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characters Essie's Roses ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Essie's Roses By Michelle Muriel ✐ – #1 bestseller Readers' Favorite Silver Medal Winner Best Southern Fiction A sweeping moving historical novel set before the Civil War about secrets freedom and the poHer father’s small cotton plantation Delly her sassy and beloved house slave Essie Mae her slave girl and Evie Winthrop Katherine’s only child Essie’s Roses tells of forbidden relationships flourishing in secret behind Westland’s protective trees and treasured rosesAfter scandal befalls Westland Evie and Essie aged nineteen travel to Richmond Virginia to escape their abusive pasts There they face the gross indecencies and divisions leading to the War Between the States Though the horrors of slavery and discrimination prompt action Evie and Essie’s struggles lie within The secrets they hold and the pain of. I truly enjoyed Essie's Roses From the very first chapter I was hooked It was very hard for me to put the book down because I wanted to see what happened nextI felt pulled into the story The images created by the author made the story come to life for me I felt like I was there By far one of the most enjoyable books I have read in a long time

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Bestseller Readers' Favorite Silver Medal Winner Best Southern Fiction A sweeping moving historical novel set before the Civil War about secrets freedom and the power of loveGrowing up in the Deep South during the years leading to the Civil War two young girls find freedom on a hillside overlooking Westland an Alabama plantation Essie Mae an intuitive intelligent slave girl and Evie Winthrop the sheltered imaginative dreamer and planter’s daughter strike up a secret friendship that thrives amidst the shadows of abuseTold from the viewpoint of four women Katherine Winthrop kind mistress and unexpected heiress to. Essie's Roses is the poignant story of 2 young girls who are best friends one white and one black living on a plantation in Alabama in the mid 1800s Evie and Essie Mae were born on the same day although Essie was the daughter of a slave and Evie the only child of the owner of the plantation The book takes you through their births and on into young adulthood following both of them on their sometimes horrific journey Each chapter is narrated by a different character; Essie Evie Evie's mother Katherine and the house slave who raises Essie after her mother dies in childbirth Delly It was wonderful how in each chapter the narrator's voice changes so distinctly revealing their education or lack of education as well as their own uniue viewpoints The author did a wonderful job of immersing us in the time period using language and dialogue as it would have been over 150 years ago Ultimately it is the story of these 2 young girls who are lifelong friends despite all the obstacles and reasons why they should never have become friends at all Each of them has dreams and each of them has suffered For although Essie Mae cannot be free because of her status in life Evie has chains of her own which threaten to keep her from being free as well You will laugh you will cry you will experience so many different emotions You will be hooked from beginning to end but you will want to stop and savor each word stopping to smell the roses

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Essie's RosesThe past lead them away from one another and back home againA story about a black slave who frees a white woman Essie’s Roses reveals the diverse meanings of freedom the significance of a dream and the power of love In their efforts to save each other will the women of Westland find the true freedom they desireImpressively well written from beginning to end Essie's Roses is an inherently absorbing and skillfully presented read establishing author Michelle Muriel as an exceptionally talented novelist Midwest Book Review tremendously impressive debut novel A richly moving reading experience Historical Novel Societ. Riveting Insightful Heartfelt A Beautiful Read I Loved It