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CHARACTERS Gaming for Keeps Agents of TRAIT #1 · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ó ❰Download❯ ➵ Gaming for Keeps Agents of TRAIT #1 Author Seleste deLaney – Pen Holloway’s done with men—in real life Guys in game are so much less drama But when her partner from HeroPen Holloway’s done with men in real Keeps Agents Epub #220 life Guys in game are so much less drama But when her partner from Heroes of Fallen Gods invites her to the convention of the year she panics What if he’s another jerk What if he’s notCal Burrows Gaming for PDF or is living his. What a disaster I could enjoy the bananas in a fun way plot but why do I want to read abouta a hero who slags female cosplayers that he thinks are trying too hard to be sexy women who worry about being 'hot' don't usually have much else going for themb a heroine who slags women who like fashion and makeup because they couldn't possibly be interested in computers She definitely looks like the kind of girl who plays with computers and hacks into the FBI database for fun Was she looking for fashion tips in therec a hero who claims that if a black man is going undercover as a cosplayer he has to be the John Stewart Green Lantern instead of Wolverine because you know he's black as if people of color can't cosplay any f ing character they wantAlso Yes there ARE coding emergencies on weekends that reuire specific staff; I would know having lived with a programmer for over 10 years Programmers support all kinds of systems that run 247 and people are often on call for blipsYMMV but a cock head bumping your cervix is rarely an orgasm trigger

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Dream of being a spy One of TRAIT’s misfit spies but still a spy It’s the perfect job until an arms dealer with a taste for blood invades his not so secret geek haven All Cal wanted from ConDamned was to meet for Keeps Agents PDFEPUB #229 his on line girl Now with the threat of mass murder. Any time I am asked or when I do the asking to review a book I somehow feel that I need to spend time on my write up than I do when I review a book for fun That is the case with my latest review I finished reading Seleste deLaney’s GAMING FOR KEEPS a couple of days ago and instead of jumping into the review with the enthusiasm fresh from reading the book I decided to sleep on itThe next day my enthusiasm hadn’t changed I figured maybe I still needed perspective and gave it another day Still no change What that tells me is that this book really is that much funSo the basic premise is that a couple of people who have played an MMORPG together but have never met in person go to a convention hoping to meet each other and end up hitting it off in person as well as they do online The conflict He is a real life spy and there’s a psycho planning to kill a bunch of people at this convention He has to figure out how to stop the bad guy save the girl and still keep his secret Unfortunately she has bad experiences with online dating and is very leery of secretsI went into this hoping it would be as fun as it actually was I was expecting a lot of geeky references and I got them I’m sure there were several that I didn’t catch too since I haven’t played an MMORPG before I do play RPGs on the computer but I play solo instead of onlineThe one thing I was expecting that I didn’t get was of a fantasyparanormal element Both the good guys and the bad guys are 100% human No vampires no demons no elves – except of the role playing kind Normally I prefer paranormal fiction Straight fiction without that fantasy element doesn’t interest me as much However between the RPG and the spy stuff this was pretty close to fantasy without actually adding anything paranormalThe lack of fantasy creatures didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the book at all – if anything it made me enjoy it because it was all fresh There were no hidden magic powers waiting to save the day No evil spells or curses the bad guy wielded which made you wonder how the normal seeming good guy had any chance at all It all made sense in the world we already know so I wasn’t pulled out of the story to decipher the mechanics of a plot deviceThis is already a pretty long review so I’m going to add a few bullet points of things I particularly enjoyed• The sex in the shower scene Without going into details I can just say that I’ve had experiences very similar to this one It made me laugh and it made me believe Nicely done• I loved the description of the costumes There weren’t many of them as the costumes weren’t part of the story apart from when they were on the main characters but they were fun to read• In game descriptions Awesome stuff You can tell Seleste has played before Even though I don’t play MMOs there are enough offline RPG similarities that it resonated with my experiences• Geek references I’m only just getting into Firefly I know bad geek girl because I lacked TV service when it aired but I loved the uotes they threw around Same with LOTRFor full disclosure I received a review copy of this ebook from the publisher But I only begged to be sent a review copy because the book was not yet available for purchase

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Gaming for Keeps Agents of TRAIT #1Looming he’s forced to choose between keeping his mission a secret and protecting the girl of his dreamsDespite their attraction Pen can’t help but suspect Cal’s hiding something She also can’t shake the feeling for Keeps Agents of TRAIT Epubhe’s not as much of a stranger as he seem. Pen Holloway is tired of dating as her last boyfriend turned out to be a big jerk She is a huge gamer obsessed with playing the online computer video game Heroes of Fallen Gods It was there she met her previous boyfriend so when another fellow player who goes by the online name Lohonas invites her to a gaming convention Pen is unsure She kind of feels like her and Lohonas have a nice flirtation going on and she isn’t sure she is ready to meet him in person But as this convention excites her she decides what the hellCal aka Lohonas definitely has a crush on Pen and can’t wait to see if they hit it off in real life Cal has some secrets though – yes he spends much of his time gaming but the other time is spent as part of TRAIT a group of spies Rumor has it that a big illegal arms deal is about to go down at ConDamned and Cal is sent to infiltrate a movie premiere at the con where they think the baddie leader will be making his move Cal has no idea what Pen looks like so when they both arrive at the Con they fall for each other not knowing it is actually each other in real lifeThis book has two really cute characters I really enjoyed both Pen and Cal They both have a lot in common with their gaming and they both have good chemistry together even when they don’t realize who the other is I like a romance book centered around gaming and cons too It’s different and gives us a little nerdy ish brainy characters And even though Cal’s spy job took me a bit by surprise I kind of liked how crazy it is He is a nerdy spythat is coolMy biggest disappointment with this book is that it is too short It’s too short for the romance between Cal and Pen to actually develop A lot of the book they don’t even realize who the other is and I wanted them to have time to fully explore their feelings for each other And Cal is part of what I assume is a really cool group of spies – but we barely touch on that There is this big baddie at the conference and when it all builds to the climax it’s over with a snap of your fingers I wanted much time spent with Cal’s TRAIT team and with bringing down the villainI really liked the author’s voice in this book but we needed many pages for it to all come togetherRating C