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Chasing the Dragon review ↠ 103

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Chasing the Dragon review ↠ 103 ´ ✅ Chasing the Dragon PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Kate Sherwood – When mercenary Jack Hunter stumbles upon Christian Manning servicing a client in a back alley it stirs feelings he’s kept deeply buried Hunter becomes Christian's knight in shining armor when he res When mercenarWhen mercenary Jack Hunter stumbles upon Christian Manning servicing a client Chasing the MOBI #194 in a back alley it stirs feelings he’s kept deeply buried Hunter becomes Christian's knight in shining armor when he rescues him from an attack and takes him to his secluded cabin to heal Being stuck in the cabin over the winter gives both. This story took me to plot directions that I didn't see coming added with characters with emotional baggage and messy relationship progress In other words this was MY kind of book and I loved every minute of itIt wasn't perfect I did have complaints but in the general sense this was the kind of story that I just ate up completely See I’m always in favor for stories with complicated relationships It doesn't have to be in the form of being abused or suffering major trauma simply people that are complex that are flawed that have problems connecting with others Stories like those make me FEEL And my what a treat I got from Hunter and Christian here Yes there was another plot that dealt with the danger coming from Hunter’s company that one provided the action and suspense and helped bring our men together but it was that push pull relationship between Hunter and Christian that kept me glued to my KindleThe story consists of three parts Part 1 is when Hunter and Christian meet for the first time and Hunter takes Christian to his cabin in order to help break Christian’s heroin addiction Part 2 is when Hunter and Christian meet again after three years Part 3 is the aftermath of the climax at the end of Part 2I thought the biggest twist would be the end of Part 1 where Christian did something that some readers would find unforgivable – and probably at that point would DNF the story or promise bodily harm to Christian then rate the book 1 2 stars However for me that was the turning point that made me wonder how Christian would redeem himself I didn't see it as betrayal I saw it as a stupid action resulting from Christian’s inability to know how to deal with someone caring for himIt was a mess but my GOD it was good In fact I thought that point was where this story raced to the 4 stars category Before that this story was just another case of a mercenary falling in love with a rent boy I cringed when Hunter seemed to fall in love with Christian that easilyAfter that it was a case of watching how these two men found their way back overcoming Hunter’s anger and hurt and Christian trying to redeem himself It was wonderful how Ms Sherwood dealt with these men’s inability to say what they were thinking and feeling but without making it felt like the ‘big misunderstanding’ themeI have one complaint I thought Hunter fell in love with Christian way too uickly I guess I just didn't see ‘how’ he could Was it because Hunter saw Christian as someone to save Was it because Christian was the first boy he had emotional contact with I guess it was easier to understand Christian’s progress to fall in love with Hunter due to his process of growing up and redeeming himselfI also wished that Ms Sherwood wrote that big final confrontation between Christian and the people from the company coming to kill them It was my personal need of having a big action seuence So when it wasn't there it made me slightly disappointedOverall this was a great read for me

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Men a chance to get their lives in order Christian is struggling to break his heroin addiction and Hunter needs to get away from the organization he helped start years before a group of people who don’t appreciate being told no It’s a toss up which goal is difficult Their new starts spark a relationship between them but nothing good come. wow I was so in love with this Kate is a brilliant writer and will still be an autobuy for me but I'm NO prude I can forgive a TON of shit and I'm a total angst whore But Christian was unforgivable what he did was irredeemable and I thought Hunter was an idiot for going back for a second round While I won't call it cheating and I know Christian had his reasons FUCKING MY SISTER IN FRONT OF ME on purpose makes you the sleaziest bastard ever Young and dumb Yes Christian was definitely that But fuck him I could have gotten over fucking a friend or disappearing but barebacking my sister No

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Chasing the DragonS cheap Despite the complications Hunter wants but Christian is resistant to making that commitment When Hunter’s private security company threatens them only nurturing the fragile trust they formed at the beginning of their love affair will save them But for two men with very dark pasts relying on each other might be easier said than done. This book was so damn good I think it's probably my favorite book from Kate Sherwood since Dark Horse I love both MCs Their stories were so interesting apart and then they're thrown together like this double whammy of goodness Ex military and heroin addict just sounds awesome to me You begin the book thinking Christian has hit rock bottom and Hunter is saving him That's just the tip of the iceberg They give into lust and start to fall in love and then BAM Christian breaks your heart and truly hits rock bottomSome people may find what he does unforgivable I am not one of those people I love when an author can redeem a character in my mind and it's not always easy I cried when I read the hated scene It crushed me right along with Hunter BUT Christian turns it around He goes to frankly insane lengths to get a chance to apologize and see Hunter again I thought it was beautiful The tension built up after this was so good You feel it Disappointment and anger at Christian You feel awful and heartbroken for Hunter This should be the end of them but I was practically salivating for them to reunite I knew it was going to be amazing There's so much action in this story Both kinds The sex is intense and emotional I just love these two together I think Hunter just brings something so good and stable to the relationship at first Christian is a mess but he learns so much from his time with Hunter at the cabin He's an addict They do stupid shit We all know that The point is he turns it around and becomes a man worthy to stand at Hunter's side Something he never really felt he was I LOVED this book I highly recommend it Bump it up on your TBR list