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review Tiger Shrimp Tango Ó eBook or Kindle ePUB ì ❰EPUB❯ ✴ Tiger Shrimp Tango Author Tim Dorsey – Determined to save a damsel in distress the Sunshine State’s favorite serial killer and encyclopedia of Florida lore Serge Storms dances a tango of death and mayhem in this funny andCents and a young woman's disappearance Serge and his perpetually self bent sidekick Coleman aided by his new pal latter day noir private eye Mahoney load up the car for a riotous road trip to do right Packed with seafood mayhem blood Coleman’s deep thoughts Floridian lore and Tiger Shrimp Tango is a hilarious treat from the incomparable Tim Dorse. 5 omg this is hilarious Crazy and sillyStill reading I actually have to stop listening so I can recover my breath and go on with my chores or whatever I have not laughed this hard at a novel since a friend and I started reading Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series Also the performance of this particular audiobook is absolutely one of the best I'd probably enjoy reading it too but these reader performers are greatIt's full of scathing commentary on things in Florida and Canada is even hit a couple of timesNot sure how a person acuires an actual audiobook for her own shelves as opposed to borrowing a library book through OverDrive as I have done here but I may have to find outYup I'm finished and giving this one of my precious 5 ratingschokengtitiktitikchokengs When I needed some laughs and this was available I listened again

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Determined to save a damsel in distress the Sunshine State’s favorite serial killer and encyclopedia of Florida lore Serge Storms dances a tango of death and mayhem in this funny and dementedly entertaining crime caper from Tim Dorsey author of the New York Times bestseller The Riptide Ultra GlideThanks to the Internet America has become a playgro. “I don’t text because of a philosophical code against the growing depersonalization predicted by Alvin Toffler and George Orwell” 25 starsThis is number 17 in Tim Dorsey’s Serge A Storms series I have read thru the series in order and they are hit and miss as any series of that length would be “Tiger Shrimp Tango” finds our favorite psychopath going after con artists who are running various frauds in Florida this time with the help of his former nemesis stuck in time film noir detective Agent MahoneyMahoney is a character in the series who is one note but I enjoy the note The riff on film noir patter is clever and yields lines like “The day began like any other except it was Tuesday not the other six” And “Most of them just stink up my oxygen with alibis that are as shaky as an analogy that doesn’t fit”As my Goodreads friend Melki said of this series in an exchange we had “Serge is one of the most uotable imaginary psychopaths roaming the pages of modern literature” I could not have said it better I could list dozens of funny and often accurate comments Serge makes that are applicable to so much For a murderer of people who “deserve it” he says many things that are spot on At one point Serge goes off on barbers brushing you off at the end of a haircut and how deceitful and pointless that exercise is if the aim is to actually remove bits of hair Boy do I know the itchy truth of that sentimentI generally read this series sitting in the hot sun on a beach I have found when I read it in those circumstances I enjoy it and its deficiencies don’t matter as much There are funny moments in this book but I was not all that engaged with it The weakness of Dorsey’s ability to write descriptive narrative is glaring in this text The characters too often say things like “Why is that melting” or “look at that such and such” instead of the author creating a moment Too much telling in this book not enough showing This is especially evident in almost every conversation depicted in the novel between Serge and his perpetually stoned sidekick ColemanBut having said that I have read 17 of the books and 3 are on my pile for a beach trip in August so Mr Dorsey gets the last laughAs Serge says in “Tiger Shrimp Tango” “We need to stop taking ourselves so seriously”

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Tiger Shrimp TangoUnd for ruthless scam artists out to Tiger Shrimp PDFEPUB or make an easy buck And where do these models of entrepreneurship hail from Why the Sunshine State of courseNo one loves Florida or can keep it safe from invasive criminal species better than self appointed Sunshine Sheriff Serge Storms When a particular scam leads to the death of a few inno. I admit it I'm trapped Tim Dorsey must be one of the hardest working guys in the book business and he lives just up the street in Tampa I met him many years ago at a book signing when his first work appeared and with a signed first edition of a book I enjoyed naturally I had to get the second in the same fashion all the way through this one But I would not have remained in the cycle if I did not enjoy his work Since I often cover a lot of Florida while working and have an appreciation for the history of the state and the uirkiness in our oddball reputation it is great to have serial killer Serge coming up with ingenious ways to do in those that would harm Florida and Floridians Granted the gratuitous mayhem and gore takes some getting used to and the characters are certainly off the wall but if you have a taste for the wacky Serge and his perpetually high sidekick Coleman are worth a visit