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Free download Blood of a Mermaid Mermaids of Cape Cod #2 105

characters Blood of a Mermaid Mermaids of Cape Cod #2

Free download Blood of a Mermaid Mermaids of Cape Cod #2 105 ë ❮Reading❯ ➸ Blood of a Mermaid Mermaids of Cape Cod #2 ➰ Author Katie OSullivan – Mermaid bloodWhen Shea MacNamara fell into the ocean for the first time he found he could breathe underwater The son of a mermaidMermaid bloodWhen Shea MacNamara a Mermaid PDFEPUB #229 fell into the ocean for the first time he found he could breathe underwater The son of a mermaid the sea is in his blood Literally. This review was originally posted on Mermaid With A Book45 stars am totally saving the five star rating for the third book Don't blame meJust when you think this series couldn't get any better Katie O'Sullivan proves you completely and utterly wrong and here I thought the first book Son of a Mermaid was fintabulous enough already In Blood of a Mermaid the evil Prince Demyan from the Adluo clan is back with a plan for total domination of the oceans Expect new characters plot twists plus romance and action I found it pleasantly surprising how easily I settled into the story even though I'd read the first book months ago I guess some stories never really leave you no matter how long ago you've read themFrom the first chapter Katie introduces a 'new' main character's third person POV – Zan aka Xander Zan appeared in the first book but his name was mentioned only twice We already know how evil and ruthless Demyan is but less is known about Zan his right hand man right fin merman and sorcerer so I totally appreciate how Zan's character is expanded in this novel Katie ensures that a small part of your heart doesn't have a choice but to root for Zan He's a character who's torn between his loyalty to Demyan wanting to protect Kae and answering his conscience There were times when I wanted to slap Zan yet there were moments which called for a need to hug himWhich brings me to the topic of how amazingly brilliant Katie manages to tackle the issue of trust and conflicting feelings in romantic relationships Zan is drawn to Kae and Kae can't help but care for Zan With her safety compromised and Zan being the only one she can trust in her situation will her affections for Shea waver I was probably torn than Kae while reading this book To put it figuratively it was like I had this meter and throughout the story the arrow would teeter towards either guyIt's not one of those horrifyingly annoying love triangles – you just want to keep reading on and on to see how the characters and events play out which is to me the mark of a great authorAs for Shea he's grown in this book In the beginning it seems like everyone is leaving him alone in Cape Cod – Kae's leaving for the Southern Ocean Hailey's leaving for Greece Even though he seems to be throwing a childish tantrum about being stuck at Cape Cod I don't dislike that because Katie fully shows how lonely Shea will be for me to understand his frustration As the story progresses his feelings towards Kae are surer and he's able to think uicker on his feet and finsKae's rivalry with Hailey is evident Hailey vies for Shea's attention especially given how Kae is kidnapped and far away from Shea However Katie finds a heartwarming way to bring the two girls together in the most unusual situation towards the end of the novelKae's father Lybio plays a larger role too whereas Brynneliana doesn't appear any after the start of the novel And then there's Martha Shea's grandmother I am soooooo glad that we get to know about her past I won't spoil anything but there was a point when I did a fist pump and mentally did the Futterwacken while yelling You go GrammaEvery choice that Shea makes is crucial to stopping Demyan and things aren't easy as they seem to be There is much at stake and this involves than just him and Kae such as the five oceans and the different clans like the Nerine merfolk from the Arctic who add diversity to the story world with their culture and icy domain The city of Atlantis is structured like an ancient Greek city complete with marble structures and dolphin wagons carrying goods There's even an element of Greek mythology added Most of the merfolks' disdain towards humans – drylanders – is portrayed through the Lord Magistrate of Atlantis The merfolk aren't just wholly 'good' or 'bad'; they have a complexity to them showing how Katie is able to create three dimensional characters to complement her action filled plotThe humour in Blood of a Mermaid remains just as cute I never realised how we humans go to such lengths to wrap presents ; Other such moments of lightheartedness are present amidst the tension in some scenarios which makes for great comic reliefFilled with adventure humour and magick this stunning seuel to Son of a Mermaid is a must read I can't wait to see what Katie will dish out in the third book

