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FREE READ × The Contract Á ➼ The Contract Free ➲ Author Avril Tremayne – Learning the art of seduction has never been so much funLane Davis has never had time for love Hard work dedication and focus got her through uni and now she's a successful economist with ualification Learning the art of seduction has neverE decides it's time to upskill She's always studied her way to success so why not hire a teacher to help her out now It's just a business deal three months of private tutoring no strings attached Easy or it would be if the lessons didn't make her weak at the knees Her proposed teacher Ada. This is a fun and sexy romance story of Lane a 23 year old redhead who is unlucky in love and inexperienced in the bedroom and seeks the services of a man to teach her the art of seduction Lane signs up her best friend's brother Adam to be her teacher Then the fun begins This story starts similar to Fifty Shades Of Grey in regards to signing a contract for sex but that's where the similarities end between these 2 books This book was really entertaining funny and well writtenLane and Adam fall for each other but neither will admit it I loved the fast paced sexy goings on in the book but towards the end I was wondering how much longer I could stand them being in love and not admitting it I'm glad it was uite a short book as the story didn't evolve much from the two characters and the contractThis book also contains the best line I have ever read in a book She'd embarrassed herself enough for one night oozing at him like an overripe Camembert cheese Being a cheese lover I found this absolutely hilarious I recommend this book to chick lit fans that like their romance with some hot and steamy loving thrown in and for men who'd like to learn a thing or two about seducing a woman


Learning the art of seduction has never been so much funLane Davis has never had time for love Hard work dedication and focus got her through uni and now she's a successful economist with ualifications in all areas except the bedroomWhen a colleague airs those bedroom sheets in public Lan. This is a fun romance that won’t stretch your brain cells too much and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing because sometimes that’s exactly what you need in a book a little bit of light escapismThe contract as mentioned in the title is for the hero to teach our heroine how to be good in bed Therefore to be honest the whole book is basically one sex scene after another All the sex scenes are well written consensual and sometimes humorous so again I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad thing I didn’t notice the book was marketed towards young adults until after I finished it and I must say I don’t think it fits into that genre I suppose I was reading Mills Boons under the covers probably from the age of 14 or so but Obviously I’m an old prude now and would recommend for someone at least 18 It might explain the new cover which I thought seemed to be too ‘young’ for the actual book when I saw itI wonder if the writer actually altered the characters’ ages after her initial draft to fit in with the publisher’s desire to make it young adult because most of the time I was thinking the whole plot would have worked much better if the leads were at least in their 30s I love the Australian setting and the fact that we have that setting without a farm for once Given that the American spelling on my version was a little distracting at times but I will assume my copy is what will be published there Really there were no major flaws in the book though and these are all minor gripes It was a uick fun read and I’ll definitely be reading of Ms Tremayne’s books4 out of 5 Call me stupid but I've just found out the difference between young adult and new adult Yes I'm dumb and too old to fall into either category So I assume advertisers might be aiming this book towards the new adult market and it would suit


The ContractM uinn has his own agenda His sister one of Lane's best friends wants him to scare Lane into giving up her crazy scheme But once he meets Lane he can't uite bring himself to reject herIf Adam's going to teach Lane just one thing it's that love can get in the way of even the best intention. What can I say I liked Adam and Lane's chemistry a lot Good chemistry can make or break a book What I didn't likeEach one's ignorance of the other's feelings was frustrating to the end And there was an icky thin line between their agreement and prostitution But she's paying him for LESSONS and he doesn't really NEED the money HmmmmWhat I did likeIt was a very uick easy read I thought they were hot together And there were some really sweet scenes The frustrating bits didn't trip me up in my reading So yay Final point This read way like an adult contemporary romance than a New Adult Yeah they're in their 20's but they both have established careers If I didn't see New Adult on the cover I would've never categorized it as such