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READ & DOWNLOAD á The Reindeer People: Living with Animals and Spirits in Siberia

CHARACTERS The Reindeer People: Living with Animals and Spirits in Siberia

READ & DOWNLOAD á The Reindeer People: Living with Animals and Spirits in Siberia â [Download] ➺ The Reindeer People: Living with Animals and Spirits in Siberia By Piers Vitebsky – Since the last Ice Age the reindeer's extraordinary adaptation to cold has sustaineMing about reindeer fills a gap left by the failed assurances of the stateVitebsky explores the Eveny experience of the cruelty of history through the unfolding Reindeer People Living with Animals PDF and intertwining of their personal lives The interplay of domestic life and power politics is both intimate and epic as the reader follows the diverging fate of three charismatic but very different herding families through dangerous political and economic reforms The book's gallery of unforgettable personalities includes shamans psychics wolves bears dogs Communist Party bosses daredevil aviators fire and river spirits and buried ancestors The Reindeer People is a vivid and moving testimony to a Siberian native people's endurance and humor at the ecological limits of human existenc. Wonderful and important piece of writing Wonderful because of its evocative use of prose; and important because he conjures up a whiff of a way of life a relationship between humanity and the world we live in that has already largely disappeared There are lots of books that are well written and I shan't dwell on that beyond observing that I wish I could write as well as Vitebsky does I'm amused at the odd review elsewhere in this web site chastising him for not writing the kind of erudite post doctoral academic treatise that the reader expected But then again Vitebsky never said he was writing an academic treatise he set out to write a book And he did so triumphantly Read it just for the low key carefully understated but ominipresent condemnation of the Soviet destruction of a habitat and a way of lifeIn that sense the book is a long gentle moan of affectionate yearning and pain on behalf of a lost world the world of a people whose entire rhythm of existence is defined by swirling herds of reindeer wandering not uite at random across the wastes of Siberia It's or less impossible to imagine what the impact on your own psyche might be of spending a lifetime wandering across the wastes to herd nomadic animals But he gives it a pretty good shot The relationship between the living and the dead the everyday communion with the spirits of the land the obvious importance of dreams as a manifestation of something deeper than the rest of us the total centrality of the reindeer to their lives he treats all of this with careful and sympathetic care The reader can take it or leave it as he likes but there is no denying that it tells us something at least about the world and the way of thinking and surviving that we have evolved from That world had changed massively already by the time he entered it in the 1980s Two generations of callous and dogmatic centralism by the Soviet authorities had already hacked huge slices off a millennia old way of life by the time he began studying the Eveny people For example Moscow says to cut up the herds in such and such a way because the bureaucracy demands it and balances developed over centuries in response to a living landscape that can only sustain so many reindeer get swept away Moscow says the children must become model Soviet citizens ie sedentary and families and an ancient way of life gets torn away in the processFor all that Vitebsky rarely allows himself even a veiled criticism of the authorities Indeed peeping round the edge of his account is the thought that such erosion of the way of life has occurred everywhere in Canada and Greenland too for example You don't have to be Soviet to mess up other people's cultures it's perfectly possible to be capitalist and do a pretty good job of it tooAnd I suppose that if that precarious way of life could have evolved as a direct result of the encounter between humanity and that harsh environment then there's not all that much to stop it evolving again now that the Soviet Union has gone True there remains a voracious Russian oil industry and the Soviets did manage to irradiate large tracts of Siberia too But Siberia does represent almost a third of the planet's land mass and there are only a couple of hundred thousand Eveny on it willing to live and die in that impossible environment Good luck to them in every sense may they regroup and prosper


S as they migrate over the swamps ice sheets and mountain peaks of what in winter is the coldest inhabited region in the world He reveals how indigenous ways of knowing involve a symbiotic ecology of mood between humans and reindeer and he opens up an unprecedented understanding of nomadic movement place memory habit and innovationThe Soviets' attempts to settle Reindeer People Living PDF #8608 the nomads in villages undermined their self reliance and mutual support In an account both harrowing and funny Vitebsky shows the Eveny's ambivalence toward productivity plans and medals and their subversion of political meetings designed to control them The narrative gives a detailed and tender picture of how reindeer can act out or transform a person's destiny and of how prophetic drea. Fascinating information about a rapidly declining culture

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The Reindeer People Living with Animals and Spirits in SiberiaPeople Living ePUB #180 Since the last Ice Age the reindeer's extraordinary adaptation to cold has sustained human life over vast tracts of the earth's surface providing meat fur and transport Images carved into rocks and tattooed on the skin of mummies hint at ancient ideas about the reindeer's magical ability Reindeer People Living with Animals PDF to carry the human soul on flights to the sun These images pose one of the great mysteries of prehistory the reindeer revolution in which Siberian native peoples tamed and saddled a species they had previously huntedDrawing on nearly The Reindeer PDF twenty years of field work among the Eveny in northeast Siberia Piers Vitebsky shows how Eveny social relations are formed through an intense partnership with these extraordinary animal. An absolutely fascinating and compelling journey through the Siberian Taiga that got me really invested from the very beginning this one gets a 10 out of 10