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Characters á Longing Orgasmic Texas Dawn #2 108

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And beyondFor Kieran the shocking discovery that his own father may be deeply involved Longing Orgasmic PDFEPUBin the cartel is the worst kind of betrayal Now neither Kieran nor Jubilee know whom to trust as it becomes clear that the cartel has a powerful grip on. This was a great book Definitely kept the momentum as the first and kept me at the edge of my seat

Summary Longing Orgasmic Texas Dawn #2

Longing Orgasmic Texas Dawn #2Many influential people around themAnd soon Kieran must make a decision should he surrender to his burgeoning feelings for Jubilee and trust him or will Orgasmic Texas Dawn MOBI #238 he maintain his emotional distance and continue longing for the man of his dreams. My two new favorite cops are back – and the ride is just as wild as in the first installment of their adventure The combination of a Canadian ex undercover cop who had an ill advised affair with a drug lord and is now lying low in Texas and an American US Marshal goes from strength to strength in this second book Sure they have their moments but they are each good at what they do so working a case together should not be too problematic – that is the theory at leastJubilee has battles to fight both on the personal front and in his professional life His ex fiancée Darlene may be a marshal but she doesn’t get the message or has a thing for gay men whichever one it is she was a constant thorn in my side Jubilee manages to fight her off as he is very clear about his preferences and the one for Kieran just keeps growing Professionally the situation with the drug cartel gets a lot worse and Jubilee is than grateful for Kieran's help At least he can trust the man which is than he can say for some of his colleaguesKieran may have decided to take the assignment in Texas to get away from the mess he left behind after his affair with the drug lord but becoming Lone Trail's sheriff is another matter Or is it In the end whatever it takes to solve the case and get the bad guys is good enough for him so he jumps into his newest adventure head first and finds he has energy to spare He will need than that to deal with the revelation that his long lost father may be one of the criminalsThe amazing cast of supporting characters is back as well Ranging from hilarious to so annoying I wanted to strangle them they add a uniue flavor to Jubilee and Kieran's story The highly entertaining banter between Kieran and Jubilee is as wonderful as their tender moments If you're looking for the hot continuation of the first volume uniue characters a new mystery to solve and new criminals to catch then this might be the book for youNOTE This book was provided by Amber Allure for the purpose of a review

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Characters á Longing Orgasmic Texas Dawn #2 108 ✓ [EPUB] ✼ Longing Orgasmic Texas Dawn #2 ❁ A.J. Llewellyn – Canadian cop Kieran Fox and US Marshal Jubilee Mason fight their growing mutual attraction as they deal with a new menace to life in Lone Trail Texasa cartel trafficking dangerous Canadian cop Kieran Fox and Texas Dawn eBook #8608 US Marshal Jubilee Mason fight their growing mutual attraction as they deal with a new menace to life in Lone Trail Texasa cartel trafficking dangerous home brewed drugs and distributing them throughout the state. The continuing story of Jubilee and KieranThis book takes up where book 1 leaves off They are still investigating the drug cartel and fighting the attraction betweenKieran is out but Jubilee coming from and living in Texas is in the closet and throughout the book Kieran has difficulties with Jubilee being in the closet Both men love each other bu Jubilee is unwilling to open the doorsI liked this second book The mystery continued to grow and I liked the development of the relationship between the 2 menI will definitely read book 3