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Free read Ô Dream On Amber Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ê [Ebook] ➦ Dream On Amber By Emma Shevah – My name is Amber Alessandra Leola Kimiko Miyamoto I have no idea why my parents gave me all those hideous names but they must have wanted to ruin my life and you know what They did an amazOr her little sister’s birthday So Amber will have to dream up a way for the Miyamoto sisters to make it on their own“A beautifully written story” The Independent“One of those books that you simply won’t want to put downfive out of five stars” The Guardian. I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewLet me start by saying Dream On Amber isn't a bad book it just completely missed the mark for me I like to read a Middle Grade book now and then as the plot and characters focus on very different things than other age categories I usually read MG with some sort of fantasy or paranormal plot lots of action etc Dream on Amber is a contemporary Middle Grade book I am not sure if it's the genre or just book but this book didn't work for me Dream On Amber is about a half Italian half Japanese girl called Amber who hates her name hates how she looks and how short she is wants a new phone can't stand anything that's gross misses her dad is an artist and has trouble starting her new school It was kinda cute but annoying at the same time It was hard to relate to Amber as it's been a long time ago since I was eleven Amber was a bit whiny at times with how she wanted new things and she ran into some problems and made up an imaginary dad to cope with things I thought it was realistic but even so it just didn't work for me Towards the end she does a few things that did make me like her a bit she showed love and appreciation for her other family members and does something niceAs Dream on Amber was fairly short I did decide to finish the book and I really wanted to know how it would end and find out why her dad had gone away Sadly we never get the answer to that uestion I can understand why the mother didn't tell her kids at that time the famous I'll tell you when you're older and you'll understand sentence was used but as a reader I wanted to know where their dad was I wanted to know whether he had died they got divorced or if he really was out there saving the world I felt a bit sad for the characters things aren't easy for them but maybe I felt most sorry for their mom Handling two young kids all alone can be hard and it makes me appreciate my own mom a bit knowing she went through that as wellI think my main problem with Dream On Amber was that I felt too old for it I couldn't relate to Amber her problems about her dad and school and not having a phone I know I've been that age and worried about things like that as well well beside for the phone we only had old phones back then and as soon as I started high school I got a phone I just didn't connect with the characters and the story meanders through their normal live Amber her problems get solved eventually and they was a sweet scene with her sister at the end but overall I think this just wasn't a book for me To summarize Dream On Amber follows the normal life of Amber who grew up without a dad struggles with not belonging fitting in and I felt like the book adeuately represented kids of that age but I had a hard time relating to Amber as it's been a long time ago I was her age Overal I just felt too old for this book And I didn't like how we never learned what happened to their dad if you are looking for a cute diverse middle grade book about daily school and family life this is the book for you I think it's a great book for kids it just wasn't for me

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My name is Amber Alessandra Leola Kimiko Miyamoto I have no idea why my parents gave me all those hideous names but they must have wanted to ruin my life and you know what They did an amazing jobAs a half Japanese half Italian girl with a ridiculous name Amber’s not. I picked this book up on a whim with a narrator like Ambra Alessanara Leola Kimiko Miyamoto Amber for short I just couldn’t resist Barely three pages in and I knew this was going to be a one sitting read – I was rightAmber is a very endearing character She’s half Italian half Japanese and a whole lot of confused Her father left when she was 6 but she’s not exactly sure why because her mother doesn’t talk about itBetween trying to get to grips with her new school and figuring out how to deal with that ‘awesome brilliant idea’ Amber had for her little sister which turned out not to be so awesome she’s under a lot of pressureDream On Amber is a lovely book Amber’s narration is so enjoyable you’ll be halfway through the story before you even realise

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Dream On AmberFeeling molto bene very good about making friends at her Dream On Kindle new schoolBut the hardest thing about being Amber is that a part of her is missing Her dad He left when she was little and he isn't coming back Not for her first day of middle school and not f. Won in the First Reads giveawayWas sweet and funny The illustrations were adorable