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READ ☆ Lifting the Veil VeilDixon Security #1

SUMMARY Lifting the Veil VeilDixon Security #1

READ ☆ Lifting the Veil VeilDixon Security #1 µ ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Lifting the Veil VeilDixon Security #1 By Kate Allenton ❤ – Unemployed accountant Sophie Masterson never dreams that a trip to Salem on Halloween night will change her life forever When a birthday gift of a psychic readinSe gone cold there is little he can do to dissuade her from investigating Attempting to keep her clairvoyant abilities a secret Sophie Masterson thrusts herself into a cold case where the dead are multiplying the clues are disappearing and the hunky cop assigned to play babysitter is a nonbeliever She doesn’t hold out much hope for solving the case much less keeping her secret especially when the dead seek her out to tell their tales When Sophie plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with winner takes all it’s no longer the dead that scare her but Jack Love Surviving with her heart intact now ranks at the top of her lis. Fun story about a young woman who is just coming into her psychic powers and doesn't know how to control them or use them


Unemployed accountant Sophie Masterson Veil VeilDixon Epub #219 never dreams that a trip to Salem on Halloween night will change her life forever When a birthday gift of a psychic reading is thrust upon her by her best friend Sophie has no choice but to play along She wants the winning lottery numbers but instead receives something far ominous a warning of Lifting the MOBI #194 things to come Being told her own clairvoyant abilities will soon surface should be enough to send any woman running to hide Throw in the possibility that something sinister is headed her way and all she wants is an easy out When asked to help her. This has to be one of the most ridiculous and asinine books I've come across I should've stuck with my gut instinct and taken a pass Instead of my usual style of review I'll do it in point form giving you a glimpse of what takes place even before I reach the fifty percent mark the heroine Sophie is told by a psychic that she will be coming into her abilities Sophie of course doesn't believe any of it the next day she goes to work for her brother Max Chief of Police at the police station temping as a filer she's partnered with a cop Jack who's stuck on desk duty she has her first vision starts looking at a cold case convinces Jack to go with her and investigate the case she learns new things about the cold case that the police didn't know Jack wants to know how this is possible that night she goes with Jack for a beer and lays it all out there for him what the psychic told her about her new abilities she tells him that she's going to keep on investigating with or without him and she's going to use her abilities to help her that night a woman is murdered and guess what Sophie and Jack were the last two to be seen with her Jack is beginning to believe in Sophie's abilities He might as well as she's definitely believing in it now Sophie decides she needs a gun which she gets and takes lessons Sophie grabs her best friend Amber and instead of going out for dinner they start investigating the case together Amber thinks This is fun Their next logical step is to go on a stakeout because they are after all investigating a case sarcasmFor a 170 page novel it's going awfully fast don't you think I could go on and tell you all the other stupid shit Sophie does how she puts herself in constant danger and falls in love blah blah blah blah blah But seriously do I really need to As for character development how can there be any at the speed the novel is moving Except for Jack being absolutely gorgeous with a sexy ass and Sophie being so beautiful with a great body why would you want to learn about them yes sarcasm This is just another book I wish I could get my time and money back from I'm still shaking my head at this one and I don't think it's going to stop anytime soon

Kate Allenton × 1 READ

Lifting the Veil VeilDixon Security #1Brother the police chief with some easy filing she’s sure that her the Veil VeilDixon Kindle #211 problems are over She now has an income a job and a safe haven where she can relax What she doesn’t expect is that one of those files will be the catalyst to set the wheels in motion for the predictions to come true Detective Jack Love has a hard time following instructions When his latest bust gets him benched and shoved in the cold case filing room the last thing he expects is to be tasked with babysitting the chief’s sister When unualified and in need of medication Sophie gets the crazy idea to play detective on a ca. Lifting the Veil Dixon Security #1 by Kate AllentonMy thoughts Sophie Masterson is an unemployed accountant who finds out she has special paranormal abilities She ends up working for her police chief brother Max inputting information collected from cold cases into the police department data base With the help of detective Jack Love and her best friend Amber Cantrell Sophie sets out to solve the murders If you suspend your logiccommon sense and just go with the flow this is a delightful story which takes some interesting twists and turn and ends in a happy right now ending and sets up the other stories in this 4 book series 4 stars