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Magazine The Atlantic Foreign Affairs Harper's The Nation and The Saturday Evening Post Tuchman weighs in on a range of eclectic topics from Israel and Mao Tse tung to a Freudian reading of Woodrow Wilson This is a splendid body of work the story of a lifetime spent practicing history. The first portion of the book is about the author's philosophy and methods for writing popular narrative histories It's well worth a read by anyone who has any interest in the subject The rest of the book is assorted articles All are at least 40 years old and didn't age well and in the light of hindsight didn't come true Tuchman was a product of the earlier 20th century and died before the end of the Cold War this is one of the reasons that some of these articles seem so pessimistic

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Practicing History Selected EssaysSynopsis Celebrated for bringing a personal touch to history in her Pulitzer Prize winning epic The Guns of August and other classic books Barbara W Tuchman reflects on world events and the historian's craft in these perceptive essential essays From thoughtful pieces on the historian's. Listened to this but it was probably better suited to reading in print Barbara Tuchman was perhaps the David McCullough of the past generation a self trained historian who wrote excellent best selling histories twice won Pulitzer I vaguely remember reading The Guns of August and A Distant Mirror back in the late 1970s She compiled this collection late in her career; almost all the pieces had been published previously The first section The Craft of History is top notch I of course particularly enjoyed the essay on The Houses of Research She emphasizes the use of primary sources staying focused on the narrative and how publishing is changing as self help and business books take over the non fiction best seller lists I still found the second two sections interesting but they were rather dated; as she looks at the events from the era she has lived through and is living in such as Vietnam her perspective shows her to be very much a woman of her times I am thinking of revisiting A Distant Mirror somehow it seems suited for this moment in time

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review Practicing History Selected Essays 103 º ➵ Practicing History Selected Essays Download ➾ Author Barbara W. Tuchman – Synopsis Celebrated for bringing a personal touch to history in her Pulitzer Prize winning epic The Guns of August and other classic books Barbara W Tuchman reflects on world evenRole to striking insights into America's past and present to trenchant observations on the international Practicing History Kindle scene Barbara W Tuchman looks at history in a uniue way and draws lessons from what she sees Spanning than four decades of writing in The New York Times. I very much enjoyed this book Tuchman is definitely from a different era and writes about looking back to refined language while grappling with issues of whether or not to include vulgarity if it's part of the character of an historical figure She also writes with the racism that was common to her class and era; she ascribes motivations and worldviews to the Oriental for example It's a bit jarring but mostly fascinating as an artifact of that era The book is divided into essays and lectures on writing about history and then essays and articles that are historical in content Both are fascinating; her historical articles often examine lesser figures or moments as a way of illuminating larger issues And some of her sentences positively sing It's been a long time since I've been so tempted to underline don't worry Mary Jo I'm not marking up your bookIt was stunning to see the extent to which some of her essays about Nixon and Vietnam apply to Bush and Ira