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Free read ☆ Miss Paul and the President Í PDF DOC TXT eBook or Kindle ePUB free

Free read Miss Paul and the President

Free read ☆ Miss Paul and the President Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free î ❮Reading❯ ➷ Miss Paul and the President Author Dean Robbins – Cast your vote for Alice Paul The story of a tireless suffragette and the president she coOmen voting But nothing was important to Alice So she kept at it and soon President Wilson was persuaded   Dean Robbins and illustrator Nancy Zhang bring the unsung hero to vivid life and show young voters to be how Paul and the Kindle #207 important it is to never back down from a cause you believe i. This is an entertaining biography for children about Alice Paul The illustrations created using watercolor colored pencil and other media are colorful and really complement the narrative giving the reader a sense of that period in history I was fascinated to learn about this famous suffragist who was arrested protesting at the White House in Washington DC and jailed at the Lorton Workhouse very close to where we liveThis book was selected as one of the books for the June 2018 Women's Suffrage discussion at the Picture Book Club in the Children's Books Group here at Goodreads

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Cast your vote for and the ePUB #9734 Alice Paul The story of a tireless suffragette and the president she convinced to change everything   When Alice Paul was a child she saw her father go off to vote while her mother had to stay home But why should that be So Alice studied the Constitution and knew. Miss Paul and the President is a lively action filled story that fills a real need for providing a relatable entertaining introduction of women's suffrage to children It shows that women had to fight to get the vote and that they faced strong opposition The broad outlines of the story are true there really was an Alice Paul and a Woodrow Wilson Wilson's daughter really did support votes for women Paul really did organize a parade and picketing demonstrations I can easily see myself recommending it to children So why am I so reluctant to give this book than 3 stars The main reason is the high number of historical inaccuracies that seem unnecessary at best and just plain wrong at worst Paul herself is a bundle of happy energy who is as beautiful big doe eyes swirling skirts flowing hair and as much of a scamp as any Disney princess Wilson is a stern but basically loveable guy who wants to do the right thing He apparently gives in because Alice Paul and his own daughter Margaret convince him women's suffrage is important than he'd thought I wanted to leap out of my chair at the sentence President Wilson did not like the thought of Alice in jail He knew she loved the United States Ummm no Now I recognize that these issues are complex and that providing the story in a straightforward relatable way is useful in introducing young children to an important issue in history Again the broad skeleton of the story here is true and grounding it in issues of fairness and unfairness makes it something even young children can relate to I am sure that I will gift this book to friends who have young childrenBut as someone who loves women's history and admires the women who stood up to entrenched opposition it hurts to see the fierce opposition women faced diminished to grandfatherly disapproval And Alice Paul reduced to a beautiful long eye lashed lively girl dancing down Pennsylvania Avenue waving a yellow handkerchief

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Miss Paul and the PresidentThat the laws needed to change But who would change them   She would In her signature Miss Paul ePUB #186 purple hat Alice organized parades and wrote letters and protested outside the White House She even met with President Woodrow Wilson who told her there were important issues to worry about than w. I thought the book was engaging and tells an important story However I do feel like it didn't give enough detail or depth to Paul's lifeand the tone felt really happy and upbeat for such a serious topic ripe with real challenges Perhaps some of that was the illustrations However hopefully it will encourage young readers to seek additional information about Paul