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review Splendor 103 ´ [PDF] ✩ Splendor Author Janet Nissenson – British hotelier Ian Gregson had it all – wealth good looks power and a share in his family’s worldwide multi billion dollar luxury hotel chain His very name was synonymous with sophistication and British hotelier Ian Gregson had it all – wealth good looks power anFact that she was a married woman Her life had not been an easy one and the extravagant world she caught glimpses of as an employee of the Gregson Hotel Group was far beyond anything she could ever dream of She could no imagine herself ensconced in that sort of luxurious lifestyle than she could attracting the attention of her handsome debonair bossIan and Tessa secretly long for each other from afar never daring. I'm so glad I gave this book a chance because I'm usually hesitant to read newer authors But after reading a glowing review and great excerpt at one of the blogs I follow I was hooked and starting reading Splendor the same day Best decision I've made in a long time and overall one of the best books I've read in months I've already added the author's first book to my TBR list and hope to get started on it soon Both books are standalones so you don't have to read them in order or anythingSplendor tells the really gorgeous love story between Tessa and Ian Tessa is young innocent even though she's married which is a whole other story but no spoilers here and beautiful She and her husband Peter have just moved to San Francisco to start new jobs and she is assigned to the management team at the hotel corporation she works at On her first day she meets the head manager Ian and can't help but be attracted to him Ian who is handsome rich and powerful is also very hands off with his staff and sort of a stuffy British gentleman But then he meets Tessa for the first time bells start going off in his head and he knows he's met THE ONE Too bad he also finds out she's married so he has to keep his feelings for her hidden away for a long timeFear not because they eventually do get together with no cheating but you have to read the book and find out how this happens because no spoilers here After that it is HOT HOT HOT Ian might give off the image of being stuffy and formal but not behind closed doors with Tessa He is super romantic super seductive and really kind of sweeps innocent Tessa off her feet And even though he is a controlling kind of guy used to giving the orders and being in charge he shows at times that he is also insecure especially when he worries that he's too old for Tessa there is something of an age difference but not so much that it feels creepy and that she'll eventually break up with him to date someone younger But Tessa falls in love with him too and from then on their love story is so beautiful and dreamy that you just can't help swooning a little each time they're together Even though Ian is a little older than most heroes these days he's 40 he is a real stud and so devoted to Tessa that it makes you want to cry with how much he loves her So nice to finally read a story where two people are just genuinely in love and don't fight or call each other names etc This is a long book though still shorter than if the author had broken it up in a trilogy like so many books are these days But even though it was long I still didn't want it to end I just wanted to keep reading about these twoDefinitely a five star book I would give it higher if I could Loved everything about it except for the fact that it's over

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To reveal their forbidden attraction to the other until circumstances bring them together in a very unexpected way And from that point on nothing will stand in Ian’s way to finally make her hisAUTHOR’S NOTE – despite what you might be thinking at this point there is NO cheating in this story – just an incredibly romantic hero who will make you swoon with the way in which he sweeps the heroine off her feet. Fell in love with this book and especially with Ian

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SplendorBritish hotelier Ian Gregson had it all – wealth good looks power and a share in his family’s worldwide multi billion dollar luxury hotel chain His very name was synonymous with sophistication and elegance and any woman he wanted could be his with just a look But the only woman he truly desired was strictly forbidden to him for too many reasons to count Tessa Lockwood was young beautiful and lonely despite the. This is one of the best books that I had read in 2016 and although the list continues when it comes to good books this one always pops in my mind It is fantastic To begin with I love the books where you can clearly see an evolution of the main characters For the heroine this has been a path of discovery and of loving herself again I am very glad to have read a book like this that inflicts a sense of wanting to become a better person due to the one you have beside you This connection between the characters where they support one another and heal each other was fantastic for me Ian is one of my favorite book boyfriends because of the multiple ualities he posses but beside that he was my hero for the way he healed Tessa and made her strong in body mind and soulconfident in her abilities and in her relationship with others Love is the key element here and maybe it can sound a little odd but in the majority of the situations can heal everything The depth of their love and devotion was so sweet that while reading this book I was trapped in this word with very low possibility of escaping It is kind of rare for me to feel so hooked upon a book but this combination was it for me After meeting Tessa for the first time he felt that connection towards here and I was literally dying that she will realize what an amazing man she has by her side He was loyal and devoted making it his mission to erase everything bad from her past and replace it with happy memories He was amazing and every time I thing about this hero there are no other words that appraisals for him I trully hope that in real life every woman can find their Ian because they deserve it This is the classical tale of Cinderella beautifully reinterpreted that makes you swoon and dream I know that maybe this love story and happenings were only to be read about but it was worthy living in a imaginary and perfect word when you have this love story to melt your heart I strongly recommend this book due to the excellent writing style the humor the drama and the intense elements that Janet used to portrait this beautiful love storyThe best of this series by far