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FREE READ » Rising Strong Ë ➸ [Reading] ➺ Rising Strong By Brené Brown ➭ – The physics of vulnerability is simple If we are brave enough often enough we will fall The author of Daring Greatly and The Gifts of Imperfection tells us what it takes to get back up and how owning The physics of vulnerability iNew ending Struggle Brené Brown writes can be our greatest call to courage and rising strong our clearest path to deeper meaning wisdom and hope. Brown a ualitative researcher in the field of social work encourages readers to embrace vulnerability and transform failure and shame through a simple process of re evaluating the stories we tell ourselves The gimmicky terminology and freuent self referencing grated on me a bit but I appreciated how the book made me reconsider events from my own life It’s the ideas that carry Rising Strong so as long as you come to it expecting a useful tool rather than a literary experience you shouldn’t be disappointed Genuinely helpful self helpSee my full review at The BookbagRelated reading• Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott• Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert• Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin

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N tells us what it takes to get back up and how owning our stories of disappointment failure and heartbreak gives us the power to write a daring. Transformative This book is a way with handling emotions that come up in life When we feel an emotion like anger or shame there is something behind this being triggered This is a way of working through those emotions Brene is an excellent storyteller She has done a ton of research on the issues and collected 1000s of stories from her life and others over the years In this one she talks of an experience at Pixar It was a neat story She talks about the 2nd act of a story It's dark and usually not fun and we can't skip it It's difficult and hard to go through She says the protagonist tries everything to solve the problem in their life from a comfortable place By the 3rd act the protagonist realizes that they have to face the problem in a place that is not comfortable We have to embrace discomfort to finally solve the problem What a big lesson that is I am pretty normal in the fact that I do everything to avoid discomfort and dealing with it I try and put things off and not deal head on with a problem until I simply have to It is not the spiritual way to deal with life's issues She also speaks of Joseph Campbell's Hero of a 1000 Faces I want to read this book and I love this idea of myths Our life story is a hero's journeyShe also speaks to bravery Being brave is facing our shame and dealing with our emotions Going to this dark place and letting these emotions speak to us this is bravery and courage I would agree with her She has so much in this book I mean there is good stuff in this book I need to read this book about 5 times at least to let it sink in I love her work and I need to learn this I am so stressed with school right now and I'm emotionally having a difficult time with everything I'm having to do I need to do some work like this to help move some inner stuff I feel very stagnant on the inside and emotionally I need to move this and get it out I think that is why I need goodreads I write about 3 reviews or less a day and it is a way I can get some things out at times like this emailMuch of the things she speaks to in this book are issues I'm dealing with right now I really needed this story at this time It was just what I needed I hope I can put into place some of what she spoke too I need to start journaling again and getting things out so my pain and story doesn't own me I don't want own my pain I want to discharge it and move on I feel like this work has religious overtimes All the great religions in the world are working with these themes Forgiveness and loving yourself They are trying to get at what Brene is talking about from a research perspective This is a lovely book and anyone looking for personal growth can find this helpful

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Rising StrongThe physics of vulnerability is simple If we are brave enough often enough we will fall The author of Daring Greatly and The Gifts of Imperfectio. I finally had to give up on this book I was going to try to make it to the end but I couldn't do it any after I got through the second to last chapter of this tiresome volume of 100 proof arrogance Brown's Rising purports to be a self help book about getting over life's adversities but it never delivers Instead Brown writes a series of non event anecdotes from her boring privileged life as a social work teacher at the University of Houston she's married to a pediatrician including such episodes as being upset when she couldn't get a book deal right away being irritated by a woman who wrote a snippy email to her after a speaking engagement getting into inconseuential arguments with her husband and accidentally picking up a pile of trash that had well than trash in it She also tells us about how she cries in her therapist's office a lotShe takes about 300 pages to get across an important but very simple point don't be afraid of your feelings Huge epiphany You'd have to be the most spiritually emotionally repressed person on earth to think this book is revelatory in any wayHere's my favorite uote from the book Do I believe serial killers and terrorists are doing the best they can YesYou really don't need to read the whole book now It's possible Brown's other books and TED talks were really good; otherwise I don't see how this one would have gotten published If they were on par with this one there's no way we'd even know who she is