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Free read Á The Red Badge of Courage å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free í ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☀ The Red Badge of Courage Author Stephen Crane – The Red Badge of Courage and Selected Short Fiction by Stephen Crane is part of the Barnes Noble Classics series whicS are beautifully designed and are printed to superior The Red MOBI #194 specifications some include illustrations of historical interest Barnes Noble Classics pulls together a constellation of influences biographical historical and literary to enrich each reader's understanding of these enduring works Young Henry Fleming dreams of finding glory and honor as a Union soldier in t. Surprise surprise I disagree with what the masses have told me about this book Although I don't actually know too many of my peers who have read this it seems the schools near me skipped this classic the adults I've known have always told me that this was very DRY book hence making it not high on my priority list I've read Stephen Crane's poetry for many years now and never understood how someone could write such beautiful bittersweet poetry but boring dry historical novels Well the answer is that his book was not boring or dry The Red Badge of Courage is a short novel perhaps a novella brimming with poetic prose and haunting effigies of men at war It follows the main character of Henry Fleming as the youth experiences the many shifting psychological developments of one at war It was shocking for me that Stephen Crane published this book when he was 24 years old and especially that he had no experience of war the military or anything which could substantiate the very powerful depiction of war and human psychology which this book delivers Although I admit to finding many war stories a bit dry at times because battle movements and war stories are not of interest to me I feel compelled to share that I found the writing beautiful and devastating I think overall this is a war story I would recommend to others; and I will add that it is than a war story it is also a coming of age story as well for both the protagonist and the country

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The Red Badge of PDFEPUB #227 Badge of Courage and Selected Short Fiction by Stephen Crane is part of the Barnes Noble Classics series which offers uality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general reader including new scholarship thoughtful design and pages of carefully crafted extras Here are some of the remarkable features of Barnes Noble ClassicsAll edition. Normally I reserve one star ratings for books I DNF'd This being a school book is an exception However I cannot tell you how much I hated itThe writing style is atrocious I have never seen such overuse of the past participle in all my life Everything was were hanging was running was looking was talking EVERYTHING It got so old so fast The similes are awful I found only one that made me say Wow that's a good simile and the rest of itugh Ugh UghThe one thing that made this book at all enjoyable was the young lieutenant All he did was swear the words weren't written out but he was hilarious and stupid while still being brave on the battlefield But that guy isn't enough to take this book up to two stars for me No my biggest problem is with the protagonist and the representationHenry Fleming our hero is the most irritating jerk of a protagonist I have ever read I have never in my life wished that an MC would die I still can't believe he came through the book completely unscathed He lied he mistreated his mother he didn't care about his fellows he ran away from the fight he let himself get hit over the head by one of his OWN men and told his regiment he was valiantly shot by a rebel he schemes to use a package given to him by his friend who trusts him and likes him as leverage AGAINST said friend despite the fact that this friend is one of the only likeable characters in the book And then about halfway through he has a sudden change in heart and suddenly thinks of himself as a hero He leads the charges He carries the colors He holds his regiment AND I DON'T GET ITThis doesn't even start to deal with how problematic this soldier representation is Stephen Crane when I looked it up was out to write a psychological picture of fear but he went overboard So so overboard The soldiers in this book are cowards and fearful running away when it gets to be too hard and so often refusing to fight They make fun of each other They stab each other in the back And sure maybe some soldiers are like that but I've seen enough Civil War movies and read enough books about it as well as any other war come on to know that soldiers are often than not heroes They're not perfect they're not superhuman but they're selfless and brave And this book made me angry because it portrayed the entire Union army as a bunch of useless cowardly idiots I don't recommend this book to anyone I'm not really sure why it became a classic But oh well Now I've read it and hopefully I never have to think about it again

Summary The Red Badge of Courage

The Red Badge of CourageHe American Civil War Yet he also harbors a hidden fear about how he may react when the horror and bloodshed of battle begin Fighting Red Badge of Kindle #211 the enemy without and the terror within Fleming must prove himself and find his own meaning of valor Unbelievable as it may seem Stephen Crane had never been a member of any army nor had taken part in any battle when he wro. I don't think this book was written with people like me in mind Not that I want to crap on an old story just because it is old but there is a reason this was so hated in many high schools My main issue was the hero of our main story he is not likeable at all Not only does he embellish the truth but he is also in a way a coward Now you might be saying Of course he is a coward It's war the horrors he has seen are uncomprehending I am inclined to agree but war is war You fight for your friends and country not for yourself I was never a soldier so maybe I have no right to say anything but our hero was not a hero He scraped by and somehow things turned out OK Also while it didn't bother me the dialogue was written almost as a slang or was shortened Some people might find this annoying Anyway I didn't have fun reading this book I am going through some things work wise and this book did not help me feel any better At least it was short RS