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The Star King Read & Download õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Star King By Jack Vance – The first book in the 5 volume Demon Princes saga The protagonist's parents were murdered by a posse of 5 galactic criminals the demon princes He vows revenge and eliminates them one by onG strange worlds environments The Star PDF or customs and adaptations that humans have made to live in these condition. The Star King is the first of five easy to read fast paced entertaining well written novels that comprise the Jack Vance series called The Demon Princes The Star King was first released in 1963 and 1964 as a serial in Galaxy magazine Originally the name of the first star king encountered was Grendel the Monster but in the novel released in April 1964 he was renamed Attel Malagate or Malagate the Woe Star kings are nonhuman asexual alien beings who have changed their appearances to look like men When our main character Kirth Gersen was a 9 years old five of the star kings organized an attack one of the colonies on a planet where all of the people including his parents were killed or enslaved except for Kirth and his grandfather This attack was subseuently referred to as the Mount Pleasant Massacre After escaping the planet Kirth Gersen's grandfather raised him and had him trained for many years in hand to hand combat and the skillful use of weapons and poison so that Kirth when an adult would be able to track down and kill all five of the star kings Kirth became a highly trained killer with one life ambition For Gersen however revenge is of a mission of justice than an act of angerThe story begins in the far future with Kirth Gersen's visit at Smade's Tavern a colorful tavern and hotel on Smade's Planet that is near the border of the civilized world called The Oikumene and the wild ungoverned planets of The Beyond Vance fans will probably note some similarities between The Oikumene and Vance's later Gaean Reach While sitting at the tavern Gersen meets an explorer Lugo Teehalt who claims he has discovered a rare amazingly beautiful new planet with exotic life forms on it Teehalt is hesitant to report his discovery to his employer Attel Malagate who owns the spaceship because Malagate is a known criminal and Teehalt is fearful of what Malagate might do with the newly discovered virgin planet But Malagate's agents are already on Smade's Planet and after dealing with Teehalt they take what they think is the spaceship Malagate loaned to Teehalt But it turns out to be Gersen's spaceship and Gersen ends up with the ship Teehalt had been using Gersen however has concerns beyond getting his own ship back He is now on the trail of Malagate one of the five star kings who killed his parents and destroyed the colony he lived in Having Malagate's ship is his bait for finding MalagateAlthough The Star King is not uite as interesting as the last two books in The Demon Princes The Face and The Book of Dreams it is a very good novel and provides all of the background information so that The Demon Princes series makes sense It needs to be read first It does have a few flaws however There is a romance between Gersen and a woman named Pallis Atwrode but it is not well developed and the woman seems like a mere token figure rather than a fleshed out character The novel might not seem as deep or complex as some of Vance's really great novels A few readers might have some difficulty emphasizing with Kirth Gersen because he is so obsessed with killing star kings But subseuent novels in the series provide development to his character and The Star King is than simply a straight forward easy to read revenge novel I loved reading about the strange places and planets that were described in detail along with the unusual and interesting alien creatures The 140 pages are entertaining and filled with action I also thought the dialog was engaging and lively After my first reading of The Star King several years ago I rated it a 4 and upon rereading I liked it even slightly better

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The first book in thevolume Demon Princes saga The protagonist's parents were murdered by a posse of galactic criminal. 45 to 50 stars Classic Jack Vance tale featuring Kirth Gersen's uest for vengeance against the five Demon Princes The Demon Princes are criminal masterminds who led a raid on Gersen's home world that culminated in the Mount Pleasant Massacre that destroyed his family and his world Kirth was then raised by his grandfather as a killing machine adept in all of the killing arts and motivated by nothing but revenge

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The Star KingS the demon princes He vows revenge and eliminates them one by one In the process Vance does what he excels at creatin. A rather flat piece of very traditional science fictionIf you like traditional science fiction you'll probably enjoy this book than I did Everything from the prose to the way that chapters begin with small excerpts of in universe encyclopedias journals etc to help fill out the world just screams traditional science fictionThe story follows an assassin who is hunting down a so called Demon Prince Malagate the Woe And he's travelling across the known universe to do itIt's about as bland and cliched as it sounds The story is not at all adventurousIt exists just for the sake of this world which is not really that interesting or at least not to me Perhaps in the 1960s this kind of story was just rarer Maybe the idea of a world hopping assassin would have struck readers as not having been done before Nowadays it just seems completely overdoneIt doesn't help that none of the characters stand out in any way They are not developed at all They are so un developed that there isn't even anything to say about how little development they receive There is virtually nothing that could make you feel anything positively or negatively regarding the charactersIf you like traditional science fiction you might want to give this a shot but I wouldn't count on enjoying it in any case