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review Far From Streets 100 À [PDF / Epub] ☉ Far From Streets Author Michael Griffin – Modern life constricts The swarming city homogenous suburbs Overscheduled lives accumulate layers of obligation We add of what we think life should contain until we can't stand it all The clutter of l Modern life constricts The swarming city The mirror Our surroundings become strange The end comes rushingFar From Streets combines influences such as Von Trier's Antichrist and Blackwood's The Willows into a confrontational psychodrama of craving and repulsion emotional drift and dislocation set deep in the Cascade Mountain forests of Oreg. “We can’t spend our lives in between” Married couple Dane and Carolyn take the road less travelled losing track of life and with Griffin’s measured precise presentation the sway of Time splitting the seams that connect modern convenience with personal happiness and even sanity Dane’s uest for a simpler life wrought in the bones and atavistic at heart disintegrates for both of them into a harrowing nightmare of decay and malaise all within a house in the woods and the surrounding mysteries of a forest as much a character in the tale as Dane and Carolyn Psychological devastation has never been as subtle Michael Griffin’s Far From Streets is a 21st century modern classic of the Weird a tale I’m sure would meet with Algernon Blackwood’s approval Griffin is putting together a collection as I type this I cannot wait to read it John Claude Smith

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Modern life constricts The swarming city homogenous suburbs Overscheduled lives accumulate layers of obligation We add of what we think life should contain until we can't stand it all The clutter of life starts grinding us away We dream of escape a simpler life among open spaces Forests and rivers M. One of the meatier novellas from Dunhams Manor Press imprint of Dynatox Ministries is Mike Griffin's Far From Streets The back cover compares the books to Von Trier's Antichrist and Blackwood's The Willows both of which are apt The novella focuses on a married couple who inherit a large piece of land rather deep in the wilderness The wife would rather sell it and move into an even nicer suburban home but the husband sees the inheritance as an escape a chance to build a cabin and cut himself off from the 9 5 world They attempt a compromise the husband builds a cabin and reality itself seems to unravel Griffin excels at writing personal relationships The joys the strains the beauty and the ugliness are all shown in great detail The book is about obsession and relationships as much as it's about the difference between suburbia and the wilderness and manages to be far than just a surreal creep out fest because of this Griffin becomes and impressive and this is my favorite work of his to date

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Far From StreetsOuntain wildernessReverence for nature balances against the terror of isolation Mutual dependency leads to resentment Our fondest dreams drag us toward places that threaten our very survival When Far From ePUB #186 the last remaining tether is cut time spins away We no longer recognize ourselves in. Another home run from Michael Griffin His story Diamond Dust was one of my favorites in THE GRIMSCRIBE'S PUPPETS the Thomas Ligotti tribute anthology that won a Shirley Jackson Award last year In FAR FROM STREETS Griffin shows the same insight into troubled personal relationships and high strangeness but switches the industrial setting of Diamond Dust for the primal woods of his native Pacific NorthwestAs FAR FROM STREETS progresses the unexplained looms larger and larger The narrative becomes hazier and a sense of not rightness becomes pervasive Reading this in bed late last night I started to get that subtly anxious confused waking nightmare feeling that usually comes to me with reading the aforementioned Ligotti That doesn't happen for me very oftenLike the best weird fiction FAR FROM STREETS grounds the Otherness in a solid bedrock of believability with characters who seem like actual people with relatable problems and vivid descriptions of the wilderness and suburbs where much of the story takes place Griffin is as adept at writing passages of daily domestic life as he is at bringing down the hammer of cosmic horror and the dynamic and dialog between the two main characters reminded me of Nathan Ballingrud at times Other parts of the story caused thoughts of Laird Barron and Richard Gavin to burble up though my brain This is all high praise as those are three authors I both enjoy and highly respectAll that said I feel like I need to read the book again to fully pick up on everything that happens To his credit Griffin does not spell everything out and I finished the book with a few uestions that a re read might answer Or maybe not That is one of the attractions of this kind of story to me the ambiguity and uncertainty Just like life itselfIf you have read and enjoyed any of the other authors I mentioned above there is an very good chance will like this book FAR FROM STREETS is already sold out but I'm sure it will be included in Griffin's first collection a book I hope to see sooner than later