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Aving royal blood means making tough choices An Arctic dungeon a fiery plane crash the legendary halls of Atlantisand narwhalsHaving mermaid blood Blood of Epubjust got a lot complicated. The events of this book take not too long after the end of the first book Shea McNamara had moved to his grandmother’s house on Cape Cod from Oklahoma after his father died in a tornado There he met and fell in love with the mysterious and beautiful Kae He also learned that he’s part mermaid—and not just any mermaid but the son of mermaid royalty perhaps even a descendent of Poseidon himself He met the mother he never knew and saved the King from an assassination attempt by bad guy DemyanIn the start of the book Shea’s a little frustrated at what’s been going on While his mother and Kae are in the ocean Shea stays on land where it’s safer Now that it’s known that Poseidon’s drylander and half human heir exists being in the sea where there’s some unrest among the mermaid clans could prove dangerous Also Kae isn’t royalty—her father is a trusted guard of the King and ultimately of Shea—so it may be difficult or even impossible for them to stay together despite their emotions for each otherBut before the reader learns about Shea’s situation author O’Sullivan introduces us to a new major player in the series Zan He was part of the plot to poison the king and now he’s on the run If he’s caught as a traitor there’ll be punishment so he doesn’t have much choice other than to continue serving Demyan Zan has impressive magical abilities and Demyan wants to exploit them to help start a war Immediately the reader feels the conflict bubbling within this intriguing character enough to want to continue reading and see both the external havoc he wreaks and the internal havoc wreaking himHis task is to kidnap Kae and use her as a bargaining chip to get to Shea She was going to be headed off to Atlantis to study soon anyway but her premature disappearance concerns Shea Later in the book Shea heads there by plane instead of via his merman tail to avoid being seen in the ocean but unexpected and gripping conseuences ensue that I don’t wish to spoil hereBut first Zan—under the alias Xander—has used his magic to lure Kae with him to the Arctic Along the way he’s enchanted by Kae so there’s a little bit of a love triangle typically found in YA going on Before too many sparks can fly between them Demyan’s trying to forge an alliance with the Nerine clan of the Arctic Ocean The description of the Nerine is starkly haunting and I like their inclusion as a different style of mermaids but the physics teacher in me can’t help nit picking the travel itinerary Granted mermaids are fictional so there’s some leeway in how fast they’re able to swim but they get around—from Nantucket Sound to the Arctic Ocean and to the Mediterranean Sea—a little too uickly The target audience of YA readers probably won’t be bothered by this but it’s the only uibble I have that briefly pulled me out of the storyHowever I was most impressed with the complexity of the main characters Kae Shea and especially Zan All of them face difficult situations and difficult choices and though I won’t state whether the decisions they make are always the best I will say that I always felt they came from places of true character motivations Each of them step up in their own ways and some no spoilers as to which of them do some heroic thingsWhere I found the first book to be delightful I found this one to be tense in a very good way The characters have matured and I really like their growth and look forward to their continued journey when the third part comes out I gave the first book a five star review and this one is just as good though for different reasons Thus it would be an act of defiance to give Defiance anything other than FIVE STARSI finished this book back in the spring and it's soon to be re released as Defiance the second book in this Son of a Mermaid series

Katie OSullivan Ò 5 Read

Blood of a Mermaid Mermaids of Cape Cod #2The best part of Shea’s new life His girlfriend Kae who also happens to be a beautiful mermaidBut darkness lurks under the sea When evil mermen kidnap Kae the king reminds Shea that h. This seuel picks up a couple of weeks after the first book ends Shea is still adjusting to the knowledge that mermaids really exist and that he's a part of that underwater world The future is looking bright for him though The villain Demyan is on the run making the contentions between merfolk clans easier to heal His relationship with Kae continues to blossom and he looks forward to attending University the merfolk school with her in the fall However Shea's role in the underwater world's political struggle continues to be a problem Kae is kidnapped as leverage against Shea and the teenage boy is launched into yet another adventure where he must try to balance his drylander upbringing with his new life as a mermanAs I have said in the review of Son of a Mermaid I am not normally a fan of paranormal fiction But again I uite enjoyed reading this book This seuel is able to delve deeper into the world that the author has created and I liked learning about the different mermaid clans and the nuances of underwater life I liked the overall story of Blood of a Mermaid better than the first book mostly because the story has already been set up and the author can jump right into the meat of the story The author's storytelling continues to be easily engaging and descriptive in a manner that includes all of the senses Some of her descriptions made me smile because of how simple and funny and true they were Sharing in Shea's personal struggles was like remembering some of my own at that age trying to figure out who you are and who you want to be trying to understand relationships both romantic and otherwise coping with change and so forth The author finds ways to make the reader understand how the characters feel even though the situations like being a mermaid are very different I appreciate a writer that can do that There is only one criticism that comes to mind as I think about the story and it's a very small one The author makes a point of stating that mermaids speak a bit formally and do not understand some of the slang that Shea uses Then a subseuent conversation between two merfolk is filled with several bits of modern slang terms like buddies and hanging outand so forth It's a small thing and it didn't affect my enjoyment of the book but it is something that seemed out of place in my mind Setting such nit picking aside I would say that this is a fun book to read and I look forward to seeing where the rest of the story goes