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Clark Gable Portrait of a Misfit Free download ✓ PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB free

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Clark Gable Portrait of a Misfit Free download ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ü ❴BOOKS❵ ✫ Clark Gable Portrait of a Misfit Author Jane Ellen Wayne – To his fans he was the King of Hollywood To others he was embittered and embattled the King of TrTo his fans Portrait of Epub #225 he was the King of Hollywood To others he was embittered and Clark Gable Epubembattled the King of Tragedy He was an alcoholic an egotist and an opportunist who used Gable Portrait of PDF #186 the casting couch for sexual encounters to get into films He married women to further his career But he was the most enduring actor in the history of motion pictures So begins this incisive and revealing portrait of Clark Gable one of Hollywood's greatest luminaries by the best selling author of Marilyn's Men From the beginning it was Clark Gable as Gable who caught the eye of movie and theatergoers around the world On stage in Hous. The seemingly uncensored no holds barred story of the 'King of Hollywood' during the Golden Era with Lombard Tracey Taylor Kelly and all and all a bit of a gossip fest with uncorroborated uotes and looking for all the drama even if they have to brush it up to tell their story Insightful fo a tabloid perspective of the Golden Era though 7 out of 12

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Ton and New York in the late twenties he was noted for his commanding stage presence and roguish charm On screen in the film A Free Soul he shocked audiences by roughing up the delicate and captivating Norma Shearer something that was previously unheard of in movies Audiences both men and women loved it and Gable was catapulted into the big league From there he rose swiftly to near idol stature making close to one hundred films in his lifetime and achieving immortalization in the timeless epic Gone With the Wind where again he gave audiences exactly what they wanted Gable For than any other role the character of Rhett Butler epitomized that of its creator. This is a Kitty Kelley type of biography all sleaze and prurience What I found just as bothersome though was invented dialogue presented with uotes as if the author overheard every word of conversation from than fifty years ago which of course she didn't Save your time and read a professionally written account of Gable's life

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Clark Gable Portrait of a MisfitThe cunning manipulative and devastatingly good looking gunrunner was a Civil War era incarnation of Gable himself The man who finally won the indomitable Scarlett O'Hara onscreen was even of a lady's man offscreen He seduced and in several cases married women of immense wealth and ambition who could sustain his extravagant lifestyle and further his career His marriages to the dowdy middle aged Josephine Dillon and later to Houston socialite Ria Langham for instance were clearly little than financial arrangements and Gable maintained extramarital relations throughout both Among his most famous lovers were Hollywood stars Grace Kelly Ava Gardner and the i. I just finished it and uickly The book delves into the fast lived life of a Hollywood King Clark Gable The man bedded anyone and everyone The man made a ton of films good and bad He hunted and fished drank and drank some traveled the world over and married 5 women Gable an Oscar winner had a 30 year long affair with Joan Crawford He lived an extraordinary however at times lonely life I was intrigued and am still interested in learning about him I plan to TIVO some Gable movies soon poor Chris The book was slanted to portray him in a lovely and an appreciative light I just happen to agree with the author