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How'd You Score That Gig? A Guide to the Coolest Jobs and How to Get Them Free read ¾ 2

Review How'd You Score That Gig? A Guide to the Coolest Jobs and How to Get Them

How'd You Score That Gig? A Guide to the Coolest Jobs and How to Get Them Free read ¾ 2 ï ➚ [KINDLE] ❄ How'd You Score That Gig? A Guide to the Coolest Jobs and How to Get Them By Alexandra Levit ➤ – In How’d You Score That Gig career expert Actical the book includes insider accounts of young careerists currently in these You Score That Gig? A eBook #10003 jobs and provides specific action steps for breaking in So before you settle for a position that just isn’t you shake it up–and land the career of your dreamsAlexandra Levit's new book How'd You Score That Gig is chock full of research offers a rare glimpse into the privileged world of those who hold the jobs that other people covet and provides the roadmap for readers to pursue fields that they might have considered out of reach Don't hop blindly from career to career looking for one that suits you Use this book as a guide to tell you what it's like before you make a wrong turn Penelope Trunk author Brazen Careerist The New Rules for SuccessFirst Alexandra Levit broadens your imagination about what kinds of careers are possible and then after tantalizing you she provides specific tips for breaking into the field Enormously valuable Ben Casnocha author My Start Up Life What a Very Young CEO Learned on His Journey Through Silicon ValleyThis is a cool unusual and truly useful book In my career coaching practice the number one issue my younger clients face is having the strong desire to do something different work wise with little knowledge about what jobs exist a. not as enlightening as they'd like you to think definitely feel as if i could have written this myself and perhaps done a better job i don't even fit into any of her 'categories' of peoplejob types i am a cross of entrepreneur adventurer and a creative aren't we all hardly revolutionary

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Nd how to find them Alexandra Levit’s guide organizes passion into seven profiles and describes specific jobs within them A real gem in the book is the innumerable resources listed to help readers learn about the jobs that strike their fancy Buy this book” Julie Jansen author I Don’t Know What I Want But I Know It’s Not This Alexandra Levit has written an ideal book for all those adults who still don't know what they want to do when they grow up The practical self assessment that opens the book could point even the most indecisive person toward a realistic and satisfying career path While reading about the dozens of coolest gigs that are thoroughly researched and attractively presented in this book I almost started second guessing my own career choices Good thing I’ve already scored a cool gig Tom Musbach Editor Yahoo HotJobs“Reading this is like having your own career counselor on call It is without doubt the book for anyone who’s unhappy in their job confused about what to do next or just wonders if they’re in the best career for them I am giving a copy to every new college grad on my list In fact I’m giving one to every high school grad I know too” Barbara Stanny author Secrets of Six Figure Women Surprising Strategies to Up Your Earnings and Change Your Li. Fulfills its purpose as aptly as any book of its kind Not comprehensive but it doesn't pretend to be Simply has some very useful information about some great jobs I definitely recommend it

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How'd You Score That Gig A Guide to the Coolest Jobs and How to Get ThemScore That eBook #8608 In How’d You Score That Gig career expert Alexandra Levit profiles than sixty of the coolest careers on the planet–all rated in a national survey by twenty and thirtysomethings for twenty and thirtysomethings To find the jobs that You Score That Gig? A eBook #10003 are calling your name take Levit’s short uiz and discover your “passion profile” You may be• an Adventurer You’re spontaneous free spirited and you How'd You Kindle always ready for change foreign services officer oceanographer news correspondent• a Creator You’re always looking for a way to express yourself video game designer book author landscape architect• a Data Head You have an uncanny knack for gathering and organizing information computational linguist meteorologist urban planner• an Entrepreneur You have business savvy and don’t want to be chained to a desk blogger boutiue You Score That PDFEPUB #227 owner inventor• an Investigator You excel in science logic and learning futurist classic car restorer field archaeologist• a Networker You’re a people person–outgoing and a team player lobbyist speechwriter TV producer• a Nurturer Selfless and compassionate you make a difference one person at a time physical therapist life coach nutritionistEngaging and pr. Read this book when trying to choose a book for the professional women's book club that I chair This book has a very limited audience truly intended for college students and it's unrealistic Based on general personality test random careers are discussed There are better career advice books out there pass on this one