kids The H is a big time theatrical and movie talent agent and holds this sorta famous event every yearSo the h gets Cormack the Irish H playwright from Kiss and Tell to give her a recommendation as an event planner to the H This h planned Cormack and Triss' son's christening We get a small Triss and Cormack update too they are still deliriously in love and multiplying like bunnies The h tells the H that she is extremely successful in Ireland but needs a big event like his to establish herself as an elite event planner in England After a LOT of verbal bickering and some sexual harassment on the H's part the h is hiredAs the h and H work on his big charity do the H reveals that he is healing from a long time grief His fiancee whom he loved very much died from a fatal illness several years earlier Since this H is so incredibly handsome women won't stop propositioning him and the ladies in his former job wouldn't stop harassing him to let his celibate heart heal in peace the H decided his life needed to changeThis propelled the H to leave the big talent agency he was working at and strike out on his own The former agency he worked in is where he met the h's old school friend The H claims that he has been mourning his lost love and building his own company for the last several years but ironically his distaste at being harassed by the ladies doesn't stop his own harassment of the hThe h shows an interesting turn of thought herself as she continually remarks on many of the H's manly and handsome male attributes But they also bicker a lot and by the time the big charity do rolls around the h is uncertain of her feelings for the HEnter the h's old school friend who has supposedly been engaging in very self destructive behavior after the H's callous seduction and swears that a small confrontation and closure will set her right The old school friend also brings along several ladies who claim they too have been used and abused by the HThe h believes that these ladies are going to waylay the H at his charity ball and give him a little telling off so she lets them into the event Right before the big charity auction is to start the discarded ladies surround the H and the old school friend grabs the mike from the stage and publicly berates the H for taking her virginity and then dumping herThe h flees the whole event in the aftermath she is getting the sinking suspicion that there is something 'off' about all of these women and their claims Somehow the h gets blamed for the old school friend's public denouncement which kind of did not make a lot of sense the h only planned the event and it ran perfectly so I am not sure what the whole point was aside from SK authorial maneuvering and she starts getting a lot of cancellations from her Irish clients Which also made no sense cause these clients were all in Ireland and I wasn't convinced that they would be all that interested in an English charity event Anyhows the h is pondering her life and wondering if the H really did what the old skool friend claimed when the H shows up and blackmails her into doing another party for his famous actress motherThe H has already told Cormack from the prior book that he really intends to seduce and then dump the h as payback for what the old school friend has been announcing to the world the school friend also did a big photo and story layout in some tabloidsThe h feels a bit bad about the whole thing and she doesn't have a lot of clients at the moment anyways so she agrees to help the HThe H and h again get into the verbal debate mode and the lurve force mojo starts rising Eventually the H and h do have their big night o' love and the h believes the H is sincere in his feelings for her and she is very sincere in her feelings for him along with totally lusting over him every chance she getsThen Cormack shows up and spills the beans about the H's intent to pump and dump her for revenge and the h decides she is once again done with men and goes back to Ireland The H shows up a week or so later and berates her for believing Cormack and leaving without talking to him because he claims the he got to know her he decided to abandon his own Grand Plan O' VengeanceBut the h trusts Cormack than the H because Cormack is the Irish Eugene O'Neil and was extremely kind to her when things blew up with her actor ex husband So the h sends the H off and gets a bit huffy but then the old school friend callsThe old friend is excited to announce she is getting married so all her publicity seeking has paid off Then she tells the h the truth about what happened with the H When the H's fiancee died he gave up on the ladies and focused on mourning and his career This did not stop all the women he met from chasing him even tho he claims he was extremely clear that he was mourning his lost loveThe old school friend worked with the H and pretended to be his friend but was really planning to seduce him On the anniversary of his fiancee's death the school friend got the H drunk and then took advantage of him in his grief stricken and plastered conditionWhen the H woke up to the school friend the next morning she thought he would be all eager to start a relationship and instead he told her he would not date her if she was the last woman in the universe and kicked her out Then he went and started his own talent agencyThe other women that turned up at the H's charity event were all former co workers that made a play for the H and got turned down The h is pretty furious over the deception and hangs up on her now former old school friend and takes off in her bathrobe kimono to track the H down and declare her True Love ForeverThe h catches up to him as he is checking out of Dublin's most posh hotel and still in her gold kimono bathrobe the h confesses her love The H tells her that he was partly to blame too because he should have explained what happened with the school friend instead of obfuscating about it Then he declares his love for the h back and we leave them happy and in love for the big HEAI wasn't really a big fan of the H for most of this and it was really easy at first to doubt his veracity about the sexual harassment and if he was as celibate as he claimed But by the end of this even tho I wasn't a fan of the characters I had to kinda gape in awe at the way SK totally turned the standard HP sexual harassment and assault trope totally on it's head When we finally get the real details of the school friend's assault on the H and listen to him blaming himself for somehow inviting such an attack it really hit hard on how uick I was to blow off his earlier indications of assault and treat him as just another womanizing H For that reason alone this book is pretty masterfully done The gender reversal in this is extremely well scripted right up to the big reveal and even tho I wasn't really buying the HEA I do recommend a small day trip with this HPlandia outing for the sheer genius of SK's very excellent writing

