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Anissa of Syria The Love of Antioch #1 Read Ä 102

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Anissa of Syria The Love of Antioch #1 Read Ä 102 æ [Reading] ➿ Anissa of Syria The Love of Antioch #1 By Zack Love – Clean read edition of The Syrian Virgin full details below Anissa is traumatized by the most brutal conflict of the 21st Century the Syrian Civil War In 2012 Islamists in Homs teClean Syria The Love of MOBI #194 read edition of The Syrian Syria The Epub #220 Virgin full details below Anissa is traumatized by the most brutal conflict of the Anissa of eBook #235 st Century the Syrian Civil War In Islamists in Homs terrorize a Syrian Christian community and destroy everything that a of Syria The MOBI #238 young woman holds dear Narrowly escaping death Anissa restarts her devastated life as a college student in New York City She of Syria The Love of MOBI #194 is. Rated R for sensuality sexuality strong language strong violence and mature thematic materialI was asked to read and review this book even though—actually because—I don’t seem to be the intended audience which seems to be romance fans Nevertheless I will give this my best shot My first uestion was why precisely this book seems to have appeal to romance fans If as has been suggested to me the book is about the persecution of Syrian Christians why would the main audience like books such as Fifty Shades of Grey and books with covers featuring lingerie clad women To answer this I will analyze the superficial aspects of the book that may create strong first impressions in the readers To start upon beginning this book my eye was caught by a few things the cover the title the author’s name the Table of Contents the Acknowledgment and the Dedication Who reads and analyzes these things Raising hand Yes that’s me Prepare yourselfI a The CoverI love the cover—sort of Well it is well designed It is a close up shot of a young woman’s face with a reflection of fire in her eye—which incidentally communicates her overall inability to act She is clearly watching passively; there is no suggest of concern fear horror shock or anger in her face She is like a blank canvas We also see the corner of her headwrap and behind the title there is a shot of a brightly lit American bridge at night Which bridge Beats me The combination of these images points out the obvious culture clash and presents the uestion of the heroine’s unexplained naïveté given that fire which we presume is literal fire but could just as easily be the figurative fire of passion The nighttime setting of the bridge also carries with it some sensual undertonesThe main issues are a the color scheme b the title and c the author’s name First the color scheme is red black and white which in my personal experience tends to suggest dark and potentially steamy romances or affairs or such Examples include Twilight The Heist Society Sunshine The Sea of Tranuility Looking for Alaska The White Cat Beastly and Thirteen Reasons Why Alternatively the color scheme may suggest lots of violence—often along with the romance as in the books I mentioned above Second the title is The Syrian Virgin What is the operative word here You guessed it Virgin Syrian only adds additional illicitness to the title You know—“Ooh Middle Eastern affairs Hidden beauty and forbidden love Getting past the veil to that sultry ness Edgy” Third the author’s name is Zack Love and his last name is put in obvious proximity to the word Virgin I have nothing against his name but the cover designer really could have put extra effort into separating those two words were this not a steamy romance novel So there you have it In my opinion the color scheme the prominent words in the title and the placement of the author’s admittedly evocative last name contribute along with the cover images to the romantic appeal of the book There really is no other obvious potential audience for this book based on the coverI b The Table of Contents the Acknowledgment and the DedicationFirst of all the chapter titles alternate between Anissa and Julien This implies that this is a romance story that starts at chapter 13 how portentous There is no foreshadowing whatsoever about the actual contents of the book other than that admittedly superficial information Second the first words of the acknowledgment are “Publishing this book just two months after the story first came to me ” Okay So all I know about the book by the time I have looked at the cover the table of contents and the acknowledgement are that there is a heavy focus on romance and this was a hastily written book So far I have serious doubts about the lasting value of the story The Dedication though is the first real hint about the importance of the book’s content To the people of Syria The world let you down This is the first thing that hooked me an admitted reader of YA and children’s clean fantasy and realistic fiction 1010 points for a winning dedicationII uick SummaryAnissa is a young Christian woman who fled from Syria at the age of fourteen when her parents and brother were murdered by jihadists As a seventeen year old college student narrating to her diary the events of her life both past and present Anissa remains deeply haunted by the events of her childhood As she struggles to literally make the grade in her courses she searches for a way to work for her fellow Syrian Christians who are still being viciously persecuted At the same time she is searching for love and must decide between two very good prospects III And NowThe ContentThe hook is okay Italicized flashback—perhaps a tad clichéd but good Sentimentality abounds thoughI do have some uestions First of all after having suffered through so much would Anissa really go FacebookTwitter stalking for this guy she has a crush on She retweets she shares she posts and she is basically the ultimate social media activist Plus where is she getting all of her money She is seeing a therapist regularly and taking undoubtedly expensive martial arts classes for years but she doesn’t