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The Shore Summary ↠ 104

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The ShoreTy and addiction to secure a sense of well being for themselves and for those they loveTogether their stories form a deeply affecting legacy of two barrier island families illuminating years of their many freedoms and constraints heartbreaks and pleasures Conjuring a wisdom and beauty all its own The Shore is a richly uniue stunning novel that will resonate with readers long after turning its final pages establishing Sara Taylor as a promising new voice in ficti. Oh man It sucks to be poor And generational poverty Sucks even These interconnected stories are bleak and compelling Bloodlines are blurred violence is certain and the shore is where it all transpires Grit lit You've been warned

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A place they've inhabited fled and returned to for hundreds of years From a half Shawnee Indian's bold choice to flee an abusive home only to find herself with a man who will one day try to kill her to a brave young girl's determination to protect her younger sister as methamphetamine ravages their family to a lesson in summoning storm clouds to help end a drought these women struggle against domestic violence savage wilderness and the corrosive effects of pover. Southern grit lit at its best If you like generations of a very disturbed and disturbing family in your reading selections this fits the bill Murder mayhem mysticism meth heads and malevolence fill the chaptersThe lay out of the chapters really interconnected vignettes would be what I first disliked and then ended up much appreciating by the end This book makes your brain work Something like 20 characters are introduced at different points in their lives not chronologically and without much explanation of to whom or how they are related Since neither my ARC nor my ebook included a family tree in the front I think the finished book does I took many notes on each chapter and referred back often It became an adventure and a uniue experience trying to figure out how each piece of the puzzle fit together And by the end chapters keeping track of the people was no longer a problemThe Shore's remote setting three islands that are part of Chesapeake Bay in Virginia is the real star with oyster shell paved paths and an underlying wildness that its inhabitants have inheritedThe ARC I received from LibraryThing literally fell apart after one chapter thus the delay in my ability to read and review this until it became available on NetGalley But from that first chapter I was intent on finishing the book an original debut sure to put Sara Taylor's name among the greats of this genre

Summary The Shore

The Shore Summary ↠ 104 À ❴PDF❵ ✓ The Shore Author Sara Taylor – Welcome to The Shore a collection of small islands sticking out from the coast of Virginia into the Atlantic Ocean Where clumps of evergreens meet wild ponies oyster shell roads tumble down houses unw Welcome to The Shore a collection of smWelcome to The Shore a collection of small islands sticking out from the coast of Virginia into the Atlantic Ocean Where clumps of evergreens meet wild ponies oyster shell roads tumble down houses unwanted pregnancies murder storm making and dark magic in the marshes Situated off the coast of Virginia's Chesapeake Bay the group of islands known as the Shore has been home to generations of fierce and resilient women Sanctuary to some but nightmare to others it's. I don't read short stories as a rule and I know I am missing out on some really good writing but once in a while I take the leap especially if the stories are connected That's the next best thing to a novel for me and this collection felt like a novel sort of It would have felt so if the stories in this book were in chronological order ; then the changes in the narratives spanning over 250 years might not have been as confusing However the appearance of people mentioned in one story in another story which takes places years or a century before was a clever mechanism that hooked me The structure of the book made for a little work to piece things together and several times I had to move back and forth between stories to confirm the link It does however come full circle in a way with the character of Chloe from the first disturbingly and devastatingly sad story There are many characters in the these stories but from beginning to end it was Chloe's story for me I'm not sure there's an ounce of joy anywhere in this book with maybe the exception of the last pages If there was any earlier I surely missed it among the depressing sad lives of the people that inhabit The Shore consisting of three islands off the coast of Virginia and spanning the years 1876 2043 One finds brutal realities here revenge murders meth and physical abuse as wives and children are beaten and women are raped There's black magic healing and a recurring theme of unplanned unwanted pregnancies Pretty heavy duty stuff but if you can go on after the reading the first chapter which gave me pause you'll be rewarded with descriptive writing taking you into the desolate places in the lives of these characters with the creativity of the storytellingThis is not for the faint of heart It's dark and brutal but I can't help but feel that there is writing here worthy of our attention and if you make it through to the ending chapters you might like I did find a an ounce of hopeThanks to Crown Publishing and NetGalley