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review To Be Mona × eBook or Kindle ePUB È ❮PDF❯ ✎ To Be Mona Author Kelly Easton – Sage Priestly is seventeen and she longs to reinvent herself to strip away the fat the past the crazy mom the unpaid bills She longs to be her own version of the gorgeous and popular Mona Simms Sage s Sage PWhy isn't Sage happier Yes Roger is a little too controlling and pushy but isn't that what boys are like when you date them What is it about the image Sage has created that just doesn't fit Smart honest and tough Sage is a teen with going for her than she thinks but she still has a lot to lea. 93012I really enjoy this book so far It is about a young girl named Mona she is trying to become popular she does everything in her power to be just like Mona the most popular girl in school Her friends consist of her best friend Vern those pretty girls in her school who in my eyes just pretend to be there for her Her mom isn't really there for her her mom is not actually somebody you would be proud to call your mom but Sage does whatever she can to try be there to support her motherI could make a text self connection from my book because I have once wanted to be like my best friend Know one has ever found this out but i guess it was jealousy Also ive always been the type to take care of my mother I support her through whatever situation she has to deal with even though sometimes she makes bad decisions she can always get through it I feel the message of the book is too basically describe the teenage generation now and days the whole story line i believe would relate to EVERY single one of the teenagers in my highschool

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Es Bit by bit she transforms herself This is deeply troubling to her best friend Vern who To Be PDFEPUBis secretly in love with Sage just the way she is But the boyfriend Sage wants the popular jock Roger suddenly notices her And when they start dating Sage thinks her life is turning around So. Sage wants to be Mona she has it all the looks the friends the money Sage's mom has pretty much been crazy since her dad left them many years ago Her next door neighbors the Goldburg's have been looking out for her and her mom for about that long Sage wants the jock Roger to be the one who loves her even when Vern Goldburg so openly does She just wants a better life with money and hope Told in alternating viewpoints between Sage Roger Vern and Vern's friend Walter this story tells the tale of trying to fit in when maybe being on the outside isn't that badThis story was alright I enjoyed the random hypothetical uestions that are interspersed throughout the novel I think that was the highlight however The characters were vague and forgettable It seemed in the beginning of this novel that Mona was this popular snotty girl that Sage envied and wanted to replace Really Mona seemed like just an ordinary girl like all the other girls in the school except Sage Sage was really only different because her mom was wacky and they didn't really have any money Sage seemed very full of herself She starts dating Roger and it's evident that he is a real jerk he's controlling and possessive and never really nice to Sage He is also really stupid I'm not sure why their relationship lasted so long because he didn't really have any redeeming ualities I feel like Sage just wanted him so badly that even when it turned out he wasn't a catch she just kept dating him to prove that she wasn't wrong about him The other relationships in this story also seem odd and out of place Maybe people act like this but I don't feel that they were authentic This book touched on a few good points about mental illness and domestic abuse but all in all this book was a dud It was a fast read but not a really good oneFirst LineConsider yourself a colorFavorite LineConsuming a diet of Pop tarts Twizzlers and Neco Wafers can alter your sexual orientation and give you bad dreams

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To Be MonaSage Priestly is seventeen and she longs to reinvent herself to strip away the fat the past the crazy mom the unpaid bills She longs to be her own version of the gorgeous and popular Mona Simms Sage starts dieting and exercising She gets blond highlights and throws away all of her black cloth. ths is a goddd bok for you to read becasue the ggitelss are arueing for home coming