have a job She seems to have effortlessly assimilated into the American college culture despite the freuent mentions of her difficulties with the hyper sexualization of our culture There are just a lot of character inconsistencies In addition she is a beautiful genius haunted by her past going to a prestigious school while crushing on a dark smolderingly handsome polyglot genius with a similar backstory who is also getting his PhD while managing an activist group working “as a freelance journalist” owning a PR company training in martial arts and playing music She is also being lusted after for her beauty and unavailability and virginity and all that by her 41 year old genius and “ultimate bachelor” college professor who is also a billionaire genius with a troubled past and an addiction to 20 something girls maybe younger I’m sensing a pattern here There is only so much of this that I can realistically take and I am not convinced that this is in any way based in reality If it is I mourn for our culture’s understanding of reality The entire book in fact feels like a Harleuin novel that is playing on the current hot topics Of course I will readily admit that I have never read a Harleuin novel—but if this is anything like them I plan on keeping it that way I agree that the persecution of the Syrian Christians is abominable and needs to be addressed and abolished now—preferably years ago—but this book is much shallower than it pretends to be I also have two uestions If Anissa grew up in a devout Christian home in Syria where to be Christian is to have to be committed to the point of death howwhy did she a not know anything about the evolutionary model before entering the States especially in a relatively well off family that gave her lots of schooling remember that her sister was going to a music college the family had a maid and they also had enough savings to smuggle Anissa into the US illegally via Canada and provide a good amount of funds to start her off and b why did she automatically and unuestioningly accept it as soon as she entered the US school system even though it directly contrasts with a literal translation of the Biblical Creation Also I’m having a hard time believing that her mother would have sent Anissa off with the explicit instructions to retain her virginity for the right guy without emphasizing the importance of that same person’s religion It’s just that there are enough passages in the Bible emphasizing the importance of unity of faith within a marriage that I am not thoroughly convinced that Anissa’s mother—or even Anissa—doesn’t think of that aspect at all Besides in Christian doctrine marriage is a human sized picture of our relationship with God whereas there is nothing about that in The Sÿrian Virgin Personally I think that in that situation a Christian American would be better than a Syrian atheist or an American gnostic but maybe I am wrong Just some thoughtsAck This has been a really disorganized section Let’s just move on shall we I’m not going to finish the book anyway IV Overview of Book’s Overall ValueWell I gave this book my best shot I did I got 68% of the way through it—and it is my first Kindle book I just couldn’t take it any About the time that Anissa was getting all sexual and Julien was seriously considering accosting her I just couldn’t take finishing the book It is an R rated book in almost every way Plus Zack Love has an amateurish writing style with a lot of Tell Don’t Show with things that really matter and a lot of Show Don’t Tell for all of the R rated sexual sections II just can’t Really I can’t finish this The book’s contents fulfill all of promises of the cover the table of contents and the acknowledgment It’s relatively well researched but the characters are flat and unrealistic with little genuine character development and impact on me as a reader and I was never hooked into the plot In addition Zack Love seems to be genuinely struggling with the Syrian conflict which is basically taking a backseat to the love triangle To be fair he tries so hard to raise awareness of the issues that the media is deliberately ignoring but in an ironic twist the Syrian holocaust keeps taking second place to the truly icky romances going on The Syrian virgin seems to be heading toward being torn between her 41 year old billionaire adulterous psychology professor and the eually intelligent and egotistical boyfriend who has also had multiple affairs Neither one of them is Christian whereas I would suspect that a girl of Anissa’s background would be specifically looking for someone who shares her religious beliefs Actually I can’t believe that her faithful and loving mother would not have specified the importance of looking for and marrying a Christian For a book about a Syrian Christian and her purity there is a marked lack of actual Christian values being held I guess that I did not find myself really enlightened by reading this book and I was disgusted than anything by the increasingly explicit sexuality I uit when that started getting pretty strong but even though I am truly concerned about the events in the Middle East and think that needs to be done to work for our brothers and sisters in Christ this book does not meet these needs but rather seems like it compounds them by placing a high emphasis on the love triangle and Anissa’s need to lose her virginity or some such balderdash

