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The New American Herbal Free read ´ 106

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The New American HerbalA bountiful kitchen garden and crafters will delight in dozens of exciting new uses for fresh dried and distilled herbs Here too are delicious recipes such as Ragu Bolognese with Fennel and Lemon Semolina Cake with Lavender as well easy steps for projects such as a hanging herb garden and instructions on how to plant dry and preserve your garden’s bounty Meticulously researched and exhaustive in its scope The New American Herbal is an irresistible invitation to explore the versatility of herbs in all their beauty and variet. I received this book from Blogging for books and it is published by Random House I was excited to get a chance to review this book because I love fresh food and fresh herbs just add such a blast of flavor to every meal This book has most everything you need to know about most every herb out there the good and the bad It starts with chapters on how to recognize different families of herbs how to grow them harvest them and preserve them Then it lists all the herbs in alphabetical order It is a great big book and a must for every herbal enthusiast The only thing missing that I would have liked was recipes I'm never uite sure which herbs will complement which meal best But over all I highly recommend this book

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Pectrum of herbaceous plants from culinary to ornamental to aromatic and medicinal presenting them in an easy to use A to Z format packed with recipes DIY projects and stunning examples of garden design highlighting herbal plantings Learn about the herbs you've always wanted to grow chervil chamomile and lovage exotic herbs such as Artemisia the bitter herb used in Absinthe or the anti inflammatory Meadowsweet and ornamental varieties Monkshood and Perilla For cooks there is indispensable guidance on planting and maintaining. I felt like I was in Herbology class at Hogwarts while I was reading this There are just so many wonderful aspects to this book that I don't know where to begin I have read many different books concerning herbs over the years but this is now my favorite one Unlike the others this book really delves into the origins of the herb at hand It provides a great number of details that someone might find necessary if they're considering adding to their gardens The layout makes things so much easier to read and the photos are useful if you're looking to identity something you have come acrossOne thing that I found to be most important was the addition of health warnings for certain plants Most people don't seem to be aware of the dangers of just touching a plant let alone ingesting one This is a book you'll want to add to your collection

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The New American Herbal Free read ´ 106 í [Ebook] ➥ The New American Herbal By Stephen Orr – From modern garden master Stephen Orr comes a new definitive book on herbs to finally replace the dusty and outdated classics Here are entries on hundreds of plants that are extraordinarily useful in From modern gFrom modern garden master Stephen Orr comes a new definitive book on herbs to finally replace the dusty and outdated classics Here are entries on hundreds of plants that are extraordinarily useful in cooking homeopathy and dozens The New ePUB #186 of recipes and DIY projects and beautifully styled photographs so you know just what you're growingWith than entries each accompanied by brand new photography and helpful growing advice The New American Herbal takes the study of herbs to an exciting new level Orr covers the entire s. If I ever wanted to transform myself into some kind of apothecaryherbalist guru this would be the book to have The New American Herbal by Stephen Orr is a hefty encyclopedia of the plants and botanical wonders that have been staples in cooking homeopathy aromatherapy and the full spectrum of medicinal and culinary crafts Entries there are 145 of them a sizeable sample are listed alphabetically and feature informative at a glance type sidebars lovely histories of each herb and recipes for dishes and tonics where appropriate I also appreciated the various instructional sections that comprise the beginning of the book like Herb Basics which describes the various classes of herbs eg adaptogens analgesics bitters digestives and the families of herbs eg the mints asters laurels nightshades among others Then there are sections on working with herbs how to tend them dry them extract the oils and work with the oils I recently started making my own skincare lotions and serums using essential oils and found that section useful if a little breezy Gardeners will appreciate the suggested backyard projects There is even a section on Controversial Herbs that I found fun to read ahem coca leaves and ephedra get a little attention Using herbs for scent flavor and as curatives is as old as time and this book offers a lovely modern update This isn't a comprehensive book by any means—such a book would probably weigh 20 lbs and be completely unwieldly—but Orr's book is a splendid uick reference Disclaimer I received this book from Blogging for Books for an honest and candid review