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Ck known for his music as well as his lyrics tells the kids his secret The Fruit ePUB #186 A song is just a bowl of fruit one must figure out how to paint it Words are to a writer what paint is to a painter How many ways can one arrange the fruit An infinite number There s style voice genre and mu. A super famous rockstar visits an eighth grade Writer's Workshop class and delivers an assignment later to be known as the Fruit Bowl Project Each student will write a piece about the same basic facts that will make up a story boy drops pencil bumps girl girl gets mad boy tells joke to friend friend spews milk out the nose While the premise of the assignment is creative and sounds like something I'd love to try in an eighth grade English class myself reading about it in this book is less exciting than I had hoped There really is no story besides the one that the kids are writing I didn't get to know them that deeply not that I was all that interested to And the majority of the book consists of the writing pieces that the students created Nearly 50 versions of the same story While they were rather creative sonnets limericks Broadway musicals letters news reports etc it felt simply like a writing exercise by the author I would probably only recommend this book to middle school students who are interested in creative writing as it provides many examples Not sure who else would like it since I found myself skipping some of the stories

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The Fruit Bowl ProjectCh to consider Nick gives the kids two weeks to complete the assignment using seven seemingly ordinary elements Each student must tell an interesting story reflecting his or her style And so The Fruit Bowl Project begins Rap poetry monologue screenplay haiku fairy tale and From the Hardcover editi. this was my favorite book in middle school i thought it was the most clever thing ever written unfortunately i lost my copy of it and it went out of print before i could buy another one this christmas my mother surprised me with a copy she found online and i finally got around to rereading it this week honestly i was relieved to find that it held up after all these years reading this book was a bit like hearing a song you used to be obsessed with when you were younger and finding that you remembered all the lyrics sure it's a little optimistic to assume that 8th graders could write this well this creatively but i'll give them the benefit of the doubt it's funny only a tiny bit trite honest and entertaining what could you want from a middle grade book

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READ & DOWNLOAD The Fruit Bowl Project 108 ↠ ❮Reading❯ ➻ The Fruit Bowl Project Author Sarah Durkee – Call it six degrees of separation The kids in 8th Grade Writer s Workshop are awestruck when their teacher announces that through her husband s cousin she s met rock superstar Nick Thompson and haCall it six degrees of separation The kids in th Grade Writer s Workshop are awestruck when their teacher announces that through her husband s cousin she s met rock superstar Nick Thompson and has invited him to their class He s come to talk about writing and he s even cooler than they imagined Ni. 35 stars A clever premise but I could have done with several fewer examples and a bit story The first part of the story introduced us to some of the students and their stories but it was or less all forgotten in the fruit bowl section of the book As a middle school teacher myself however I would be astounded if even one of my students could write as well as the eighth graders that are supposedly writing the selections The vocabulary and use of figurative language and nuance is well beyond the capabilities of most 13 year olds I know Still the book was worth reading if just to show how many different ways the same story can be told