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Can't extract Anissa's heart and her communal ties pull her in different directions as she seeks hope and renewal in a dark world Anissa of Syria might be compared to The Kite Runner Exodus and The Diary of Anne FrankNOTE This is a clean read edition of The Syrian Virgin ie this version has no profanity and just a few brief scenes of minimally described intimacy without reference to any explicit details or sexual anatomy Due to war themes this book is not recommended for readers unde. Provocative and unforgettable The Syrian Virgin is unlike any romance I have read to date In my beloved but wildly uneven genre of escapist fiction I was thrilled to find this intelligent well written and informative love story I’m adding this book to my list of favorites which predominantly features works by Penny Reid and Amy HarmonMy newest “go to” author Zack Love is a masterful and meticulous storyteller From word one his exceptional writing commanded my complete focus and I became immersed in his compelling and at times adrenalin pumping plot He embraced my need to understand his distinctive complex characters and their motivations and surprisingly brought me to a refreshed desire for knowledge about important global news Significantly the book’s dedication reads “To the people of Syria The world let you down” The premise and unfolding of The Syrian Virgin imparts a message of great import and an implicit collective call to action if only to pay closer attention to the world stage Its message however is not in any way preachy or religion based Having read this book I am changed forever and for better For that FIVE STARS seems exceedingly inadeuateTopical and eminently contemporary this story shines a light on Anissa a brave smart and resilient Christian Syrian woman who escapes unimaginable terror in her homeland to begin anew as a student at Columbia She becomes enad of two potential love interestsMichael a larger than life leader and activist determined to save the persecuted peoples in the Middle East and Julien an outwardly successful professorbusiness mogul and committed bachelor haunted by his own childhood terrors and a personal nihilism I’m not usually a fan of love triangles but this one is unusual and it really works I can completely understand Anissa’s dilemma and dual attractioneach magnetic man in high contrast to each other via circumstance and personality offers her understanding appreciation and a means although vastly different to help her family and people in Syria Anissa is not indecisive; she is however thoughtful and thorough in examining her feelings and motivation to do what is right and good She’s not perfect but still earns my admiration and investment in her happy ending I enjoyed witnessing her character become confident and charismatic as she realizes her potential and her power The story will continue in a seuel Anissa’s Redemption to be released in early spring 2015 A dangling storyline can be a deal breaker for me but in this case I was left with less of a cliffhanger induced frustration and of an opportunity to absorb the complexities of Anissa’s choices and to contemplate possibilities for her future The Syrian Virgin ends at a logical moment in the plot progression with enough information to leave me satisfied but also excited for the resolution of this remarkable taleI recommend The Syrian Virgin without reservation If you’re like me your only complaint will be not having read it sooner

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Anissa of Syria The Love of Antioch #1Bewildered and lost but hopeful for a better life in a new landAnissa is soon drawn to of Syria The Love of MOBI #194 two powerful individuals Michael Kassab the Syrian American leader working to found the first Mideast Christian state and Julien Morales her Columbia University professor who runs a billion hedge fundComplicating matters Michael is still attached to his ex girlfriend and Julien is the most sought after bachelor in Manhattan and has hidden demons that even his therapist. This review can originally be found on Olivia's Catastrophe Thank you to the author for the review copyThis book was pretty good It was written in diary format with two alternating points of view but mainly Anissa’s I really liked the main character Anissa She was a brave girl someone who was hard working and determined to not let the society she ended up in sway her judgment and her own morals She wasn’t someone who conformed to other people and you know how much I respect that So awesome main character hereNonetheless this book kind of bordered on having a love triangle It never veered that way completely but it dabbled in the idea of having one In the second book there will be one I think the love triangle will be clearer and important For now if you are a love triangle hater than you needn’t worry ;Sometimes when I read this I felt like it was a bit of an important dump Like we were being shot a lot of information all at once just so we could learn about Syria and like there wasn’t enough fiction thrown in to disguise it There was a lot of emotion in this novel too especially because it is a situation that causes me to empathise I felt like the author could’ve added even in there in placesMichael was a character I didn’t like too much Mainly because of some opinions he holds to later on and I didn’t like his reasoning for breaking up with his original girlfriend At first I liked him and then that gradually chipped away the we learned I feel like this was exactly how Anissa felt in some places as well though which is why this might just be some effective writing Julian was also very open with his therapist You should always be because they need to know everything possible about you But there is a line there and I am not sure people would’ve shared that in real lifeThis was also a very philosophic read which made me think in places making it memorable I wondered how far should we be prepared to go for a good cause This is something that is debated in the novel and it made me think about how far I would go It’s one of the things I loved about it This was based off of real happenings in a way that made me think about the book and remember it after I had closed the book itselfThere were some sexual mentions in the story and some randomly explicit moments but not too many I think this book was mostly focused on Anissa trying to find out her purpose and whowhat would get her there It doesn't focus too much on the religionThe ending was abrupt as if it was simply cut off I know there will be a seuel but it would’ve been nice for it to have been tied up a bit nicer Overall a good informative and thoughtful reader I wonder what part two has in store