Sharon Kendrick À 8 READ

Cana mereka yaitu Fran menjadi perencana pesta dansa Valentine yang akan diadakan Sam berjalan lancar Fran langsung menghormati kliennya yang satu ini dan sebaliknya Dan tidak hanya saling menghormati terny. This book along with two others was my introduction to Mills Boon when I was 15 16 It randomly appeared in my house one day without me noticing we have upwards of 5000 books so that's not unusual and I can only assume someone picked it and its companions up during a hospital visitI remember being intrigued by the concept of a book where you knew you were going to get a happy ending the teen romances I'd been reading to that point sometimes ended well and other times in tragedy and you never knew which you were going to getAs a 15 year old I uite enjoyed this although even back then I referred to it as a bathtub book you can read it in the bath and if you drop it in the water and ruin it no biggie Sadly as an adult it doesn't hold up wellFran is a 26 year old party planner When her childhood friend Rosie calls her in floods of tears over Sam the jerk who took her virginity and broke her heart Fran is appalled and angry so she agrees to help get even by humiliating him publicly But as she gets to know Sam she finds that the truth may not be as black and white as Rosie led her to believeFirstly do 26 year old women typically act like 13 year old girls At 15 it didn't occur to me that few 26 year olds would be so juvenile as to a want to get revenge on a man two years after he dumps you; and b risk your career to help a friend do so Also the rationalisation given for Rosie's and Fran's anger And in spite of not loving you he took the most precious thing you had to offer Yuck Any book that treats a woman's virginity as the most precious thing you have to offer is probably going to get on my nerves I prefer sex with someone I love and I'm certainly not opposed to waiting till you're in love to lose your virginity but nor do I subscribe to the idea that it's the most valuable thing about a womanThe revenge takes the form of Fran becoming the party planner for Sam's upcoming Valentines charity ball and then having Rosie and some other women that Sam allegedly broke the hearts of although it turns out that he just turned them down and they couldn't handle it humiliate him in front of his friends donors and the charity he's raising money for In what world is this a good idea Even if the guy really truly deserves it in what world is this a good idea to do at a charity event But they do it and then Fran is honestly truly shocked that nobody else wants to hire her to plan their parties and her career is wrecked Really She's surprised Somehow this didn't occur to herSam hunts her down and decides she owes him and so she's going to help him plan ANOTHER party this time a birthday party for his mother Cause that sounds like a swell idea right Personally I wouldn't have hired Fran for the first one; she was pretty rude to him But that's just me I apparently have survival instincts than Sam does Then they have sex or fall in love or some combination I'm not sure it all seems to happen off screenSo the plot was bizarre How were the characters Well Fran's kind of an idiot as evidenced by her inability to foresee the conseuences of ruining the ball And she's a party planner Aren't event planners supposed to be good at I dunno planning ahead Figuring out what could go wrong in advance and making contingency plansSam Sam's sometimes nice enough but most of the time he's rude and abrasive I can't totally blame him for this since he's clearly suffering from English Hero Syndrome which is a chronic condition affecting approximately 910 British romance heroes Symptoms range from taciturnity to aloof snarkiness to outright cruelty and can be found in most of the men in the Mills Boon Presents and Modern lines as well as books by a number of chick lit authors I actually tend to stay away from most Brit romances because it seems almost a reuirement that the guys and often the girls act like assholes right up until they start falling in love with each other and I just can't imagine falling for someone who's not really a very nice person Anyway Sam is snappish and rude and I've no idea why Fran falls for him let alone all those other women who apparently wanted him enough to be angry that they didn't get himThere are a couple other small annoyances like the author's tendency to use inappropriate words Calling the robe Fran slipped on a few times her kimono is one that particularly stood out for me I do not think that word means what Ms Kendrick thinks it means One does not just slip on a kimono to answer the door they take uite a while to put on even with assistance and few Japanese now wear them for anything but the most formal ceremonies They're just minor bugs but they give an impression of sloppy writingSo this one's going into my to sell pile I see that I have several Sharon Kendrick books on my bookshelf that need to be read so perhaps one of those will be a better fit for meThis did however open me up to the world of romance novels as a teenager so for that I'll always be grateful

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Valentine VendettaAta mereka juga saling tertarik Tapi saat malam pesta semakin dekat semakin jelaslah bahwa Sam bukan playboy yang suka menghancurkan hati wanita Sekarang tujuan Fran bukan lagi balas dendam tapi memiliki Sa. Buku ini menceritakan kesalah pahaman Fran terhadap Sam Lockhart Fran mengira bahwa Sam adalah seorang playboy pria yang telah melukai hati sahabatnya Untuk membalas sakit hati temannya tersebut Fran berusaha untuk menjebak Sam dengan merencanakan pembalasan pada saat pesta hari valentine yang diadakan di tempat Sam Namun dalam merealisasikan rencananya tersebut Fran mengetahui bahwa sahabatnya tidak mengatakan hal yang sebenarnya bahwa Sam sebenarnya tidak bersalah Untuk itu Fran harus dapat memutuskan perasaannya yang sebenarnya terhadap Sam Dan apakah ia akan jatuh cinta pada pria yang dianggap sebagai playboy tersebut Banyak kisah kisah lucu yang terjadi dalam buku ini seperti saat Fran berusaha untuk merusak pesta valentine Sam