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FREE READ × 名探偵コナン 28 Detective Conan #28

FREE DOWNLOAD 名探偵コナン 28 Detective Conan #28

FREE READ × 名探偵コナン 28 Detective Conan #28 Ò [Reading] ➾ 名探偵コナン 28 Detective Conan #28 By Gosho Aoyama – While Conan tries to prove that a corpse found deep in the woods was the victim of than just a hunting accident the Detective Boys gains a new member a curious bearOund hanged under a waterfall It seems the legendary mermaid's curse has struck againunless Conan and 名探偵コナン 28 eBook #242 Hattori Heiji can find an all too human culpri. Proper review to followOne Word Rec READ Rating 5 🔍🔍🔍🔍🔍Aoyama Gosho; DETECTIVE CONAN Meitantei Conan #28eread online; genre manga mystery shounen ; shelves |comics GN manga manhua manhwa|General SynopsisAs mentioned above I am going to write a proper review for this soon but I have a few books ahead of this one in the ueue so I cannot stop reading DC NOW That's sacrilege I have decided to read all the chapters available up to now we are almost to 1000 As you can see I am totally fangirling over here and I don't care because this is one of my favorite manga series ever But all of this aside there are a few things I wanted to list so I don't need to go back and look everything up when I do finally sit down and write my fangirl review ✌🏻V28 includes Files 274 284DO NOT click on the spoiler link if you don't want to read all the cases in this volume because it will ruin it for you On the other hand if you're a fan like me or are looking for a certain case and please note these are how I have set the cases etc click away that's why it's thereview spoilerCase 080 Bear Hunter Murder Case solved File 275 DBCase 081 Old Photograph Murder Case solved File 276 278 Case 082 Mermaid Curse Murder Case solved File 279 283Case 083 Girl Clubbing Murder Case unsolved File 284 hide spoiler

Gosho Aoyama Ó 1 FREE READ

Ious bear cub Then Detective Mouri's office is graced by a very traditional lady with very traditional and very deadly sword skills And at a place called Mermaid Island a woman is f. The first story which began last volume was goodThe second with it's surprise cliant was even betterThe 4th which goes into the next volume looks juicy But the third just dragged on and on It was the only Conan adventure I actively disliked


名探偵コナン 28 Detective Conan #28While Conan tries to prove Detective Conan MOBI #245 that a corpse found deep in the woods was the victim of than just a hunting accident the Detective Boys gains a new member a cur. Conan Vol28 HEIJI AND KAZUHA OMG 1 My prediction in the bear hunting case was right 2 The old man was the killer but the flashback story was touching about the Jubie bear3 and that was cruel and heartless when the hunter who was murdered hanged the cub 4 The next case about the mermaid island was ALL FIVE STARS 5 The cliff scene was omg so touching6 The mermaid ritual that the family had was insane The next case includes Sato and the investigator so I'M ALL EXCITED AND ITS A SERIAL KILLER CASE TOO All in all 5 star volume