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Mayday author Karen Harrington review Ñ 103

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Mayday author Karen Harrington review Ñ 103 ¿ ❮EPUB❯ ✻ Mayday ✶ Author Karen Harrington – A powerful coming of age story about the importance of finding your voiceWayne Kovok lives in a world of After After his uncle in the army was killed overseas After Wayne and his mother surviIceWayne has always used his love of facts to communicate Did you know people die each year from shaking a vending machine than from shark attacks Without his voice how will he wow the prettiest girl in school How will he stand up to his drill sergeant grandfather. True book lovers have a few absolutes should you take the time to talk to them Some prefer reading electronically others will never give up their paper volumes You may find those who love the smell of books the texture of the paper drinking tea or coffee whilst reading and listening to the rain We're a pretty tried and true bunch when it comes to our habits Which is why I have a few automatic five star criteria If a book can keep me reading it for an entire sitting I may look up to find that day has gone to night so engrossing was the writing It gets a five star If a book makes my throat well up and ache as tears roll uncontrollably down my face because I have connected so deeply with the characters it gets a five star Mayday achieved both You may read other reviews which nitpick at things Perhaps someone will dislike this or that Hogwash This author has the stuff the deep down grasp of whatever makes us true human beings and not just paper cut out characters She knows us to the raw inner depths And it's a helluva book because of it I'm buying all the rest of her stuff You should head out to the book store and start with Mayday Set aside some time

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And how will he share his hopes with his deadbeat dad It's not until Wayne loses his voice completely that he realizes how much he doesn't sayFilled with Karen Harrington's signature heart and humor Mayday tackles an unforgettable journey of family and friendship. Wayne He's the boy who's uncle dies while fighting for our country He's the boy who went with his mom on the plane ride back from the funeral He's the boy who got in the plane crash He's the boy who lost his voice literally He's the boy who's grandpa comes to live with him Wayne's life has been completely ruined His grandpa who used to be a general for the army is always trying to get Wayne to be something and someone he's not His mom is constantly sad And himself he just happened to kind of sorta dating the most popular girl in school but with his voice gone for 3 6 months is driving them apart To make matters worse his parents are divorced but when he sees his dad he acts childish and his mom and grandpa are always getting into fights with his dad Wayne's dad is also being mean to Wayne But the worst is while Wayne was on the plane as it crashed the wind was powerful than him His uncles burial flag was gone Now Wayne must find a way to get the flag back stand up to his dad and grandpa and find his voice With Wayne's voice gone he hasn't realized how much he needs and used it When I read Mayday I felt happy sad angry and all sorts What I liked about Mayday was that it really showed how one person could have a voice without really having one at all It really showed you what it wold feel like to be a person in a plane crash and needing to stand up to people What I disliked was that the dad was really irresponsible I also disliked the ending Don't worry no spoilers Overall I thought the book Mayday was very goodI would read this book if you like tragedies or if you you like the book Wonder

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Mayday author Karen HarringtA powerful coming of age story about the importance of finding your voiceWayne Kovok lives in a world of After After his uncle in the army was killed overseas After Wayne and his mother survived a plane crash while coming back from the funeral After he lost his vo. It was a sweet book It was written very well with a good plot it was a little slow at times though