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Missionary Position review ↠ 3

Daisy Prescott Ò 3 read & download

Missionary Position review ↠ 3 Í [Ebook] ➩ Missionary Position ➯ Daisy Prescott – #1 Top Rated Book in Humorous Women's FictionTop 20 Humorous Women's Fiction Best SellerRomantic Comedy Best SellerA captivating story about life love and an exciting and unintentional uest for self d Top Rated Book in HumArks fly on three continents when perpetually single Selah discovers there's to love and life than she ever imaginedMissionary Position is book three in the Modern Love Stories series It's a spin offstandalone from Geoducks Are for Lovers It isn't necessary to read that novel or Ready to Fall prior to reading this. Daisy Prescott has done it again Missionary Position takes the reader on a whirlwind adventure over three continents and demonstrates that the idea of love can change when faced with the completely unexpectedThis story took me through an expanse of feelings and emotions ranging from amused to zenful My heart peaked and valleyed as Selah trekked to new destinations and embarked on fresh adventures Selah is a strong smart and capable woman She relies on no one define her happiness or feelings of self worth But when she meets a man who awakens feelings inside her she never knew existed her internal axis is tilted She is forced to ask herself uestions she never thought she would consider let alone be in the realm of possibilityThe love story in the book is sublime Selah and Gerhard Kai are well developed characters both mentally and physically They challenge each other to think outside themselves and to see the world from another vantage point while willing themselves to embrace a new point of view Daisy crafts both heated passion and deep emotional connection between Selah and Kai You could feel the emotional conflicts within Selah as she experiences pangs of guilt and longing over her new found friend The references to Selah’s writing books her friends affectionately call pirotica under her pen name added some very nice spice to the storyline Selah’s references to Kai’s given name Gerhard sprinkled throughout the book allow for double entendre chucklesWorth mentioning is how descriptive Daisy is able to get about the locales she has her characters travel to When Selah was seeking to get some skirts made in Africa I felt as though I was in the open air market with her helping her choose fabrics The story transported me to places I have never been but left me feeling like I had truly seen the cities and landmarks describedDaisy is one of my favorite authors as her characters are extremely relatable to me It is refreshing to read stories that allow you to believe that no matter what age love is a possibility Thank you Daisy for keeping that hope alive

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Top Rated Book in Humorous Women's FictionTop Humorous Women's Fiction Best SellerRomantic Comedy Best SellerA captivating story about life love and an exciting and unintentional uest for self discoverySelah El is a confident curvy woman who knows exactly who she is and what she wants Her less than stellar love l. I had the previlege to read this book´s ARC And yeahBut trust me not this kind of Missionary Position you´ll find reading this book Daisy takes us to a beautiful journey of self discovering where Selah the sexy friend of Maggie from Geoducks are For Lovers finds loveYou´ll also travel through Ghana during this journey discovering a beautiful world of friendship and amazing sightsAnd we also have Kai the hot Dutch who will find his way into Selah´s heart and probably yours too Yeah I get you Selah

summary Missionary Position

Missionary PositionIfe is another story Hoping for a fresh start she leaves her home and job in the Pacific Northwest to spend six months in West Africa After accepting an offer from a stranger in an airport bar Selah's real adventure begins during a stopover in Amsterdam Will the daring mysterious Kai show her what love really isSp. ★¸¸•¨•★ Minor spoilers alert★•¨•¸¸★Writing style First Person POV Cover and chapter design This novel was previously known as Missionary Position and it had a different cover With the new book title came a new cover design I uite like the new design especially the color palette And the Adrinka symbols from the Asante tribe used for the chapter heading backgrounds and breaks were cool visual additions My eyeballs love extras like that in an e book•¨•Lead Characters Dr Selah El – a professor an author of pirate smut and a world traveler extraordinaire who needed a man like a fish needs a bicycle I loved her attitude about enjoying her sexual life to its fullest and not needing a husband and kids to feel fulfilled But as Ama pointed out to her being fulfilled doesn’t make you immune to loneliness Selah really grew during her working stay in Ghana and in direct relation to her time getting to know Kai intimately On a random and silly note I loved loved that she nicknamed Kai’s penis Gerhard and I chuckled during her little internal monologues she’d have about it Too cute and funny 😃Gerhard Hendriks aka Kai– initially an enigma to Selah this younger Dutch hottie finagled his work project improving the business world so he could follow Selah to Ghana for 3 glorious months of passionate sex and uality togetherness I loved how uickly he opened up to Selah and how he completely rocked her world He was also very good at pulling her out of her habit of constantly looking to the past for answers instead being in and enjoying the moment worry free•¨•Favorite Supporting CharacterAma – a retired ex pat teacher who owned and operated a hotel in Ghana and also rented out a private bedroom and bathroom in her house to Selah She was the warm friendly and mothering type who became Selah’s best local friend I loved that she didn’t sugarcoat anything and gave Selah great advice and nudging whenever needed•¨•Favorite uote“Selah” his voice hitched “You’re one of the best things that has ever happened to me I never expected you yet here you are”•¨•I enjoyed Selah and Kai’s delightfully amusing sexy and yet introspective love story It was cool to experience a bit of Amsterdam and Ghana through their eyes Plus I’m a total sucker and always fall hard for a male character like Kai who recognizes he’s in love with a woman and will determinedly pursue and woo her until she too is convinced what they feel and have together is the real deal